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Truth loving patriots gathered for a weekend in the beautiful Poconos of Pennsylvania on the weekend of the 20th of April 2019. I had the honor and privilege of being invited to speak. Here are the notes which I used for my speech, so it is not a word for word transcript of what I spoke, but quite close. My actual speech was a mix of speaking freely and reading from the script.


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Once upon a time I learned there were political prisoners in a far away and distant land, where an evil dictator ruled over the people with an iron fist. Political prisoners – people who were imprisoned merely for the things they said, imprisoned for their dissenting views – these only existed very far away, never in our land – or so I believed.

January 3rd, 2018, they turned me into a political prisoner in a far away land…. they call it… the Federal Republic of Germany. Every school child in Germany is taught about their “Grundgesetz“, their foundational law giving them absolute freedom of speech. Their leader Angela Merkel has declared them to be living in the freest state ever on German soil. So, the arrest, the jail time, the trial, did I imagine it all?

Overnight they turned me into a “heavy hitter”! I have seen myself described that way in group emails or on social media, heavy hitter alongside such prolific authors and videographers such as Michael King, Michael Thomas Goodrich, and Dennis Wise. Now, I am very very small compared with them. Those men have researched, written and created amazing works. They each have contributed so much to our historiography. But certain “powers-that-should-not-be” did it for me thank you very much. I didn’t have to do much. I just made a simple apology to my mother. They shone the light on that apology. They shone the light on me.

People apologize to their mothers every day, but they don’t become famous (or infamous, depending on whose perspective). I must have been at the right place at the right time.

So what was this little apology I made?…[I gave a brief summary] see “Sorry Mom I was wrong about the holocaust” transcript.

January 3rd 2018:
I had gone to Germany for Christmas to visit my brother Alfred, and then learned that a court date for the speech-crime trial of Sylvia Stolz was coming up. Curious to see what such an inquisition looks like, and wishing to meet this heroic person, we drove to Munich for the day.

Alas, I walked right into the jaws of the beast. How convenient for them, when they spotted me in the public gallery, to keep me in their clutches right then and there. The fair-minded authorities in this the freest state on German soil had not written me a letter in 2016 to tell me they have opened a file on me, nor did my cousins write to me, dear Monika, we have reported you to the authorities, so perhaps you might think twice about entering our land, the land of your ancestors, in future.

As they were arresting me, I declared that I am a free woman, that I am Canadian, and I challenged them about their authority over me. They said if I had wanted to stay free, I should have thought of that before I came to Germany.

It was my dear and loving relatives who reported Alfred and me. B’Nai Brith Canada likes to “take credit” for our persecution, and we have noticed that when they say “jump” the German regime says “how high”. Yes, but it was our relatives who betrayed us. I am not angry at them, no, they thought they were doing the RIGHT thing. But I am angry at that certain group of people who have “re-educated” them. A certain group of people whom we must not criticize lest we be called “anti-semitic”.

It was the British Black Propaganda Minister Sefton Delmer who infamously said in 1945 to the German Professor Grimm, that

Atrocity propaganda is how we won the war. And we’re only really beginning with it now! We will continue this atrocity propaganda, we will escalate it until nobody will accept even a good word from the Germans, until all the sympathy they may still have abroad will have been destroyed and they themselves will be so confused that they will no longer know what they are doing. Once that has been achieved, once they begin to run down their own country and their own people, not reluctantly but with eagerness to please the victors, only then will our victory be complete. It will never be final.
Re-education needs careful tending, like an English lawn. Even one moment of negligence, and the weeds crop up again – those indestructible weeds of historical truth.

