Letter from Alfred


4 May 2019

Dear Monika,

A visitor told me you were in the U.S.. Very good! She said communist Canada took a bunch of your books. Wow, they are scared Monika, the Jews. So close to ruling the world, and darn, the Goyim are waking up. Scheiße, how did that happen?

Monika, people are speaking a new language now. They talk quite openly about exterminating the disease. That came about rather quickly. And it ain’t gonna stop there.

JFH Reuben sent me a fantastic letter. I replied. He’s great. Him and Gerard Menuhin. We ought to sit together on a panel, and take questions. Let them shoot us if our answers don’t satisfy them. The world really is separating into Wakies and Zombies. We all had equal opportunity to ask a few basic questions and use our God given brain. Some chose to play. Have fun. Didn’t want to risk losing friends. I have not lost a single friend, got rid of pesky Zombies, and got a bunch of new real friends.

[…referring to communist Jasper…] Rainbow sidewalks so the gender confused feel happy. Safe spaces for their hurty feelings. Justin Trudeau, (the faggot with the nice hair who the Jews have as their administrator running Canada, making it darker and gender fluid.) would feel very good in Jasper. I hear that the Jews are setting up a homo to be next president of the U.S.. Then Trudeau and him can commence with very private get-to-know each other sessions when deciding how to run the country. Berlin had one of those for Mayor. His name was Wowereit. Everyone called him Po Bereit [translation: “ass ready”].

On a more serious note: I really notice how those people who missed the train, are really drifting into an unenviable situation. My last letter to you I included the lovely letter from South Africa, signed King Arthur. I notice how I openly laugh at people who stammer something about “Oh, you weren’t there, the hollow cost was real.” Time is over for lengthy “debates”. It had to come to this. Here in my Trakt [section or unit] where I am now, there are a few scum simpleminded criminals who are still zombies, and everyone with a brain is totally with me. The holo believers consist of real losers. F.Y.I. I am in with the Leonhard project, but not a participant. So my cell door is open more than the regular Trakts, and pretty much all white. Other Trakts are like a prison in Africa with German staff.

Back to the last of the zombies. When someone does come to me with “I know it was real bla bla bla…” I ask them how old they are. I ask them if they understand the Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs was created to entertain little children and that it is not true. Then I emphasize that it is now 2019 and you seem to be one of the very last people to still believe the silly evil Jewish fantasy extortion holojoke. Oh, they sulk and hate me, but they truly are the losers anyway, and we cannot waste time on them. They are lost. I actually feel like I am talking to a yappy little dog, and how do you talk to one of those? If they don’t stop yapping, and scratching them behind the ears doesn’t help, and a bone won’t stop the yapping, kick it to the curb. Hey, that is what the Kike Jews wrote once in the paper about you…

Kicked her to the curb.

Monika, would you speak normally with somebody who has placed a fresh dog poop on their head? No, it is not possible to take them seriously. That is how I feel, and so so many other people feel, about people who don’t get it. […then refers to an acquaintance who was having too much fun to care or to investigate, and also didn’t want to lose friends by talking about 9/11…]

It leaves me speechless, like when looking at the person who has a fresh dog poop on their head and pretend it doesn’t exist. I don’t want that person too close to me, in case the dog poop falls off and hits me.

These people, the ones with the dog poop on their heads, they remind me of a bunch of people who go way out on a frozen lake to join a big party. It was so much fun, everybody was there. Then the sun started to shine, it got warmer and warmer, people started to think about their situation, and started leaving the party on the ice. Eventually, almost everyone moved to solid ground as the ice was melting. The last ones, too hypnotized by the party, all go down as the bright sun melts the ice to critical point.


An interesting and effective way to move large numbers of people quickly was often demonstrated by the Jewish Bolsheviks in the Soviet Death camps. Let’s say you want to move 1000 people from Area A to Area B, and you want to move rapidly. “Hello folks, we want you all to move into area B at 12:00 noon. The last 50 to reach area B will be shot.”

With that simple motivator the 1000 people all moved very rapidly voluntarily. In the case of the zombies who pretend not to understand, or may in fact be too indoctrinated to understand, the motivator to move rapidly will be the stigma of utter shame. No shooting necessary. Many will hang themselves, or shoot themselves, rather than face the shame.

Monika, the contempt I feel for the Zombies now, mid 2019, is shared by so many of my co-prisoners. A sulking zombie is laughed at, ignored. What do the Zombies talk about?

Oh, did you see the ball game? I think player X was bla bla bla bla bla.


did you hear, its all over the news, Joe Blow is getting a divorce from Cinderella.

Hey Monika, after you got out, you wouldn’t believe how people watched your every move.

She smiled!

And they all smiled.


