Good evening Alison,


From Alfred Schaefer
This is the letter a very good friend wrote to Alison and it describes how Monika spent her last week on this earth as a free human being before the devil took her away.
I am not worried about Monika because she has recharged her batteries and has the strength to face the ordeal that they will put her through. It was the wonderful music that Raouf and Monika made in our home, the conversations, the culture, and the company that enabled Monika to really top up her batteries for the coming storm.
It is up to us, and only us, to ensure that Monika comes free before her batteries run out. We are all Monika now.
And now, to the wonderful letter from Raouf:

Good evening Alison,

It’s under distressing circumstances that I write to you today, because you have heard about Monika’s arrest. This I know because I was with Gerd when he wrote his inclusive mail to you (and others of our same “family”). It was the one sent to Yvonne Schleiter.

I’ll just run by a few details so that you may get to know me a bit better.

I found Monika shortly after her “I’m sorry Mom” video. We talked regularly over the phone, and she gave me her news telling me all about the witch hunt she was going through, and the ostracising she had had to go through too (one can easily imagine, as Canada is a very goody goody gumdrops sort of a place to start out, let alone when you’ve been branded as a heretic, or much worse.) We said we should try to meet up one day. So when she told me about her trip to see her brother Alfred, and me living in Paris France, it seemed like a good opportunity to pop over and meet in Germany.

Thanks to their generous invitation, I spent the Christmas with Alfred, his lovely wife Elfriede, and Monika. We spent the time exchanging ideas, book titles, articles, etc. I brought my accordion along, and we made plenty of music ; it was great fun. Nice healthy walks in the woods nearby every day. At New Year Gerd joined us with his lovely friend Vibke. Gerd and I immediately hooked up! It would be hard to find a lovelier man on this earth. Vibke is an extremely soft and beautiful person too. So here I am in the midst of all these nasty Nazis, right? My God, when I think how the criminal states have cow-towed to zionist dictatorship my blood curdles, and boils.

Gerd finished his time only two years ago (three and a half years in all, as you probably already know.) Now they’ve jailed Monika, just for having made a non-violent video, talking to the soul of her much beloved Mother. Ah, but yes, she talked about the wrong subject. I won’t repeat details you must already know about, but suffice it to say that we had parted after having warmly embraced the day before Gerd and I were the first to receive the news through Alfred.

All during the Sylvia Stolz trial.

This is a real witch hunt, no mistake. They’re gloating with all their sadistic pride, thinking that they can carry out any arrest they wish. This one is totally illegal, because Monika is a Canadian citizen (like myself.) This is terrorism and intimidation at its highest degree. The problem will be rallying enough people around this case in order to get something happening. The German authorities are being very discreet ; there’s literally nothing coming out in the local or national news. The only stuff Gerd found was some insane article by B’nai Brith Canada (what an ugly name) trying to put pressure on an MP, and of course writing a lot of scathing stuff- they the self same ones who describe as “hate speech” anything that dares to pose the slightest question as to their lies. By the way, if you want hate speech, you need look no further than what Douglas Reed describes in his comprehensive “The Controversy of Zion” (banned by Amazon of course.) (as an audiobook)

Well, we know all of this already. Gerd and I have already written a letter each to Monika ; he posted it yesterday. Of course it will be opened, and Gerd thinks that if they turn nasty it might take a week or two for her to actually receive it. But when it does come, it should offer some solace. Gerd was always very glad to receive his when in confinement. Except that the swines have put her in the High Security Unit in Munich- which is totally illegal, not to mention inhumane ; for God’s sake she’s a Canadian citizen, and in that country- so far- there is no prison sentence for what they accuse her of. It seems, however, that Germany has been mandated to carry out these heavy armed tactics, usually by extraditing the “accused”. Ditto Ernst Zundl, our friend Gerd Ittner, and now Monika Schaefer.

Her brother Alfred has been very active in getting the word round to as many as possible. As you may already know, there are several videos out already. As the true fighter he is, he is seeing this as a real battle, and thinks it’s very positive and Monika’s case will help to consolidate and bind the movement together, and especially to serve as an example for the future. I’m personally a bit more reserved, if only because I’m very skeptical about human nature in general.

However, Alfred’s optimism is very contagious, and we are all thinking very deeply about, and for, Monika, our dear friend. She didn’t deserve this, or anything resembling this. She was a very active and respected citizen for over thirty five years in her town of Jaspar, Alberta ; she even told me that it was she who had instigated the authorities to include Music and the Arts during the summer holiday season especially, but also all year round, as it was a sleepy old town in the Rockies (the West coast mountain range of Canada.)

Such a fine person should be upheld, not condemned- illegally! It just goes to show what a sick cause is hounding her. But they must be getting very shaky, because they’re having to resort to all sorts of very desperate tactics. It’s quite simple : if they had any justifiable arguments they would accept a loyal debate. But a lie, especially a big one generates just more and more others because it cannot stand alone like only Truth can. At a certain given time, inevitably, it will go pop. And then WE can demand justification, reparation, reimbursement, apologies, and Peace, because that is what Mother Nature intended for us during our earthly sojourn. We can rightly consider the Jews and their antics as enemies to Mankind. They’re going to have a lot of explaining to do.

At this point I just wanted to say, as you too Alison are a musician, that the writing of this letter has been gently accompanied by the Music of Henry Purcell. Music has tremendous healing powers. Alfred said that the week we spent together tanked up Monika with plenty of energy that will help her to face up to her ordeal. I’m so happy, and am also proud of having made the trip that made this possible.

In return I myself who was in very bad shape- almost on the border of a drastic act- before coming, feel myself not only “tanked up” as in Alfred’s terms, but it feels like a rebirth ; like becoming a member of a beautiful family. I have never had such warm and loving hospitality in my life, and this I will never forget as long as I live. It’s as if they had adopted me as one of them. This is part of the true beautiful German spirit ; I bless my Mother who inculcated a deep love and respect for the German people in me from day one.

It will be my mission to do everything I can in my power, even if little, to spread this message : to reinstate the respect and dignity that this fine People deserve, and TO DEMAND AN APOLOGY FROM THE JEWS FOR ALL THE TERRIBLE HARM THEY HAVE INFLICTED ON THIS NATION AND ITS PEOPLE. Only then can the World be a BETTER place for all of Mankind. A Charter must been drawn up in order that in the future no such calamitous lies and affabulations can ever be perpetrated on any single nation. All Nations must become sovereign once again, and they must each regain their pride in their unique cultural heritage ; it is only thus that healthy communication can be made possible between different nations, and respect will automatically be established, once and for all- FOR THE BENEFIT OF ALL. Vagrants and migrants only eat away at national cultures, they don’t enrich them.

There you are Alison, you have received some of the energy that was injected and infused in me after this journey into the Heart of beautiful Germany, amongst the lovely Schaefer family, and with my good friend Gerd. I gather you intend writing to Monika ; she will be most touched, as you yourself have been very courageous too. Please forgive me Alison for not having sung your songs of praise, which you fully deserve. I saw some of your videos, and I think I should have got in touch much sooner (let’s say it was the rather grim state that I was in.) I hope that this missive will be the start of a rich communication between us. I’m sure we’ll have plenty to talk about. I’ll give you my number below, should you wish to call.

I send you my very warm greetings for this coming New Year, which will surely be very rich in events.

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Hier stehe ich, Henry Hafenmayer, ehemaliger deutscher Lokführer. Ich kann dem Völkermord an meinem Volk nicht mehr tatenlos zusehen. Ich tue meine Pflicht. Ich tue was ich kann.

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