My relatives think Alfred and I are making Germany BAD again and they were being GOOD by reporting our activities to the authorities. They think they have total freedom of speech – its in their foundational law, which every school child learns, ah…but the holocaust is different. They say that is good. Total freedom of speech except the holocaust. That is good so, my relatives said, because Germany is GOOD now. Indeed, they are inviting the world in, inviting the invaders, the last big assault on Germany. And my cousins are participating, by their own misled good intentions. Alfred and I were making Germany BAD again. We’ve all heard that mantra:


Thus began Chapter 2 of Life After Sorry Mom, with my arrest, incarceration and speech-crime trial in Germany. Chapter 1 consisted of becoming an Expert on Ritual Defamation in my home town Jasper Alberta. That is the part whereby anybody who steps out of line on the prescribed way of thinking or the prescribed behavior, be it on holocaustianity, or perhaps vaccinations, or even one’s stance on sexual deviancy, if you step out of line of what is deemed to be politically correct by the hidden rulers and dictators of what we are supposed to believe, then you must be brought quickly into line. The ferocity with which this is done is simply breathtaking.

The holocaust narrative seems to be a particularly important one to the PTSNB (the powers-that-should-not-be), because without it, their house of cards comes tumbling down. The world is structured on the holocaust lie. Jewish identity is completely wrapped up in their eternal victimhood, and in particular the so-called holocaust, their trademarked holocaust, the 6-million-Lie, as I called it in my video, and am calling it that today.

Briefly, about Ritual Defamation, just to give you background, and explanation of why it is such a big part of their strategy – Jewish strategy.
There is ostracization, shaming, shunning, character assassination, economic ruination, dehumanization, pressure on friends and family to disassociate themselves from you. All of this is most effective on someone in the public eye, or better said, the “known” person is more vulnerable to Ritual Defamation.

I was a Big Fish in a Small Pond.

When you have worn a few different hats prominently in a small town of 5000, musician hat, political hat (formerly a green party candidate multiple times), environmental hat, cultural hat, becoming what they called a “community leader”, (that is a label OTHER people have attributed to me), so when you are in the public eye such as I was, then the attack must be particularly swift and hard, for maximum social control.

The purpose is to isolate you, make it look like you are totally alone, insane, and to scare anyone else from doing something similar. Keep people in line!

Well-meaning people in town sometimes said to me – Monika, why do you concern yourself with something that happened so long ago? We have other much more pressing problems now. It is irrelevant what happened so long ago. We should focus on today’s problems. ??? Ah… then why are they persecuting me if it is so irrelevant????

I don’t want to spend too much time on that part of this story, because I want to tell you about the trial, perhaps some prison stories, and Alfred’s situation and our own situation. But just a few short examples of the campaign to bring down Monika Schaefer from her former position of “community leader”.

  • Weekly attacks on me in the local newspaper, for which I was not given any meaningful rebuttal opportunity.
  •  Cat-calls in the streets.
  •  Spitting.
  •  Spinning tires spraying me with gravel.
  •  Busking permit denied because of my “non-inclusive beliefs” (in 2018 when I was conveniently tucked away in a jail cell, they relaxed all their rules about getting a busking license).
  • Multiple police files were opened on me from miscellaneous and fabricated accusations against me.
  • Social media ablaze with hatred aimed at me, and total pressure on anyone showing any sign of thinking/supporting/questioning what was going on, whereby those people were instantly attacked too. Local support was silenced and friends were intimidated.
  • Expulsion from organizations, expulsion from boards, all public and on the record, serving to demonstrate to the authorities that Monika does not have the support of her community.

The stories are endless, and would fill many pages… BUT … this is important:

I never ever talk about this in an attempt to garner pity, or in self-pity, no – that would be loathsome. In fact, I am glad, that I have experienced this. Don’t get me wrong, I am not glad that it happens, but I am glad to have gained knowledge & understanding of this thing called Ritual Defamation, because it truly has given me deep insight into this mechanism of social control. This gives me first hand knowledge, expertise, which I can share and use to our benefit. We are in a war. It is not of our choosing, we did not create this situation in which we find ourselves, but we clearly find ourselves in a war. There are no bombs currently raining down on our heads, so most people do not realize that we are in a war.