Just listened to “Die Nachrichten” [the news] Propaganda. Wow. Monika, an important point that we need to repeat over and over again is:

We have become that which we were prepared to kill in an all out war. We have become Communist Zombies. Mindless zombies marching blindly where the Bolshevik Jew orders us to march. Fight wars where the Jew orders us to fight. Kill those the Jew orders us to kill. Hate those the Jew tells us to hate. Even ourselves if the Jew wants us gone. And he wants us gone after we have been bled to death. If we are incapable to liberate ourselves from the parasite of death, the others are obliged to defeat, kill us, before we kill them.

That brings to mind how much we can learn and copy from Mother Nature.

Bees, ants and Boa Constrictors come to mind. Oh, and of course Dicrocolium Dendriticum, like in my video. That’s the enemy of course. Lets start with the bees.

Seeing our work as being similar to the sting of the bee, we have come very far. Unlike the bee, we can still sting, even me from my cell, I can still sting. That is why I am so happy. Actually, our exciting adventure with the Kikes and their silly inquisition has amplified our venom. Thanks Jews!

So, how does the bee’s venom work? And when does the bee sting?

When the bee senses a threat to its own Folk, its family, its own kind, it sets its little stinger into this threat. Even though the bee will die, the bee is still happy, because it knows it has done the right thing, as have his ancestors and friends. He knows he is nothing without his Folk. A bee all alone? It won’t survive.

So, what does this little stinger do, that has been carefully positioned into the threat?
The target becomes irritated, is distracted, may change direction. But what else does the stinger do? The venom has the characteristic that it emits pheromones that signal other bees to also set a stinger as close as possible to where these pheromones, or signal, is coming from. As the target starts flailing about it becomes easier for the newly activated bees to target for additional stingers. This chain reaction continues as long as necessary until the threat is neutralized, or the bees are too few and weak to achieve their objective. A key element in this strategy is pheromones that motivate additional help to join in.

Monika, I do believe that our work has this same characteristic, and we are always open for new ideas and improvements. Like the African killer bees, their pheromone is turbocharged.


Ants: there is some clever little ant that sneaks up to its next meal, maybe a sleeping mouse or bird. The ants move in, not doing anything at all other than going into position. Then, when they figure they are enough, they all bite at the same time. Well, two or three ants would be no problem for the mouse, but 6,000,000 ants at the same time. That is too much, and the mouse has Holocaust.

Those ants must have learned from the Jews. They infiltrate undetected, and all work together, and while the ants scream Holocaust, the mouse gets eaten alive.


Now we go from ants to snakes.

Boa Constrictor or Python. They too sneak up on the next meal. Like the ants or the Jews. Once the Boa has wrapped itself around a rat, for example, the rat knows it is in trouble and holds its breath to resist getting squeezed tighter. The Boa thinks to itself, that’s fine, I’ve got time. After a while, the rat thinks, O.K, I need to get a fresh breath and I think its safe to do so now. As soon as the rat exhales, the boa ratches itself tighter, like those plastic hose clamps, and that’s it for the rat, until it tries again, and then there is zero breathing space left.

Kikes: Kikes use the boa constrictor method a lot in their propaganda. As the dark skinned murderers and rapists advance in every village and town in our white world, they increase their lies about reduced crime, and reduced numbers of poor poor refugees, and they like to make a huge show out of a poor poor little negro that is so afraid of deportation. Some innocent little child, who could want to deport this cute little brown baby? And they love to show how successfully some brown people have integrated and how the evil Nazis are so mean and dangerous.

And of course you will not hear even one word about the murders and rapes of white people. Not one word. Or how about one word about the phony hollow hoax? Or how about explaining where the money went that financed Neal Armstrong’s first step in a film studio? We are waiting.

How about one word about the Jewish attempt to poison 6,000,000 Germans in 1945 after open hostilities had ceased? How about one word about Larry Silverstein’s Insurance fraud after his role in mass murder on 9-11? We are waiting… One word please…
And no, we are not going away…
And yes, we are growing…
In numbers and resolve…
Our patience is getting thin…
We have nothing left to lose.


“Will someone please arrest that man!”
“Can’t, he’s already in prison.”
“Then cut out his tongue”
“The others will notice.”
“Do something!”


– Upload filters for the internet.
– More Holocaust awareness focus, at younger age levels, play school.
– More Gender studies. Become aware of all the 6,000,000 genders. Free choice for children to choose which of 6,000,000 genders they may want to be.
– Instant and harsher punishment for intolerance.
Holocaust deniers to be executed.
USSR did it, so can we.
USSR had Law #58 which dealt with this
BRD has Law #130
USA has Hate crime legislation. [as does Canada]
– Zero tolerance for all transgressions. We want and need to do more to protect our democracy and freedoms. We will snuff out all threats.
– People can report transgressions anonymously.
– Report on family members to prove your devotion to peace on earth.


