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It surprised me to receive an envelope from the same address that Alfred resides at, so it was with great curiosity that I dove into the letter. What I found made me speechless. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

If ever there was a story about one man that is a microcosm of the world we live in, it is that of Daniel Alexander Strele.  Little story? Not at all! This one changed his life forever.

I have received permission to publish it.



Landsberg, 17.02.20

Dear Monika!

Alfred asked me to write you a letter and I gladly will do so.

But let me first introduce myself briefly. (I am not native in english, so please do excuse the mistakes I will likely make) [thanks Daniel, your English is excellent, but I will take the liberty to make a few little corrections~MS]

My name is Daniel and I’m one of Alfred’s fellow inmates. I am in prison since 5th March 2018.

I worked in a Liechtenstein based private bank.

Germany was accusing me of laundering money and tax evasion.

I got sentenced to 5 years and 2 months prison.

Once the trial was over, Germany wanted to send me to Austria to serve my time in an Austrian prison. I have an Austrian and a Swiss citizenship by the way. Within this process of sending me to Austria, the supreme court in Vienna had to review my case. They came to the conclusion that I should not be in prison and that I am completely innocent. In a phone call with my lawyer the Austrian judge who was reviewing my case said:

I have seen many absurd cases from Bavaria, but this is a totally new level of stupidity!

So of course the Austrian judge agreed to take me. But he also had to inform the German prosecutor, that once I set foot on Austrian grounds, I will be a free man because there will be no legal basis to keep me incarcerated.

What do you think happened? Make an educated guess! The German prosecutor drew back his application to the Austrian supreme court. Of course we are appealing the decision of the German prosecutor since it was him in the first place who wanted to send me to Austria. But once he realized that he will not be happy with the outcome he was back pedaling.

So this is my status quo – not very satisfying!

Alfred read the prosecutors statement and I think he couldn’t believe it himself.

I had a few talks with Alfred and I told him about my many experiences in my past with jewish people and he asked me to write it down (for you).

Back in high school I had a jewish history teacher! Do I need to say more – inauspicious!

Of course you can imagine what she was trying to teach us. She even said openly that her primary goal is to “realign our view of recent history”. Continually she was telling us that we should feel truly ashamed for our ancestors. Whatever topic we had in class, she always managed to circle back to WWII. I had a presentation about Napoleon Bonaparte – we ended up discussing Auschwitz.

We watched a documentary about ancient Rome – we ended up talking about how the Nazis were inspired by ancient Roman symbols and how they were misusing these symbols. (What a bullshit!)

I guess you can imagine what I mean. This lady was totally our of her mind. I had more than one argument with this lady.

Whenever I contradicted her stupid remarks she would totally freak out saying that it is no wonder that I am denying history since I was raised to have a “nazi mindset”. I always told her that I am extremely proud of my family and there is nothing to be ashamed of – I can track my family back to 1218, and to Widukind the Duke of Saxony. [I will ask Daniel for clarification of dates and will update this.~MS]

My family’s roots are in Brandenburg, a few kilometres outside of Berlin. Our family castles still exist. They are called the “Strele Burgen”. You might google it if you are interested in my family history. During WWII my great grandfather was the Reichsgauleiter of Vorarlberg, Tirol and Salzburg and his brother, Egon Denz, was the mayor of Innsbruck. After the “Anschluss” my family was visited by Adolf Hitler in our family estate “Villa St. Georg” in Innsbruck.


As you can imagine, stories like this – she did not like to hear them at all. At some point I was forbidden to speak about my family at all. There are many many stories I can share. This lady was just out of her mind.

So these were my first very negative experiences.

Later, when I already worked in the bank in Liechtenstein something remarkable happened.

One day, a guy named “Ari Silverstein” contacted me by phone. He told me that he is the grandson and therefore the heir of a man who has significant funds at our bank. He told me the name of this man (I cannot disclose the name since I am bound to the “Liechtensteiner Bankgeheimnis”). So I told Mr. Silverstein that I will check everything and that I will get back to him the very same day.

Indeed, the accounts were still there, although we never heard from the beneficiary since September 1945.

So I gave a call to Mr. Silverstein and told him I will need documentation to prove that he is the actual heir. I also told him that we last heard from the former beneficiary in September 1945. This was way past WWII.

He told me that he has all the papers with him. So I asked him to send me a copy of his passport by email. He agreed. About 30 minutes after the phone call was ended I received a scan of his Israeli passport by email. I replied and asked him for a meeting at our bank in Liechtenstein.

We are urged by the bank to handle cases like this serious and also as discreet as possible. It is well known that these people love every possibility to fabricate negative press and come up with “antisemite” allegations.

So about two weeks after my first contact with Mr. Silverstein a meeting in my office was set up. I was pretty surprised when Mr. Silverstein showed up empty handed.