In any war, it is necessary to know the enemy’s position and strategy and plans. That is what the intelligence service and spies do. We need to recognize their weapons, their strategy, their tactics! THIS is a WAR in which their primary method is psychological. Their weapons are deception, demoralization, the invisible chains of political correctness and utter social control. It is called Psychological Warfare. We need to immunize ourselves (and I am not talking about vaccinating ourselves with needles). In order to survive, nay, to win and thrive and rise up again, we need to understand our enemy’s tactics and neutralize them. That is why I talk about Ritual Defamation – it is one of their very powerful weapons. These weapons lose their power when we understand them, because when we understand them, we can turn these weapons to our advantage. Expose them, laugh at them, …

The Trial

Exactly six months minus a day from when I was arrested and incarcerated, the trial began. I want to remind you that this took place in “the freest state ever on German soil”. When everything in this world is upside down and inverted, then yes, I can say that it is the freest state ever on German soil. Black is White, War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and Ignorance is Strength, no??? Germany is a Free State. Pigs can Fly.

Verdict comes first, then the show-trial. If anyone here would like to try to acquire a transcript or record of proceedings of the Schaefer Sibling speech-crime trial of 2018, I wish you luck. You will never get it. Why? In the German courtroom, there was no recording being made, no court reporter taking down every word that was spoken. Nothing is recorded. There is no transcript. Period. The only things which would be on the record are those things which were read into the court from prepared written statements, and those things which the judge dictated – in s-l-o-w motion – to the clerk and ordered written down. So any speeches, questions-and-answers, general proceedings, NOT recorded.

There is a public gallery – but apparently the judge did not actually want them to hear the proceedings. The microphone system was not turned on until half way through the first day after much kerfuffle and after I insisted that I could not hear. The judge could care less when observers in the public gallery called out that they could not hear anything being said, in fact, he angrily shut them down and commanded them to be silent! On another day all their paper and pens and pencils were confiscated on their way in, so that they could not even write notes. That was all fought and corrected, but nevertheless, all these things indicated the lack of transparency, and smacked of a pseudo-secret trial.

One day, when the German translation of the video “Questioning the Holocaust – why we Believed” was about to be read, young articling students were first ushered out of the court room. Evidently this video was too dangerous for them to see and hear – they might learn something.

Someone else who was kept away from the trial was the Canadian Consulate in Munich. They wanted to attend. Simply to be witnesses. But they were forbidden by Ottawa! If anyone ever doubted that this was a 100% political trial… Many people asked me if the Canadian government came to my assistance…ha! [Denis Yuzil story…contrast – this is a German citizen of Turkish and German blood, writes in MSM about the death of the German people being Genocide in its most beautiful form. The German government recently worked very hard at getting him released from a Turkish prison.]

[Speaking of political trials, NSU story simultaneous trial….contrast the MSM coverage of these stories to our story… The NSU is the “National Socialist Underground”, and their terrorist activities led to the deaths of some migrant families in Germany. The trial revealed that there were over 50 government agents involved. They create the problem, then obtain their solution. Paint the “radical right-wing extremists” with their toxic brush.]

On DAY 2 my lawyer gave an excellent speech about why this whole trial should be shelved, that it is all based on a farcical law that was completely meaningless, unconstitutional – basically against all logic, reason, common-law principles, etc. The prosecutor was unable to argue against anything he said, in content, and so she complained about him showing too much emotion. !!!! [I addressed this in my Last Word at the end of the trial… If you cannot show emotion about these life and death issues, then what CAN you show emotion about???]

So what about the assumption that an accused person has the right to a defense, in court? This is where it gets interesting. If you do this (too well), then you are breaking the law, because you are saying things in public which you are not allowed to say, in public. They did not really want “the public” to hear anything in court, they did not want “the public” to write notes, they do not record the proceedings for posterity – one could reasonably ask, is this a public trial? Yet, they find you guilty of doing NEW CRIME by speaking forbidden thoughts in the court-room because you are saying these forbidden things in public and that is against their law!

I have not told you yet what Sylvia Stolz’s trial was all about on January 3rd, 2018. The one at which I was arrested out of the PUBLIC gallery.

Sylvia Stolz was there because of a speech she gave in 2012 in Switzerland.