Hey, that plan looks real good.

Just thought of another characteristic you should always keep in mind. The Jew is the gang leader of the dissatisfied. The more of these around, the greater the Jews’ power. That is why it is so important for the parasite Jew to swamp our countries with sludge, because this sludge can easily be led by the Jew, against whatever needs to be taken out. Holo deniers, racists, nazis, etc etc. The Jew slaps a label on you and sends the dogs after you. “Racist Filth Charged in Germany”. [article in the local weekly paper The Fitzhugh two days before my re-entry into Jasper, headline “Racist Filth: Schaefers sentenced in Germany”, has since been scrubbed from their online archives ~MS] The dogs are like sharks in a feeding frenzy. They were supposed to have eaten you alive.

Monika, but you were too fast for those lame dogs. The inquisition Muppet Show and the kike parasites screeching vile incitement to murder you, and your successful re-entry to the Jasper prison of invisible bars, that alone is worth a book. Better than James Bond.

Oh, those people uttering:

She deserved more prison

Those are the statements that the courts for TREASON will be happy to have in their hands. This, of course, is coming far sooner than the programmed dogs or Jews can even imagine.

Hey, just a few days ago I reached your prison time. 296 days for you I believe. [it was 297 days ~MS] Today is my 302 day. To think what you managed after that long in a cell, WOW! I am trying to imagine the sensory overload, surrounded by zombies who have no idea about the war zone you are coming from. Then sitting on a plane, wondering, wondering how the other end will be like. Will they kill me? Now you know why your smile was so important for the people to see.


When you talk to our mutual friends, please, all my warmest regards. Arthur Topham & his wife, hope they are well, thank Arthur for his amazing work over such a long and critical time. He was fighting with the gloves off while we were still happy-go-lucky Zombies. Like Kiddies in the sand box. Playing. Having “fun”. Thanks Arthur.
Talk lots with Patrick Little & JFH, VIPs.

I hope Henrik Palmgren from Red Ice has been talking with you. My luck with them has been phenomenal. Monika, we did that re-boot interview the day after I was raided. Yeah, I learned to hide the vital goods real good. Tough luck Kikes! You blew that one. First you hack Red Ice half to death, then steal all my stuff, 3 times. Did you shut me up? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha… nice try. Hey Kikes, guess what? Even the “raiders” are all coming over to our side. Ha Ha Ha Ha… Say Hi to Henrik and Lana & their little one for me, Monika. They have been a huge enabler for our cause, a crucial one. They are super heroes.

Another little detail of interest: When I was still in the Laundry [prison job], I had asked [my visitor] to check the internet for Thomas Dettmann, from Audi. Two weeks later she told me, yes, he’s there, its all in the net. After I got tossed out, people wrote me, they could find nothing about him. The Kike Jews are really running scared. Oy Vey, shut it down. Monika, he is now super well informed about all. You don’t get to be on the board of directors because you fell on your head. I’ll give you an example of Kike Logic:

✡ Jew ✡ Logic ✡

The Holocaust was real. It really happened because:
✡ It is taught in all schools, beginning with the very youngest of the goyim. The young people know for a fact that what they learn in school is true. That alone proves the big H is true. If it was not true, it wouldn’t be taught in school. That is the redundancy test. There is zero chance that it is false.
✡People questioning these truths are severely punished. They would not be punished for nothing. No tolerant democratic freedom loving society would tolerate an unjust punishment. That alone proves the big H was real.

The German Corporation Audi is guilty of criminal manipulation of software to circumvent new EU regulations for diesel fumes.
✡ If Audi was innocent, then why are a couple of their CEOs in prison? Innocent people do not just go to prison for nothing. No democracy would put up with that if they really were innocent. Of course they are guilty. I hope Audi must now pay billions for their crimes. To Jew Lawyers. In fact, the fact that these Audi CEOs are in prison proves that we have a functioning Legal system.

More Jew Logic
Monsanto / Bayer
✡ Bayer – the German Corporation, has successfully acquired a major piece of Monsanto. This piece has been producing pharmaceuticals.
✡ Shortly after this acquisition, stockholders are surprised that precedence setting law-suits have gone through rewarding claimants double digit millions due to pharmaceuticals produced by Monsanto. Strangely, these lawsuits never succeeded until right after the acquisition by Bayer. What a surprise that was. Nobody saw it coming.

And more Jew Logic
✡ If you cheat your insurance company out of 200 dollars, you will go to Stadelheim and get free room and board for some time.
✡ Larry Silverstein cheated the German Munich Re [insurance company] out of billions of dollars after he decided to “pull it” on 9-11. The mass murders don’t even matter, they were all worthless Goyim anyway.
✡ If Larry Silverstein were guilty he would surely be in prison now to account for any possible wrongdoing. The fact that he is not in prison proves, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that he is 100% innocent.
✡ No insurance company would instantly pay billions if it were not all O.K. Jews inside the insurance company and the Jew media all agree that this was 100% Kosher. No problem.

