The Fight for Justice – Alfred Schaefer

The Fight for Justice – Alfred Schaefer
By Henry Hafenmayer
October 28, 2018


Translated from German by

Now our Monika [Schaefer] is free again, and, of course, decent people are happy about this. Nevertheless, the verdict for Monika Schaefer is not a verdict that can be regarded as „spoken in the name of the people.“ It was proven again in the Munich „Schaefer trial“ that whoever has the power, turns the laws around so that they fit into the murky machinations.

Alfred Schaefer was sentenced to 3 years and 2 months imprisonment and remains imprisoned for now. “For now” means until the law will again be regarded as just law on German soil.

„But everybody may believe what he wants. This is covered by the freedom of opinion act as long as one does not criminalize oneself,”

…is said to have been proclaimed by the chairman of the Munich courts in his spoken judgement. Anyone who does not feel infuriation when a „judge“ deprives the term „freedom of opinion“ of its meaning by using Talmudic dialectics, can probably also be sold apples as pears. Naturally, it must be regarded as dangerous by the guardians of the lie, if one calls a lie “a lie,” and so they justify themselves without further ado:
“He who does not believe what is prescribed, commits a crime!”

Haven’t we had this before? Haven’t „witches“ been burned for it because they couldn’t „believe“?

And how the Jewish curriculum functions so that the masses of people don’t even get the idea to question anything, is seen by the „judge’s” comments who says:
The word „folk-incitement“ (Volksverhetzung) also contains the word hate, and this hate cannot be eliminated from the world by pseudo-scientific arguments.

If only one argument of the guardians of the Holocaust religion, only one alleged „fact“ – of which there are said to be so many – were only one-tenth as scientifically tenable as the arguments of the revisionists, it would not be necessary to keep the lie alive by violence, imprisonment and murder. The masses actually believe that these arguments by the “deniers” are unscientific assertions, and that this can be comprehended by every thinking person. But the masses are too sluggish, too cowardly or too indifferent to deal with the arguments. After all, one newspaper reported that the „unbelievers“ are all just simply evil.

As told very descriptively, easily to understand and logically in an old church song – at least I have been told that it is already very old and comes from a song book of the church – it has always been the joy of the rulers – no matter whether malicious priests or other authorities – when the masses are only “dead cattle“, as long as they function obediently:

„Only dead fish always swim with the current,
let themselves drift with all others,
have neither the strength nor the courage to do anything else,
but stay among a big mass.
Be a living fish,
swim against the current!
Come and dare it anew:
Joy and victory is your reward.“

Evil does not reign in the world because there are too few decent people but because the basically decent and good folks look the other way out of cowardice, keep quiet and convince themselves that everything will be fine again all by itself.

Even if you, dear readers and good people, have not yet met Monika and Alfred [Schaefer] personally, you can believe their friends that these people neither hate so-called minorities, nor even dream of denying other peoples their right to exist on our planet. When this ghost of a judge, who is currently allowed to reign, claims:

„One had experienced a trial where poetry and truth were very far apart and videos had been made with great criminal energy and pseudo-scientific evidence that were capable of disturbing lawful behavior and inciting hatred against minorities,“

then this is just another chess move that was ordered by an „appointed“ authority to instill in people the believe that the Schaefer siblings are the devil. And who needs to distract from himself and point at others claiming that they are the devil? The logical answer to this question can only be: The devil himself!

The crowning reasoning for the spoken judgement – at least that’s how I see it – is the following statement:

„If he pretends to be interested in German history, it need not degenerate into such hatred.“

Alfred Schaefer, a German who grew up in Canada, and who in his fifties for the first time researched the history of his ancestors, and who, as a good-natured and analytically thinking person – an engineer by profession – learns what crimes the Jews and their helpers have committed against the German people – and who still intend to commit further crimes – did not go off and set synagogues on fire or beat Jews to death on the street! The Jews like to draw this horrible caricature of Alfred and Monika in public. The Schaefer siblings have done what any decent German would consequently do, if he only knew the true events of history: To warn his fellow men, his German brothers and sisters – the members of the white race – about the machinations and plans of the Jews!

And this warning took place without any violence. He has put videos on the Internet where he warns mankind of the devil, and in none of these videos did he call for or incite violence against the criminals and their helpers. On the contrary! He tried to save the helpers, and even the criminals themselves, from the expected natural reactions of the masses, provoked by their actions. Alfred Schaefer – despite knowing the true guilt of the lawbreakers – still tried to protect their lives. That’s the German spirit of a man who does not find it in his heart to commit injustice; although in many other cultures short process would be made with such criminals and traitors.

For 3 years now this generous man is to be silenced in a dungeon of the Federal Republic of Germany. During these three years, you – the decent ones – have time to think about yourself and your position on our future. Three years – if the Federal Republic of Germany will last that long – when you can „humble“ yourself to send at least one card or letter to another hero of history of whom we have, unfortunately, far too few of.

