Alfred’s Nature Allegories, Memes and More

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One of Alfred’s specialties has always been his ability to recognize and describe our situation portrayed in nature. Here are excerpts from one of his letters, in which he makes comparisons between the human processes playing out with nature.

Out of Alfred’s Letter:


It’s me, worst case […]

So many of the process playing out all this time on both sides, can be observed in nature all the time. In the animal world. Here just a short list: Boa constrictor, bees, geese, ants, and worms. And the deep sea fish that lure their prey with a little lantern. No, I have not gone nuts! Oh, and squirrels. And Oak trees. And the weasel’s death dance.

  1. I’ll start with the geese.

Especially in Canada, all the white settler builder people know by observation when the geese fly north or south they do so in V formations. Why not L or O formations? Because the lead goose does the most work. He is breaking trail. What we do not see is that the lead goose is not always the same one. For us, all geese look alike. For them we all look alike, except some of us are white, some are brown, some are black. The geese don’t care, that’s our problem.

All the geese flying behind the lead goose expend less energy than the lead goose because of the aerodynamic advantages of using the vortex created by the #1. Before the big V’s appear in the sky the geese are more randomly mixed and in small groups. Once the strongest one takes the lead in any group he continues in this position until he tires, and then he slips back to let someone else take the lead. This is not done with the political party system and a vote, the strongest one simply flies ahead, leads by example. The others are content to follow as they may have led before and may lead again themselves. They do not spend time calling each other names or squawking hysterically, they simply focus on their work and do the very best they can.

As our criminal system of lies and rot implodes, those able to fly will rise up and lead. Once air born, they will follow the example of the geese and focus on the work at hand and allow others to use their slipstream until others may be stronger and strong enough to do the trail blazing for a while. Those birds who do not belong will fall to the ground and be eaten by the foxes.

2. Boa Constrictor

The disease, the rot, the parasite, the cancer, the self-chosenites behave like the Boa Constrictor as the Boa suffocates its hapless victim. The Boa sneaks up to its dinner and wraps itself around it and locks its grip tight. It cannot squeeze it any tighter than the victim allows, but after a while the victim, to get a breath of fresh air, must exhale a bit to get new air. ✷ As the victim exhales the Boa ratchets its grip tighter. There is no new air to be had, and bit by bit the prey is suffocated to death. The self chosenites, as they suffocate us, they use this Boa constrictor method. They bla bla bla something to make us think that (((they))) are fixing the problem that (((they))) created, and we sigh with relief, “oh, how nice” and then (((they))) pull their grip tighter and there is no fresh air to be had.

✷ Protocols: Every time we have created slack we gather in all loose ends and pull them tight. Again and again. They won’t notice. Goyim are too stupid.

(((Their))) sledge hammer to exterminate us, the muslims, are already practicing how to do this with cable ties. These are cheap and readily available. These tools of the self chosenites will sneak up and plop a long cable tie over someone’s head and simply pull it tight real fast. Try breathing now. Now it is too late. Shit, should have helped those Nazis, yeah, those holocaust denying ones. Our people, the Gut-Menschen tolerant ones ought to know that the muslims will kill all transvestites immediately. No more transvestites teaching our kids. We can credit them for this, but we still don’t need them. On the day we die the trannies get stomped!

3. Bees

These are so clever. Those bees without too many greedy enemies are more tolerant and have only a small private space around their home. If you enter this zone, a bee that perceives a threat to their folk, their colony, will place his stinger in this threat even though the individual bee will die after losing his weapon. But this is a meaningful death and the bee is very happy right up to his last breath. Those bees living in more hostile environments have a larger private space and also a more intense organic alarm system as a characteristic of their stinger. Once they place their stinger in the perceived threat, the stinger itself emanates a signal that instructs the other bees to attack in the area of this signal source. That is why the African Killer Bees are so feared, because this defence mechanism makes them appear to be very aggressive when they are under threat. In our case, our defences have been neutralized by the disease  cancer  plague  selfchosenites Jews✓. Like removing the stinger from the bees. Or the claws from the lion. When our warriors think that anal sex is more important than defending our women, the Jew has done a good job. Since the Jew is a parasite he deserves credit for “job well done”. That is why Mehr-kill (More-kill) got all those awards on October 3, 2018, “Tag der Deutschen Einheit” – Day of German Unity.

[We were at trial that day. I (Monika) said to Alfred that it was exactly 9 months since my arrest, same length of time as a pregnancy but I was giving birth to “a truth bomb”! ~ MS]

4. Ants

Now this is a story we need to take very very seriously. This is what may be in store for us and we need to get our claws and our stingers in proper working order – fast.

There is an ant species that is able to catch animals far far bigger than itself, such as mice, or birds. How does an ant do that? An ant does not do that, but many ants working together do that. They sneak up on a sleeping animal and go all over it, many many ants, they are like sleeper ants, very softly and politely and humbly, and then, as if a shot was fired, they ALL bite at the same time. The mosques are capable of firing this shot and unifying most of the invaders in our lands to try their cable ties on our necks, to see if they work. While our warriors are thinking about some stinking rectum. Or which defenceless child may be fair game.