✡ Now we will have a look at open participatory democracy and activism for the kiddies. After a tough week of Holocaust studies and gender options and studies, they like to go out during school hours every Friday to show us grown ups that they know whats important. They all skip school and demand that we save the bees and rescue the climate. Oh yeah, it feels so good to be involved responsibly. The Anne Frank advanced studies from Friday afternoon can be postponed until Monday. Saving the climate and the bees is important too.

End of Jew Logic section

Now we will look at a simple multiple choice exam that every single person holding any political position will soon have the opportunity to take. It only takes a few minutes and will be coming to you in the mail. Your responses will be available for public viewing, since transparency in any democratic society is of vital importance. All your “friends” will also receive this simple test so you are not alone. Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Your constituents will have more faith and trust in you after they know where you stand. Please select at least one of the following:

The reason I never ever mention that Jews did 9/11 is because:

☐ 9/11? What is that? Nobody ever talks about that. Anyway, I tried to get a real job but I don’t really like working much, and in my political position they always tell me what to say. And it pays real good. Lots of Shekels.

☐ Talk about 9/11? Oh no, never. The Germans were, and still are paying tons of Shekels for that silly holocaust story we scam them with. If the Germans are that dumb then its no problem at all to scam the rest of the white people with the silly 19 Muslims-with-carpet-knives story. I get paid good money by Jews to fool you, you take it. Why change?

☐ Because if I say anything I am not allowed to say, they will show those pictures of me with that little girl. She was only 7 years old. I didn’t know they took pictures, but then when I got this job they showed me.

☐ Because I am a Jew. Admit that we did it? Are you crazy? They would kill us on the spot. Look, after we did real well exterminating millions and millions of Germans, and Ukrainians, and Russians, and all kinds of worthless Goyim, then getting the left-over Germans paying us great money after we re-educated them, you don’t think we can squeeze lots of Shekels out of the Americans? Ha Ha Ha Ha… We control the Americans like you control your pet dog. We control all of you goyim.
Do you think we rape your 3 year old girls for fun? Our holy books not only allow, but encourage it. Yes, a 3 year and one day old non-Jewish girl is ideal for sleeping with. We do that so that there is zero chance for fraternization between you Goyim and us. We know you would kill us all if you knew what we do. That is why we are very busy now installing upload filters in the internet and increasing fluoride in the water wherever we can. And the stuff in the vaccines, that ought to keep you sedated long enough for the 3rd world to come in and deal with you.
Hey, if I talked about 9-11, the next thing you know, those Krauts would want their money back for our fantastic holocaust. I mean that was real good money. Tons and tons of Shekels.
Us Jews are real smart. We not only do not talk about 9-11 and the other cool things we do, but we lock up and kill anyone else who does. So, take my advice, stop talking about this stuff or I’ll have you arrested! or killed!


Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha … Too late, I’m already in prison. And here you can’t kill me that easily. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha … 6,000,000 ha ha’s.

So you see why the Jews are hell-bent on controlling all the money, and eliminate any and all who might want to control their own money. Whether his name is Adolf Hitler or John F. Kennedy or Gaddafi, they get taken out. Then with all the money they think they can control us and as they lose control they then have always exterminated the remains of the bled out carcass. I believe it was Netanyahu who said, “We will suck America dry until you can blow the ash (or dust) away.”

Of course now the entire world is waking up, and there is no new host to run to. The story is coming to its end. Everything that has a beginning has an end. Monika, never ever in our childhood could you or I have imagined playing such an interesting part in such an interesting story. And it ain’t over yet. It is as if we were made for this Monika. When they put you and me together in the same Muppet Show, I was overjoyed, and still am. The real thing was better than any movie I have ever seen. And nobody can un-ring the bell we rang. With every day, every hour, and every minute now, the seeds are breaking through as the sun shines. Those indestructible weeds of historic truth. I would rather die today than live a single minute as a zombie.

All my love, Alfred

Autor: endederluege

Hier stehe ich, Henry Hafenmayer, ehemaliger deutscher Lokführer. Ich kann dem Völkermord an meinem Volk nicht mehr tatenlos zusehen. Ich tue meine Pflicht. Ich tue was ich kann.

Ein Gedanke zu „Letter from Alfred“

  1. Dear Alfred, you are fantastic, not a real politician but you again hit the point!
    You said that you not loose a single friend, no, you even find Minimum a new one.!
    Be strong, I miss our conversations at daily Hofgang…

    Stefan H.

    Gefällt mir

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