Translation into English of the letter read in court 21. September as „evidence“ at Monika Schäfer´s trial.

Dear R.

Thank you for your letter dated July 15, which I received July 27th. You are not alone in thinking about witch hunts (persecutions). I have often thought of of them myself. I am very grateful that there is no death penalty at this point in time, because we both know what would then be.

One thing occurs to me. Just like today (followers?) traitors who firmly believe they are being good when they betray people, who are actually telling the truth and I would think it was the same back then (in the witchhunt times). It is possible that people were sometimes betrayed as witches by their own relatives, who believed they were doing a good deed. I suspect there were a lot of lies, deception, indoctrination and and brainwashing at that time as well and that fear played a big role. Or? I probably know way too little about history.

I don´t think that the letters written to me harm me more than help me. The authorities have to eventually catch on that the more they just lock people up simply for saying inconvenient things or asking questions the more it rattles people awake out there. At some point it just gets to be too much.

The system-adherents (servants) just don´t know when to stop.

Sure sometimes letters in both directions are confiscated, copied, either being forwarded or not and used as „evidence“ against me. But I have to say that it sometimes has very little to do with content regarding the history. They are not interested in history and truth, only whether we have bumped against some thought-control law or pushed the wrong button on the internet. The law itself is so intangible and obscure. Well it has to be for it is serving the purpose of a regime built on lies. The whole thing makes me think of Kafka (der Prozess).

Or the book or film „1984“. When I read the book back in the 1970´s I never

could have imagined to find myself right in the middle of that book.

(…..) In the meantime the trial continues. Maybe I´ll be out of here soon (…..)


Autor: endederluege

Hier stehe ich, Henry Hafenmayer, ehemaliger deutscher Lokführer. Ich kann dem Völkermord an meinem Volk nicht mehr tatenlos zusehen. Ich tue meine Pflicht. Ich tue was ich kann.

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