This Law (par.130 in their criminal code) has 3 layers of enforcement. The first layer is simple: you are not allowed to say certain things, XYZ. Although, it is not so easy to know what exactly you are or are not allowed to say, because the law is so nebulous.
The second layer is that you cannot explain in court how you reached your conclusions XYZ and this would include bringing evidence into the courtroom.

Evidence in court? Who needs that?

The third layer – now this is where it gets really interesting – is that you cannot describe this situation to people. In other words you cannot tell the public what I just told you, you cannot describe what goes on in the courtrooms of Germany in relation to this law, even in another country. Sylvia Stolz was telling the audience about her experience as a lawyer in Germany, defending Ernst Zündel (Par 130), and how she had been hauled right out of the courtroom when she refused to stop talking and presenting evidence in the defense of her client. For this she spent over 3 years in prison. She had described that situation in Switzerland in 2012, and for that she was facing the Inquisition on the 3rd of January 2018. And that is where they spotted me and took me into their clutches!

Fast forward 6 months to our trial which began on the 2nd of July 2018. Sylvia Stolz was arrested that day, right out of the public gallery at our trial, for a two day punishment in jail, for “contempt of court”. She had uttered a word out loud, after court was adjourned, which the judge took issue with. The proceedings of that first day were so perverse, including the arrest of my brother Alfred that day for non-recognition of the Judge’s authority. Alfred was arrested. Jaws dropped. Sylvia said “this is terror”, and the Judge heard that. Remember, court had been adjourned, but he immediately jumped into action and had her arrested. That was that.

[The closest we came to meeting in person, Sylvia Stolz and I, (remember, Jan 3rd I had really wanted to meet her in person), was on the police transport bus, when her head suddenly appeared in the small window of the single – dangerous criminal – compartment, right across from where I was sitting.
My eyes nearly jumped out of my head – there was Sylvia Stolz! We could not talk, but we certainly did communicate. Hands against the glass together, we radiated LOVE to each other, filled each other through our eyes.]

It is a rather dangerous place to be, the public gallery of a speech-crime trial in Germany, where they have

total freedom of speech and the freest state ever on German soil.” ~ according to Angela Merkel

There was another arrest later that week – 4 days incarceration for a man who told the state prosecutor outside of the courtroom that he hoped she would one day see the inside of the jailhouse.

During our trial, there were many occasions when the head judge interrupted Alfred to warn him that he was now treading on thin ice, and that continuing his course would mean he was breaking the law, and that they may press new charges against him. Alfred simply declared:

you want to lock me up for 6 million years anyway, I am just telling the truth…

and he continued speaking.

The fact that they make their verdict first then have a show trial does give us freedom – The freedom to speak without fear, speak the truth… as they have already shown us that they do not abide by logic or reason or true justice or any of those other concepts which we hold so dear. They have already imprisoned us, some of us behind bars and the rest with the invisible chains. They have turned it all upside down, they have declared us to be their enemy, they have declared war on us. They make some vague rules and then interpret them for themselves. This gives us the freedom to say it how it is, no need to dress it up this way or that way to please the master, no! We can just say it as it is. Because they have already locked us up – what else can we do? We fight this head-on!

There were also countless occasions when our lawyers submitted motions to recuse the judges based on bias, non-neutrality, total conflict of interest being demonstrated in their behavior. They were clearly on a TEAM with the prosecutor.

The first of many of those recusal motions happened right on Day 1. Alfred had just begun his reading of a long statement of defense, when the judge interrupted him, half way through page 1, and ordered him to summarize! Clearly, grounds for recusal based on blatant bias.

Of course, the judges were always back. Their cronies, on a team of three, always signed the document which rejected the request for dismissal, and defended the judges. This was predictable of course. We did not expect it to go any other way.

There came a time, after this charade had already happened numerous times, when the team of three struggled to find the wording for their defense of our judges. It was a case of blatant abuse of power of Judge Hofmann. There was an email exchange with a psychologist whom he commandeered into writing a statement to excuse a witness from court duty based on his alleged mental health issues. This witness was a police officer who was potentially favorable for us, therefore inconvenient for our inquisitors.

