Alfred Undaunted

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This letter from Alfred was written before the crazy Corona lockdown in Germany and much of the rest of the world. I have no idea how it is all affecting the prisoners – are they being locked down in their cells 24/7? I do not know. They certainly have stopped all visitors from entering the jail. So, we will wait for news in the next letter.

Alfred’s response to the Christmas mail from the Staatsanwalt [state prosecutor] that Alfred refers to at the top of his letter is published in this article on the website, in German. My intention is to publish that letter in English as soon as I can either translate it myself or someone else does it for me.

The “Worst Case” and “Heavy Hitter” are monikers previously given to us, one by the MSM in Germany, and the other by patriots. We wear these titles with a big smile.

One more note before presenting his letter: Alfred is not a stranger to satire and irony, so for the sensitive types out there, relax and enjoy it, and take it with a grain of salt.



Dear Heavy Hitter Monika!

hey Möne, good to get past the formalities, with such a long title. Yesterday I got a letter from Elfi and it made me jump for joy and I did a song and dance in my cell as I was overcome with happiness. I was expecting it but to hold it in my hands was to see it and know that its true. You see, after receiving my Christmas mail from the Staatsanwalt, I felt obliged to also send them a Christmas Card/Letter. Then they were so happy that they told Elfi she can pick up some stuff as a token of their appreciation. And now I have one sample of:


What You Are NOT Being Told About 9/11

and one sample of:

Did You Know a 3rd Tower Fell on 9/11?

This is from the massive amount of stuff they borrowed from me some time ago in order to study it and fill any possible gaps in their own comprehension. Obviously now the gaps are filled and they want to become better friends and even help us. I kinda like them.

[Alfred is talking about his first house raid by police in 2016, when they stole (they say confiscate) electronic tools, computers and such, in addition to a drawer full of educational materials such as the pamphlet at right ~MS]

Alfred continues: This is getting more fun all the time. I also wrote a fellow prisoner of war in Freiburg (Germany) and this letter came back to me 5 weeks later because I denied the holy cause apparently, so I quickly sent a followup letter admitting my errors because I was trying to deceive them and lead them away from our own family history. It’s the warehouse full of shrunken heads that we recently inherited and want to sell in a factory clearance sale that had me worried. I thought they may like some because they are selling fast and are a collectors item. Then they also rejected that letter but I don’t know where it is because Ralph did not receive it and I did not get it back, but they did give him the 3 stamps that were included.

Alfred Februar 2019But I think I know the problem, you see I had included one postcard of H.H.-S.H.-W.C. (heavy hitter – shrunken head – worst case) and unfortunately the S.H in that postcard was a FRAUD. You see, that was in 1945 and because the real S.H.’s were not yet ready, the photographer used a Fake out of a museum. So maybe they want to investigate this. But our dear Father was an honest Nazi and he spirited a huge quantity out of war ravaged Germany and now we need to deal with them. Ours are no Fakes. Ours are no Fraud. Ours are no cheap imitations. Ours were shrunk by hand “Made in Germany” Quality.

So, what I don’t understand is this, and its not thaaaat complicated. If my letter #1 got stopped because I denied the hollow cost, and letter #2 got stopped after proving it was real, how do I get a letter through the hollow cost control points?

The holy cause was real:

☐ True
☐ False

Please check one.

Monika, these people working at the last of the holy cause control points remind me of little children who start screaming no matter what. They don’t know what they want. I’m sure you have experienced that with little kids when they are very tired and don’t want to go to bed.



Hey Möne, my new buddy lent me his 1984 George Orwell book, and just as I was reading it and the Beamte [staff] came by to close my door he came in and sort of apologetically put a postcard of my dear jumping dog on my table in front of me and said it was in the other cell and bla bla bla you know we don’t want problems bla bla and I asked

What is the problem?

and then quickly said OK, no problem and thanked him for giving it back. So now I can go back later and give it back to my young friend whom I had given it to, and we know that all are coming around. My dog is allowed to decorate my cell, but they still get nervous if he is everywhere else also… for now.. ha ha ha…


My new buddy who lent me his 1984 book wrote YOU a letter last week. This can be published as you see fit. [published: Little Story Big Picture] He is in his mid 30’s, comes from nobility, very bright. His grandmother gave A.H. a bouquet of flowers at one of their estates after the Anschluss. She was a young girl at that time. Page 5 & 6 of this letter are a sample of his correspondence with other nobility. He will be writing the article he sent you last week in German and we will be sending that out, so by the time you get this letter it should be out there. His little story of the greedy stabbing Jew has all the important components in it on a micro level. It’s fantastic. I love the names “Ari Silverstein”, that’s even better than Larry Silverstein.

By the way, I quit my job glueing dots for €1.50 per hour to spend my time more productively in my cell. I told them, now I’m 65 and want to enjoy my retirement properly. They were O.K. with that. No beating, no whipping, they were cool. I really do enjoy my new freedoms as a retired IBM executive. When I am alone in my cell I don’t even have to put my earplugs in as is the case when all the [other prisoners] are shouting to each other during the times of Aufschluss, open cells. Since this prison is 4 stories high, they have two shifts of open cells, so even when ours are locked, the other 2 floors who are not locked are all shouting to each other and it becomes unbearable noise, all in Negro and Arabic and Pakistani and what-not, not ever one German word.

The space between the cell rows is open, with nets strung across so people can shout down and up, but if they toss someone down from the top, they land in the net and don’t mess up the bottom floor.

So now, as an IBM retiree I enjoy the hours when I don’t get blasted with the BLA BLA BLA through my cell door.

