Alfred Schaefer declines interrogation demand

This letter has now been produced as a video here:

On February 1 2018 I received on order to appear at the police station for interrogation on Feb 25 regarding my speech in Bretzenheim at the Rhein Meadows memorial on 25 November 2017.

This is a trap to put me in the Gulag like they did to my sister Monika. Rather than appear for this interrogation trap I sent them the following letter. Lets see how they respond to that.


KPI Fürstenfeldbruck – K5
z.Hd. Frau M
Ganghoferstraße 42
82256 Fürstenfeldbruck


Dear Frau M,

You know where I live and that I do not have an automobile. Unfortunately my left foot is injured, so walking is difficult for me at this time.

If you have questions regarding my speech at Bretzenheim, this is available all over the internet and it was recorded by your colleagues. My speech was without any mistakes.

Here it is in the english language:

If you need a German version, I can send you that.

Also, I had spoken with your colleagues on site at Bretzenheim, and there was absolutely no reason for any complaint. I had spoken about my father who happened to have been a “prisoner of war” in the camp right there, after hostilities ended in 1945.

What actually happened there has been well documented by notable historians, for example by James Bacque in his book “Other Losses”.

About my father, Dr. Otto Schaefer:

He was imprisoned in precisely one of these camps, the “Rhein Meadow Death Camps” by Bretzenheim where I held my talk.   He had to watch every day, as young men, who were quite healthy when they were brought into the camps, die off in a most horrible fashion. They were kept like cattle on a huge open field without any protection from the elements, with no food, and not even water was provided for them.

It turns out that this mass starvation of these Germans was a deliberate plan. The Jews wanted to exterminate as many Germans as possible.  Their intention to do just this has been well documented by the Jews themselves in publications such as “Germany Must Perish” written by the Jew Theodor Kaufmann. Despite all efforts to conceal this historical fact, this has now become widely known in the awareness of the public in general.

My father, who was awarded the “Order of Canada” in 1976, owed his life to a guard of this camp who had helped my father to escape. This courageous guard had recognized my fathers language and medical knowledge and thought that this knowledge and these skills could be put to better use outside of this camp, which my father might not even survive if he was kept inside.

Even today I am still very grateful for this courageous Guard. He smuggled my father out of the camp in the trunk of his vehicle, and risked his own career by doing this.

I can strongly recommend, Frau M, that you study the subject Rhein Meadows Death Camps. There is a great deal of interesting information regarding this subject in the case that it has escaped your attention until now.

Unfortunately many further details of my fathers stories have faded from my memory.

You can inform yourself about my father in many places in the internet, for example here:

Yours sincerely,

Alfred Schaefer

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