After about 20 minutes of small talk I asked him about all the papers. Like death certificate, last will, …

He said that he has neither a death certificate nor a last will – he has nothing but a picture showing his grandfather. When I told him that this is hardly proof that he is the actual heir and that, if he fails to bring a documentation proving that he is the heir, there is nothing I can do for him, he totally went ballistic.

He was yelling at me:

Do you think they gave out death certificates at Auschwitz???

I started to laugh. He kept yelling at me and called me a “nazi pig”.

I told him, that even if all these concentration camp stories are true, the bank received a letter from his alleged grandfather in September 1945. So he must have been alive after WWII. Mr. Silverstein kept yelling at me:

I want ALL MY MONEY NOW! Or something is gonna happen!

At this point I told him that the meeting is over and that I am going to call security now to accompany him out of the building. Just when I wanted to take the handset of my phone to call security, he grabbed a letter opener that was lying on my desk and rammed it into my hand.


I started to bleed like crazy. Mr. Silverstein, instead of helping me, stood up and left the building as fast as he could. I somehow managed to call security and they called a team of first responders immediately. Once I was in the ambulance I fainted due to the loss of a significant amount of blood. I almost died!

Later the doctor told me that I was very very lucky, just one centimetre to the left and Mr. Silverstein would have slashed my wrists and I would have died 100% certain.

The hospital of course reported this incident to the Liechtenstein Police and they opened a case of attempted murder. They also put out an international warrant. A few days later the police found out that Mr. Silverstein, once he left the bank, drove to Zurich and got on a plane to Tel-Aviv the same day. When the Liechtenstein authorities contacted Israel to find out Mr. Silverstein’s address and ask for his arrest and extradition, Israel said that they will not cooperate.

At some point later I received an email from a guy named “Schlomo Goldberg”. He was, or still is, working for the “Central Committee of European Jews” (Zentralrat der europäischen Juden). He told me that I was reported by Mr. Silverstein for “antisemitic behaviour” and that I am on their blacklist now and that I am being “watched”.

Can you imagine? Don’t get me wrong, I couldn’t care less if I am on a blacklist or if I am being watched by those crooks. But still I couldn’t believe it.

I answered Mr. Goldberg and told him the story as it was. I asked him what mistake I had made. All I did was stick to the law. I never denied access to the funds – but still I need proof that Mr. Silverstein is the new beneficiary.

I also told him that there is an ongoing investigation of attempted murder and that there is an international warrant for Mr. Silverstein. Mr. Goldberg replied saying it was well deserved that I almost died since I was treating Mr. Silverstein antisemitic and that it is the only way to teach us! I was SPEECHLESS! And I still have the email in my inbox.

The court tried to subpoena Mr. Silverstein several times – of course with no success.

At some point the judge dismissed the case since it was virtually impossible to get hands on Mr. Silverstein. Hiding in Israel being the coward he is. Almost killing an innocent young man out of the greed for money!

In the court order to dismiss the case the judge wrote that:

it is very likely that Mr. Silverstein got a new name and a new passport by now and can travel freely wherever he wants. This is a common way for the state of Israel to help their citizens if they face ‘antisemitic treatment’. Therefore Mr. Silverstein will never show up in court to receive a fair trial and punishment.

Also it is said, what I find quite remarkable, that:

“this behaviour is typical and well known among most judges and prosecutors in the world. This behaviour is the lube of jewish profiteering. Enabling Jews to commit any crime they want, always backed up by the safe haven of Israel.”

I translated it from German to English as accurately as I could. I know the lines by heart. I have read them a million times because I couldn’t believe it back then and I can barely believe it today!

So, this means, if you are a Jew, you can commit any crime you want and you will get away with it? You just fly to Israel and those jewish crooks will give you a new identity and passport to “protect” you?

But indeed, I am in prison for 2 years by now. I have met many Muslims, I have met a few Christians. I also met several Hindus, Buddhists, all sort of people – you name it.

But I have only met ONE Jew back in Stadelheim [prison]. Alfred met him too. And guess why he was in prison? For fraud! Tricking honest German businessmen to give him their money… Is there a pattern? Definitely! Are people allowed to speak up? Address the pink elephant in the room? Never! If you do so, you will end up in prison, punished for doing nothing but speaking the truth.

Something is really rotten in this world!

I will try to get the court order as soon as possible and I will hand it to Alfred. The judge was really helpful and he was doing whatever he could to bring this cockroach in front of a jury – unfortunately with no success!

My dad told me once I have to see it in a positive way! True, I will have a scar on the palm of my right hand all of my life. But it will remind me every day that I almost died just for the greed of one jewish lunatic. I am reminded ever day how those people really are – how dangerous they can get if it is for their own good!

I hope this letter receives you in the best possible spirits!

Best regards!


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