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The Prosecutor’s appeal for MORE jail time for Alfred speaking in court and showing how high his dog Pavlov can jump has not yet reached its conclusion. There were two days of court this past week, 2019 November 12 and 14. Alfred had begun his Last Word, but was not finished speaking. The Last Word is the one remaining “right” that the accused has in the German court. The accused may speak as long as he likes, unless it is deemed irrelevant.

Highlights (or Lowlights):

(Very brief notes, taken by memory at the end of the day by a member of the public and passed on to Henry Hafenmayer, posted in German here.)

  • Alfred’sappeal – of the guilty verdict (38 month jail sentence plus court costs) for “speech crimes”, handed down 26 October 2018 culminating the Schaefer Sibling trial –  has been dismissed.
  • All paper and pens / pencils were confiscated from the public before entering the courtroom. This happened during our trial of 2018, but after a day or so this had been overruled. Not so this time. The prohibition on writing materials lasted both days. The public was NOT permitted to take any notes.
  • Alfred started out facetiously stating that he would not open his mouth in court, because every word he spoke was turned upside down on him.
  • Alfred asked questions of the witnesses: a bureaucrat, one of the judges, and the prosecutor from the 2018 trial. The bureaucrat was asked if she had an indoctrinated fear causing shock with regards to the “Hitler salute”. Alfred asked the prosecutor if she was familiar with the game Musical Chairs. She has been in the prosecutor’s chair, now she is in the witness chair. Could she imagine one day being in the accused chair?
  • Addressing the court: Alfred asked what or whom specifically did he incite.

I am an engineer, and engineers need to name, define, work things very concretely otherwise you are thrown out onto the street.

  • The prosecutor asked Alfred if murderers called him when they want to do a murder. A gasp went through the gallery. Prosecutor continued, are your followers leftists or rightwing?
  • Prosecutor’s Plaedoyer: Alfred is a very dangerous anti-semite and jew-hater, and he should receive 5 years jail time (put together for the various “crimes”).

Alfred’s Last Word

  • The presiding judge interrupted and warned that Alfred was doing new “speech crime” by denying the holocaust, and that new charges could be laid. This could be the perpetual “merry-go-round” – do a speech crime, go to jail, go to court, new speech crime in court, more jail, appeal, new speech crime in court, more jail, appeal again and on and on and on.
  • Within the first two hours of Day 2, three different people took the prosecutor’s chair. Musical chairs. Ho hum just another day on the job.
  • After the judge warned Alfred he was getting off topic (bringing up other lies such as moon landing and the global warming scam) and that his Last Word could be withdrawn, Alfred spoke about a burning house. If you see that a house is on fire and you are aware of the presence of children inside, you have two choices. You could walk away and pretend not to notice, or you could rescue the children, with the full knowledge that your life could be at risk in so doing. His job is to rescue the children, just as it is his job to rescue the people from the dangers of the Lies.
  • In jail, many prisoners are having fun raising their right arm. Some boast how high their dogs can jump, others indicate how high the snow drifts are in front of their doors.
  • Alfred read some letters, including one from this author, and another from a jewish man who thanked Alfred for having protected him from being mobbed. This negates the prosecutor’s allegation that Alfred is a dangerous jew-hater.

Court will resume 2019 November 21.

A reminder to the reader: Letters or cards are always appreciated. Alfred’s address is Stadelheimer Str 12, 81549 Munich, Germany. More information on writing to political prisoners in Germany in this article.




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Hier stehe ich, Henry Hafenmayer, ehemaliger deutscher Lokführer. Ich kann dem Völkermord an meinem Volk nicht mehr tatenlos zusehen. Ich tue meine Pflicht. Ich tue was ich kann.

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