Letter from Gerard Menuhin

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The following letter came to me just over a month ago (15 November 2019), and when I asked permission to publish it Gerard Menuhin said yes of course,

I  just found a thread and went on writing.

It just so happens that Gerard Menuhin stars in the story that led to my last article, since it was the review about his book Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil which Sonja Dickey had found so offensive, and ultimately led to her refusal to provide copy service to me.

Dear Monika,

As I had noted Alfred’s court appearance on the 12th, but hadn’t heard anything about it, I looked him up and found your site with all your latest experiences.

It’s good to read about how active you have been. Also the regular persecution you fearlessly face, from people too dumb to think for themselves.

I’ve never been to Canada, except for a transit once at an airport many years go. Obviously, there is a connection between the two enormous captured domains of Canada and Australia in that both were parts of ‘the Commonwealth’. Assuming that all colonization and exploration, leading to domination, was a quest for local riches and cost money, it surely isn’t stretching a point to suppose that the backers of such ventures were always the same.

It’s probably not an exaggeration to assume the same of the Dutch West Indies and of the French overseas colonies. Again, who funded Spain’s excursions to South America and Portugal’s to Macao, etc.? All leading to ‘empires’, something for the ruling countries’ populations to be proud of, while their under-privileged slaved away in the factories of the industrial revolution.

Then, one by one, these ‘dominions’ were relinquished by their colonizers, leaving behind multi-nationals to continue to plunder the land, and huge numbers of natives, eager to migrate to the home countries of their former rulers, whose languages they often spoke and whose governments were incapable or unwilling to stop this migration. (Australia and Canada were exceptions, as their native populations had been largely wiped out, as was that of the U.S.)

Political control occurred simultaneously with the theft of natural resources. In much of Africa,  it sufficed to bribe a local tribe leader. In South Africa, the Boers had to be wiped out. In the more sophisticated countries of Western Europe, governments and populations had to be undermined by subtler policies, always based on the financial incentives of their respective central banks. These incentives led to immensely profitable world wars.

The largest and most important colony was not dominated by another nation, but by criminal infiltrators, under the flag of a false ideology. After about 70 years, this ideology lost its local magnetism, or was abandoned at about the same time as the rest of the captured world had submitted to financial domination. No coincidence. Its threat was no longer needed, as its driving force continues to subvert the entire world.

Now, through the degradation of all culture, traditions and education, and with the help of captive media and propaganda or lies, almost all the targets have been reached. Regional wars have provided the incentive for migrants to flood ‘democracies’ which already cannot afford to maintain their standards. So control is almost complete.

Is a Third World War really necessary? The doomsday weapons have been invented and are ready. As capability dictates policy, they may be used. Will the destruction of air and water occur within our lifetimes? Only those whose will has determined the planet’s unfortunate evolution know this. Their constitution is rooted in destruction, so they have no alternative.

Basically, the dilemma derives from the difference between natural and unnatural. Being attached to the soil (“bodenständig”) versus eternally floating above it. The enemy understands our human weaknesses, including perhaps above all, our superstition. These weaknesses are used against us. Responsible humans don’t need to worship anything or anyone. They need only to respect nature. Nature should be our only ‘God’.

Our only salvation rests in ourselves and in our respect for nature. The millions of illiterates and otherwise uneducated who have never learnt to use their minds are lost. They cannot be awakened, as you have discovered. The effort is too great.

But these thoughts are only mine, they need not distract you from your own mission.


Let’s hope for the best for Alfred.


Best wishes,






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Hier stehe ich, Henry Hafenmayer, ehemaliger deutscher Lokführer. Ich kann dem Völkermord an meinem Volk nicht mehr tatenlos zusehen. Ich tue meine Pflicht. Ich tue was ich kann.

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