Even they (the team of three) had to admit that this Judge’s wording had been awkward, but somehow, they still managed to defend this completely corrupt Judge’s actions, and the Muppet Show continued.

So you see, the justice system in Germany really is a “just us” system, they do whatever they want, they deny us any and all motions for evidence, they deny inconvenient witnesses, they do not record the proceedings, so they can tell the public and write the history books however they wish to, they make it a dangerous and frightening place for on-lookers to be present. Do you get the idea you are in a western democratic and free state, whatever that is supposed to mean???

One of the charges against us was the CODOH video in which we answered the question “why do you support open debate on the holocaust?” We did not say it did or did not happen, we simply answered that question, in a less-than-4 minute video. Frankly I was happy that they included that in our charges, because it demonstrated the absurdity of it all. Replace any other historical event into that question, and you would simply shrug. It should be so obvious to any thinking person that there must be something big to hide if they have to resort to legislating a story into existence and then forcing us into submission by throwing people in jail who disagree with their story. How can a historical narrative be forced to be true by law?! The truth is the truth, and the truth does not fear investigation.

Did they prove us wrong by jailing us?

Every one of the charges (about a dozen against Alfred and 4 or 6 against me – it was unclear but also irrelevant) ended with the statement that we are inciting the people and undermining the people’s trust in the legal system. Really? And when the state steals the computer equipment from ordinary citizens, and turns their homes upside down in searches at any time of day, that does NOT undermine our confidence in the state?

The trial took 20 days over the course of nearly 4 months. On October 26 we were done, and the verdict was announced. In the closing remarks by the head judge, I truly wondered if we had been present in the same trial as he was. After every single trial day, I was telling my friends in jail, with joy and elation, that they were proving to us every single day that we have truth and right on our side, and that they are protecting nothing but lies. Their daily actions in court proved this to us without a shadow of a doubt. Of course I realized this might not mean a favourable outcome for us personally. But still, that observation filled me with joy.

The judge, on the other hand, said in his final words, after felling the verdict, that we proved to him EVERY SINGLE DAY how full of HATE we were. Then he looked me straight in the eye, and said,

and we learnt that even musicians and composers can be HATERS.

Well, in the upside down world where everything is inverted, I guess he was telling us how full of LOVE we were.

in a phrase:
TRUTH is HATE to those who HATE the TRUTH

That day, October 26th, 2018, I was released on “time served” a 10 month sentence. Alfred was sentenced to 3 years 2 months. He had already been arrested on July 6th, following the first week of trial. They found some pretense, but really, they could not stand that he was still talking to the world.

Before the sentencing happened, we had the Last Word. Alfred spoke for a day and a half, and I spoke for 4 hours on that Friday afternoon. When I was preparing myself for it, I said to myself,

do it good, this 10 months in jail has all been leading up to this.

Then I corrected myself, and thought My whole life has been leading up to this moment!When I spoke, I felt I was receiving a lot of guidance from above. It flowed.

I studiously avoided the big Holocaust subject but I guess in the context…

Well, if I didn’t just turn from prisoner to fugitive within a few hours. I was released with a piece of paper that said I was legally released, but then received several independent indications that they could very well be drawing up new charges against me, for things I said in my Last Word.

They had spit me out just as suddenly as they swallowed me up, and then having to flee – which is a whole other story which I don’t have time for here right now, suffice it to say it was somewhat traumatic. I wanted to push an “off” button, get off the stage. And then returning to Jasper finally, 8 days after my release, it felt somewhat like entering a different sort of prison.

Alfred too, is facing additional charges for things he said and did in the trial. [“look how high my dog Pavlov can jump” gesture]

The way Alfred expressed it in his first letter after the trial was something like this:

We tried to have a civilized dialogue with them, but they proved to us that they are not interested in a civilized dialogue. They also went past PONR [point of no return] of plausible deniability. When these treasonous criminals (the judges and prosecutors) are in the dock, when this regime crumbles – and it will – then none of them can claim they just did not understand it. This trial laid it all out for them to learn and understand, just in case they really did not understand it before.