Is your „patriotic“ will at least enough for this?

Write to him at:

JVA München
Alfred Schaefer
Stadelheimer Str. 12
81549 München

Here are a few videos that were partly shown „publicly“ in the Munich Process.
[Please visit Henry’s page for this.]

Autor: endederluege

Hier stehe ich, Henry Hafenmayer, ehemaliger deutscher Lokführer. Ich kann dem Völkermord an meinem Volk nicht mehr tatenlos zusehen. Ich tue meine Pflicht. Ich tue was ich kann.

2 Kommentare zu „The Fight for Justice – Alfred Schaefer“

  1. The JEWISH INSANITY – HUBRIS is legendary
    Talmudic Jews – all orthodox Jews? learn from childhood on
    that they are a “Special People“, the “Chosen Ones“ by their God
    who Jewish freemasons confess to be “LUCIFER“ the “lightbearer“
    the fallen angel in rebellion to God, the God Jesus taught about!
    The Jewish God is SATAN – the seducer, the rebellious deceiver
    Their rabbis teach “Every Jew is a god, every Goy a slave“!
    Jews believe in their “godlike superiority“ above all nations and races
    they want to destroy and enslave. Jews brag about their “excellence“,
    their “talents“ and “godlike omniscience“ ….

    Jews claim JEWISH SUPREMACY above everybody else!
    They think they are always, always, always right
    like F-lying Butter above everyone and everything else!
    This is what comes from being incorrigible narcissists ….
    a personality defect Jews are probably born with.
    It’s almost impossible for any of them to acquire the virtues
    of modesty and humility, of truthfulness and generosity.
    Christian values Jews deeply detest but widely use to exploit
    and enslave all non-Jews. Jews redeem themselves
    from their vicious crimes by always blaming others….
    Crying out in pain while stabbing their victims in the back

    SCAPEGOATS – FOES are indispensable to Jews:
    # 1 ETERNAL SCAPEGOAT: Jesus Christ & his followers
    Jesus “boils in hot excrement in hell“ (Babylonian Talmud)
    # 2 ETERNAL SCAPEGOAT: Hitler and the German people
    “Nazis“ – worst Jewish propaganda term to demonize
    everybody who dares oppose Jewish insanity – debt slavery!
    GENOCIDES THEY CELEBRATE on “religious“ holidays:
    Hanukkah (the ancient Greek massacre)
    PassOver (the ancient Egyptian infanticide)
    Purim (the ancient Persian massacre)
    # 4 FOES OF MODERN TIMES vary from
    Saddam Hussein (Iraqis) – killed, Iraq in ruins by Zionist war
    was accused by Jewish prop of “killing his own people“
    Muammar Gaddafi (Libyans) – killed, Libya in ruins by Zionist war
    was accused by Jewish prop of “killing his own people“
    Osama bin Laden – Saudi crypto-Jew CIA asset & patsy
    for Israeli-US“Neocon“ 9/11 Zionist false flag terror attacks
    died in 2001 from his diseases – officially killed years later….
    Ahmadinedschad (Iranians) – criticized the imposter Zionist Israel
    Assad (Syrians) – Syria bombed into ruins by Zionist war
    was accused by Jewish prop of “gassing his own people“
    Putin (Russians) – accused of various crimes too
    even Donald Trump (Americans) – was named the “new Hitler“
    and is being threatened with impeachment
    by Jewish owned and controlled media too…

    JEWISH WORLD DOMINATION by all means possible
    Zionist Jews are the enemies of all nations, peoples and races
    They want to destroy and subjugate all of them
    and establish a system of GLOBAL SLAVERY.
    That’s what Jews call “religion“. That’s what their rabbis teach.
    What Jews accuse others of are their own vices, goals and crimes.
    They always blame others, they never learn… It never occurs to them
    To take responsiblity for their own crimes.
    They always make their victims pay

    The JEWISH CHUTZPAH will be their downfall
    and Jews will have nobody to blame but themselves.
    Jews avoid responsibility while implementing JEWISH RULE –
    above and beyond the law – THE DOUBLE STANDARD
    is always the sign of a MASTER-SLAVE SYSTEM
    long overcome by Europeans! Jewish slave masters however
    want to throw us back into slavery again – under their yoke!
    As always they use others – Muslims! – to do their dirty work.
    But Europe will never become a Muslim conquered continent.
    The illegal migrants – invaders! – will have to go home
    and should take the Jewish hypocrites with them.