All my life I dreamt of such a fine retirement. Actually, when I first came here to Landsberg, I had a real [otherworldly] experience. When I climb on my chair I can see out the window, and one day I opened the window and listened to the sounds. I have the good fortune to be facing out of the prison and not into the prison. Well, in the distance I could hear children’s voices as they were playing and shouting loud enough to carry all the way to my cell window. It had me mesmerized as I had not heard such a thing as children’s natural voices in such a long time.


OK Möne, things ARE changing. I can hardly wait to give you the rest of Robert Faurisson’s 88th birthday hug. I kept some for myself but I still owe you that. Don’t let me forget!

viele herzliche Grüße Dein {worst case} Alfred

Alfred butterfly picture


P.S. on page 7
Sorry, but you do get some “Nachschlag”. Yeah, remember how it took a certain long period of time HH Möne for you to get sort of upset about having accused our innocent dear Mother for not stopping the Holy Cause? Well, let me tell you, it only takes micro-seconds for people now to get totally pissed fucking off when someone tells them their dog is not allowed to jump a certain height. Isn’t that refreshing to hear? Oh yeah…..

Those billions of nibbling cocoons are ALL gonna have jumping dogs. Those screeching little child raping foreskin eating parasites will be surprised where all those “anti-Semites” came from. I can hear it already “Hey Shlomo, where the fuck did all the anti-Semites come from?” Ha ha ha ha ha…

“I thought we had laws against that!” Ha ha ha…

Hey Shlomo, we got laws against doing a 9-11, against raping 3 year old babies, against genociding the noblest race on this planet. The other races want us to deal with this disease before they must do it. Too bad Shlomo, party is over.

Look Shlomo, you are lucky that we are human beings… We are only going to restore our health in order that we can survive. If you stand in our way….


You took brutal advantage of our trusting qualities and now we see and understand what you have done, so we are coming to take back what you stole from us […]. Your own forefathers took you for a ride: the Goyim will believe the hollow cost and feel real bad and we can rob them blind. Yeah Shlomo, nice try, like I said we are coming…

OK, Möne, in spirit I’m with you guys over there enjoying the fresh air and nature.

Also, thank everyone for their letters and cards, I truly love the mail and regret not being able to reply to all, but my thoughts and thanks are for all.

Yours truly,

Worst Case Alfred


This is the letter that Daniel received from a friend corresponding from the outside, the “page 5 and 6” that Alfred referred to above.

Digital Reichsmark Foundation

By us for us!

Weekly Report 10.02. – 16.02.2020

At the same time, the tax obligations for the country’s wealthiest jews have been steadily diminished by tailor-made tax laws. Under Ronald Reagan, the top marginal tax rates were slashed from 70 percent to 50 percent. And the top rates have fallen further over time. As the richest jews accumulated more wealth, as unions lost power and wages stagnated, the nations wealth disparity has only grown. Jews sucking money out of the economy like vampires suck blood out of a living human being. Today the country’s three richest jews hold the same wealth as more than half the nation’s population. As the collective wealth of the world’s poorest 3.8 billion people fell by 11 percent in 2018, the fortune of the jewish community increased by 12 percent, according to Oxfam. Oxfam was more or less blackmailed by some very powerful jews to not make these figures public. But […], a friend of mine who does consulting for Oxfam leaked the study to some major banks. Including our bank. That’s how I became aware of this. If you want I can send the study your way. It is well worth the read.

Consider Mark Zuckerberg: Between 2017 and 2018, his net worth rose by $2.47 million a day(!), according to Business Insider. Meanwhile, recent Federal Reserve data revealed that tens of millions of Americans would be unable to cover a $400 emergency expense.

The super rich Jews have entered a new period of interrogation. That inspiring tales of success: At whose expense did it come?

So much for the Oxfam study!

And Dan, we ALL know at whose expense the jewish success is coming from.

As the days pass, the more I believe in our Digital Reichsmark vision! This is the best way to harm those rats. By taking back the power over money. This should be our main agenda for the next decade and it will hurt the jewish bastards most because it is what they worship the most: MONEY!

Dan, there is another crazy thing I really need to bring to your attention!

Are you aware that next week a law will pass the german Bundestag enabling social media networks, mainly Facebook and its subsidiaries Instagram and WhatsApp, to report users who spread / share “Nazi Propaganda” to the german Bundeskriminalamt?[the state crime department] It will allow Facebook to even hand log-in credentials of reported users to the Bundeskriminalamt.

This is a new all-time low for free speech. A guy named “Tim Rosenstock” is behind all this. He is a member of “Die Linken”. The veeery far left political party mainly financed by Israel. They even openly admit it. And the guys name, ROSENSTOCK! Do I need to say more? 100% jewish!

He was the one who brought the bill to the Bundestag claiming he is a victim of “Nazi Propaganda” and that he was accused of being mentally ill and “fat”. I can send you a picture of this fellow if you want. As a matter of fact he IS fat really FAT. Also he kind of looks mentally ill.

Anyhow – Facebook is owned by who? Mark Zuckerberg! Mark Zuckerberg is what? A dirty jew!

Dan, we all wish you could be outside to work and fight with us and to “feel” the atmosphere – it’s changing!

All these actions are nothing more than a desperate attempt to stop the unstoppable. The jews finally realize that the end is near. The dawn of a new world order is here! There will be blood on the streets and the [unmentionables] will be swept away by it.

The Oxfam study is called “The jewish gospel of wealth” and should have been published Dec. 2019.






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Hier stehe ich, Henry Hafenmayer, ehemaliger deutscher Lokführer. Ich kann dem Völkermord an meinem Volk nicht mehr tatenlos zusehen. Ich tue meine Pflicht. Ich tue was ich kann.

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