I want to tell you a little bit about my brother. Sometimes people wonder what makes him tick, what makes him so fearless. Sometimes people question his tactics, and they even thought he must be an agent or he would never poke the hornets nest so brazenly.

Alfred has lived many amazing adventures in his life. He was a hang glider pilot, a sailor, and has cycled and traveled all around North America, Europe and Africa. He has had some close calls with near-death. He could write thriller books about even just a fraction of his life adventures. Then when he began to understand what is really going on around us, he quickly recognized the urgency of our situation. He said, “if not me, then who”? Having near-misses tends to rid us of fear. It tends to sharpen our appreciation of what we have, and crystallize our understanding of what is at stake.

His spirit is undaunted, and even now from his jail-cell, he radiates joy and confidence. He also has a total sense of humor. On our processions through the corridors of the courthouse, between Inquisition and holding cells, we joked and laughed and felt quite an exhilaration. It seems strange, that during such a serious and heavy time and circumstance, we could have such joy.

Alfred has always – all his life – been able to see the silver lining of any cloud that ever came his way. I have always admired his skill at life. Like an artist of life. They do a house raid on him – he sees the opportunity for a new video: Police Raid and My Confession. Jail? He is educating the entire prison population including wardens. His letters exude triumph.

(BTW, I would like to encourage people to write letters or postcards! As well as being good for Alfred, it shows the authorities that the political prisoner is not forgotten!)

Some prisons have visible and touchable bars, and in other prisons the chains of enslavement are invisible. What is Freedom really? 

When someone has no fear, and they speak the truth, that is something the PTSNB (or, the Jews) do not like very much at all. They rule us by fear, so if we shed our fear, they lose their power over us. Perhaps that is why Alfred is such a threat to them.

Just like Alfred exudes free spirit, thus is how I felt when I was behind bars. I can assure you that I felt and was 1000 times more free than the jail-boss.

What do we do, and what gives me hope

SHED OUR FEAR! Our fear gives them power. They like to keep us in fear as that is one of their greatest weapons against us. Much of what the mainstream narrative is about, is to generate FEAR.

Our enemy’s extreme actions of censorship and escalation of their false flags and the escalation of their persecution of anyone who speaks out of line are all indicative of THEIR fear!!!! They know we are waking up! The fact that they are going so crazy, this gives me hope! Their insane behavior is a reflection of their fear that the genie is out of the bottle and cannot be stuffed back in.

Right ourselves up in an upside down world. When they accuse us of being …any number of weaponized words… racist, neo-nazi, anti-semitic, holocaust denier… , whatever they throw at us, realize that in their inverted world, these things are opposite of what is true. These labels are absolutely meaningless other than to show us that their accusations mean we are onto the TRUTH. The masses have been so trained, that these labels function like a Pavlovian trigger, and shut down people’s abilities to think straight anymore. When we understand this, we can immunize ourselves against this Pavlovian response. Let it run off like water off a duck’s back.

I’ll tell you a little story of what happened in jail. There was a jet-black woman named Susie there, who claims to have grown up in Munich. She has 8 children from as many different men, and in jail was constantly provoking fights and feuds and trouble. Nothing but bad news, nobody liked her much. She would make friends and then provoke them. Okay, so it was with me, we had started out friendly enough, had some conversations which went okay, but then things turned and I basically tried to ignore her, yet her provocations continued. Every afternoon our cell doors were open to the hallway in our wing for an hour-and-a-half. One day, she screamed at me from one end to the other, so that everyone including the guards could hear Du RACIST!!!! (You RACIST). I am sure she was expecting something different from me, but I laughed, long, loud, and hard, for everyone to hear. She never bothered me again.

She had learned to play her “RACIST” card. “Good” Germans would bow down and say,

no no I am not a racist, what can I do for you, what can I give you bla bla bla….

Germans have been bent into submission with the false holocaust narrative, and Susie had learnt very well how to milk this. She played her “racist” card and I did not play along. She went away.