    THE JEWISH DOCTRINE where not all hatred is equal –
    JEWISH HATRED considered “more equal“ and above the law!
    JEWISH HYPOCRITES lecture the “goy“ about “hate crimes“,
    and declare “antisemitism“ defined as “Jew hatred“ a crime!
    Punishable by law; even by death penalty (Jewish Bolshewics)
    while the true hate crimes come straight out of their “holy“ books,
    the Babylonian Talmud & the Quran. The textbooks of Satanists
    who are the least ones to lecture anybody about anything.

    for a global “homogenized“ population, which translates into
    Genocide of all Whites by terror & rape, war & miscegenation
    All Whites replaced by a mixed brown race with lower IQ
    Jews openly claim that they are different and superior
    to white ethnic-Europeans; and they are indeed VERY different!
    Theirs is “a constant stream of empty, bombastic and always dishonest
    statements“ (LD) Jews are the worst liars, deceivers, haters, antisemites,
    racists and the worst mass murderers in human history

    are of a totally destructive nature: the enemies of all mankind
    #1 on the Jewish agenda is WHITE GENOCIDE
    They’ve always fractured and divided the peoples of the white race
    They use weaponized words to destroy our self-defence:
    “Nazi“, “antisemite“, “Holocaust denier“, “racist“, “hater“
    and are the worst hypocrites themselves!
    “Politically correct“ bullsh*t – is poisoning hearts and minds
    An essential part of the enemy’s propaganda is
    to attack the White Males – the old dead as well as the living ones
    Seeing through their machinations makes us immune
    Let’s just ignore them – and let us do our own thing
    as we have always done – WE do not need them.
    THEY do need us – desperate at their own emptiness!
    They will have to go without “host nations“ to feed from….
    Jews should get the chance – as everybody else – to prove to the world
    how truly exceptional they are…. to excel from merit in competition
    with others – and not from sucking everybody’s life blood dry ….

    That could be a REAL GAME CHANGER for the world.
    The Solution to the problems we suffer from – wouldn’t it?

    Gefällt mir

  2. Lieber Henry Hafenmayer,

    zur Information (das Darkmoon-Kapitel abschließend):

    und Nachfolgendes (siehe: Darkmoon Blog)
    Posted on: 07.11.2018, 19:00PM

    AdminSisterMonica – Lasha Darkmoon

    ich ziehe es vor, Ihnen in deutscher Sprache zu antworten.
    Jeder Mensch ist am authentischsten in der Muttersprache.
    Gut, dass Sie es mir zugestehen, nicht so dumm zu sein wie
    es der Mob (“Toby“ eingeschlossen) darstellt
    Angeführt von “Sardonicus“, zusammen mit “Madame
    Butterfly“ an der Spitze – die tatsächlichen Admin/s der website.
    Es sind diejenigen, die Freya eine ehrliche Entschuldigung
    schulden, ebenso eine “Emma Kirby“, die offenbar ebenfalls
    keine gute Kinderstube genossen hat….

    „Sardonicus“, November 7, 2018 at 3:15 pm ,
    “Paul Craig Roberts — ‘America is Doomed, All is Lost’”

    indem er Donald Trump kritisiert,
    charakterisiert er zutreffend seine eigene zwielichtige Rolle,
    die er auf dem Darkmoon Blog spielt.
    „Sardonicus“ ist ebenso widersprüchlich und heuchlerisch
    wie es Donald Trump ist, ein ewiges Hin und Her. Keine klare Linie.
    Personen ohne Gewissen habe keine klare Linie.
    Sie meinen, sie könnten zwei oder mehreren Meistern zur
    selben Zeit dienen. Das ist unmöglich; Heuchler und Lügner
    sollten niemals Führungspositionen einnehmen bzw beanspruchen.
    Weder im Kleinen (website) noch im Großen (US Regierung)
    Sie verfügen über keine echte Autorität.
    Die Resultate sind vorhersehbar immer katastrophal –
    alles wird morbide . . .

    Hier tauschen sich Männer aus, die sich um Wahrheitssuche
    ehrlich bemühen:

    “Sardonicus“ (und der Rest des Mobs) tut das nicht.
    Sollte S. sich tatsächlich in einem Zen Kloster in Japan
    aufhalten, ist er dort ein sehr schlechter Schüler. . .
    Den Lehrern wird das kaum entgehen.

    Entgeht es Ihnen?
    Wo die Wahrheit der Verfolgung ausgesetzt ist –
    was der Fall ist auf der Darkmoon Site –
    muss sich Freya nicht aufhalten.
    Solchen extremen Beleidigungen muss sich keiner
    aussetzen. Das deutsche Volk kennt diese Beleidigungen
    seit über hundert Jahren; unberechtigt und inakzeptabel.

    Sollten Sie beide tatsächlich ECHT (for real) sein,
    werden Sie sich Gedanken darüber machen,
    wem diese Website dienen soll: der Wahrheit
    oder der Lüge. Beides zugleich geht nicht.
    Wer die Wahrheit kompromittiert,
    verrät sie – und dient nur einem: der Lüge.

    Take care – and hopefully: Strive for the better….


    Gefällt mir

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