Dear Monika – open letter

November 5, 2018

Now you’re free again – if that’s what we want to call it. At least the helpers of the evil power – in the FRG – have released you from prison.

For the devils this event will be a slap in the face. How can a subordinate – the FRG judiciary – set a „witch“ free again? “A ‘witch’ must burn!”

Is it a good sign, if the helpers do not function yet, or not any longer, in the way it is ordered from „above“? What do the evil doers think now? Will they rage?

All decent people are happy that you are free again. Even though our fight is far from over – and your dear brother Alfred is still in their clutches – we may also be happy for a while. As serious as the situation is, we should never unlearn to rejoice in small gifts, not from the devil, but from Providence.

What happens now?” So many people ask us this question. With my short letter I would like to try to give answers which should help all friends to understand.

If one is placed in the public light, as you are, life will never be the same again. The devil’s henchmen will continue to try to become your master. So it is not so easy now to stay in contact with all the good people who would like to hear from you or read about you. The average person has no idea what it would mean for you if you were to write your return address completely without concern on a letter. How easily this could fall into the wrong hands and allow further filthy smear campaigns against you by the bloodhounds. We don’t want this.

That’s why we gladly back off! We reflect and wait for news that will come from you via various channels. Maybe one or the other gets a nice letter from you, where no return address is mentioned – just to avoid endangering your stay. We, who can give you thanks and recognition in this way, do not insist on direct correspondence if it puts you in danger. We are modest and hope to be able to support you in this way more. We can leave comments here and also publish whole letters that you can then take note of. And if we leave a reply address, you can even reply if time permits.

Of course it will also take some time before your situation will normalize again. You have been robbed 10 months of your life that also have to be reworked. There are so many things for you to settle and clarify so that we do not regret not to hear from you for a few weeks. We also want to leave you with the serenity you deserve now!

You have already written yourself into the history books, and for that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We also continue to be there for you, if we can help somehow.

You will find ways to contact friends safely. And we can communicate to you here.

Heartfelt greetings,

Henry Hafenmayer

Autor: endederluege

Hier stehe ich, Henry Hafenmayer, ehemaliger deutscher Lokführer. Ich kann dem Völkermord an meinem Volk nicht mehr tatenlos zusehen. Ich tue meine Pflicht. Ich tue was ich kann.

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