By the way, the prison was not inhabited primarily by German women. Oh no! And it is even more marked in the men’s prison. Alfred tells us, one has to look far and wide for a white face, and then a white face who even speaks German as his first language. And I saw it too, in the transports. I often said to other prisoners:

Welcome to the Future!

Another little story here: there were an awful lot of racial conflicts in the group cells. Serious conflicts. One day I mused out loud during the courtyard hour, why don’t they just segregate black prisoners, give them their own cells, and put white women in other cells together, instead of always mixing them up. Why don’t they segregate them? Wouldn’t that solve these racial conflicts?

Well, I was told they had tried that! It had been a disaster. The black prisoners beat each other up, and/or they smashed up the cells, turned the place into total filth and wreckage. When they mixed the cells, there was general order and cleanliness. The whites were basically the baby-sitters for the blacks.

These cards that I spoke of, such as the “Racist” card. These are MARKED cards. We cannot play with their marked cards. We will lose every single time that we play with their marked cards. So, NEVER go on the defence when someone calls you “anti-semitic” or any one of those other marked cards. Turn it around. You could ask the name-caller to explain what that means. Or laugh at them. Or tell them how happy you are that they noticed. Or say, “when we learn the truth about Jewish lies and crimes, we have the OBLIGATION to be “anti-semitic”. Or take a page out of Alfred’s book and if they ask you “are you a neo-nazi?”, just say: “neo-nazi? oh no! I am a super-duper turbocharged ultra neo-nazi!” Takes the wind right out of their sails!

I spoke of Psychological Warfare. Part of their strategy is to make us think we have No Future and No Hope! Reject this message!

They like to project that demoralizing message onto us through the film industry. A recent example: “The Fireflies are Gone” This is a Canadian award winning film which tells the story of a Quebec high school graduate who believes she has no future because there is simply no hope. It was a most depressing film. It won awards because they like to promote films which promote their agenda. The industry pats itself on the back, and the gullible masses soak up the dark message. Many commit suicide…

That film was pure Psychological Warfare: It was all “doom and gloom”. That is their projection onto us. It is only true if we give up and believe it to be true!

We need to unplug ourselves from that mind-numbing programming. When we do see it, recognize it and reject the message! Reject Ugliness! Resist and reject their agenda, their cultural marxist demoralization, the porno-pushing, degradation of our arts and music, decontaminate ourselves.

Flip that! Let us celebrate our culture instead! Let us learn real history, reconnect with our ancestors. They (the Jews) have tried to cut our roots. It is like if you girdle a tree at its base – it will die and fall over eventually. That is what they have tried to do to us by erasing our history, replacing it with lies, and created hatred and contempt between the generations. The so-called Generation Gap is an artificial Jewish construct. They have girdled our people. This we must reverse! Be proud of who we are! Be proud of our culture, and our ancestors!

Men – Be Men! Women – Be Women! Reject the programming which confuses the sexes and gives us “multiple and fluid genders”. I can tell you stories about some of the German women whom I met in jail, and their attraction to anything BUT the German men, because many German men have been almost fatally weakened into Waschlappen and the women want STRONG men. The holocaust false guilt combined with generations long emasculation through marxist programming has done this, it is NOT genetic weakness.

There are many things that I have changed my mind about over the last few years as I have righted myself up in this upside-down world. One of them is about GUNS. I used to be a total libtard idiot all judgemental of you’se folks down here in the States who love your guns.

Please, keep your guns!!

Fight like hell to keep your first and second amendments of the Constitution.

Grow food, become self-sufficient, support our local economies, support each other.

Finally, if there is a law which would forbid us from breathing, we would break that law in order to survive. So it is with laws which forbid us from telling the truth. We mustbreak those laws in order to survive as a people.

Thank you.

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Hier stehe ich, Henry Hafenmayer, ehemaliger deutscher Lokführer. Ich kann dem Völkermord an meinem Volk nicht mehr tatenlos zusehen. Ich tue meine Pflicht. Ich tue was ich kann.

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