5. Worms

This is self explanatory. Spineless and normally hiding under the ground. Not that terribly smart. At least earthworms enrich the soil, my apologies to these for using you to compare to the two legged worms. Don’t take it personally dear earthworms.✵

[✵in the margin of page 1 Alfred writes:] My last minute apology to the earthworms on page 6 makes me feel so good (at 3:00 am on next day) → ‘Sorry Mom’ made you feel good. ‘Sorry earthworms’ made me feel good. Hope I don’t get 10 months.

6. Squirrels

Have you ever wondered why squirrels sometimes do these bizarre jumping and flipping for no apparent reason? They do this on the ground, like a strange dance of panic. It is because their little parasites are driving them nuts and they don’t know how to get rid of them. It is a reaction of frustration and desperation. Our civilization may be doing something similar now. Just starting.

7. Weasels

Dance of Death. A couple of years ago there was an excellent article in the Israeli Press where a rabbi was commenting on how the Europeans remind him of the rabbit that is fascinated by the dancing, flipping and spastic creature that is performing a strange dance of death. The rabbit expects danger to sneak up, so it does not suspect that this performance could be bad news. It escapes his instinctive reasoning. The weasel slowly moves his performance closer and closer to the entertained and fascinated rabbit until one lunge at his throat makes the rabbit realize that “Now it is too late”.

8. Oak Trees

As you know, in its infancy an Oak Tree is so tiny and delicate that a single bug can eat it and end its short life right there and then. However, given time, light and nourishment, this Oak Tree, at maturity, will utterly destroy even a large truck that tries to run it down. Our People’s spirit is like this infant Oak Tree. Every day now we grow in quantity and quality, bigger and harder. Soon those who tried to run us down will wish they never followed the path of those who made that decision. Those who continue down that path will be utterly destroyed. By the way, the old scriptures are full of that recurring theme.

Their hearts had turned to stone and they were wicked. They, and their seed were utterly destroyed.

9. Deep Sea Fish with the little bait lantern

These are those strange looking fish with a curved fishing rod type of appendage in front of their pretty face with a little glowing light on it. This attracts other organisms and the fishing fish opens its mouth and eats the unsuspecting curious victim that got lured into the trap.

How does that help us? Hey, I have a very good Nigger Nazi Friend. She is NNN. Nigger Naomi the Nazi, or Nazi Nigger Naomi. Or Naomi the Nazi Nigger.

Ha — gotcha! Did you feel any emotions reading those last lines? Like Yuk – how bad!?

Well well well. That is the litmus test to determine if any traces remain of the toxins from the lifelong indoctrination. Like the glow of the deep sea fish attracts, and the bee sting repels, these words either attract or repel, but they are only words, abstractions with nothing but emotional energy that has been programmed into the subject. Like your pet dog that can kill or be nice at the click of your tongue. Money is also only an abstraction that lures animals people✓ to behave in a way so they can get it. Like candy for kids. With money you don’t have to do anything to survive, you can be a total jerk, a sloth, anything, and all you need to do to get whatever you want is put a little bit of this bait somewhere and the other animals come, like moths into the fire light.✓ Like your trained dog kills the neighbour’s kids because that is the path to his doggie dish. You trained him well.

Back to NNNaomi! She came to me, God sent her to me, just when I was doing that article for Veterans Today in I believe about Nov/Dec 2016. (That was one of the 2 pieces that the Thought Police wanted from me in December 2018. It made me happy that they would study this.) She delivered several gold nuggets and left. (I describe them in that piece.)

If people like our worm zombie (certain relative) had bothered to read that they would be cured, but they had learnt to avoid bad things like that. Like your dog gets taught good/bad, he learnt what is good/bad and that article was bad. […]

OK, that was the chapter “Animal Kingdom”.


[…] I read Charles Darwin’s book, and it may have been in that book where it was written that domesticated wild animals become very stupid. They only obey and do as trained. “Bite the Nazi.” “Bark at the Nigger.” “Piss on the Hollowcost™ Denier”. So the “Gut-Menschen” and the “Politically Correct” “Humans” are very stupid well trained animals that are no longer able to survive without their master who puts out their doggie dish. In our case the master, what Henry Ford called “the International Jew”, has reached the point where he has all the doggie biscuits because he stole them all, but when they get used up he can’t steal any more because the obedient dogs don’t produce any new value doggie biscuits✓ to feed his huge army of Nazi biting or big H-denier biting attack dogs. Then the dogs may turn on their master. Corona Clampdown may not really help. If we do not find our natural wild state, we Europeans, then the world will miss us for all time. We only invented everything. We only built Civilization.

So when we are gone and everything is used up, earth will have lost Civilization and will not be able to recover this. It will be extinct. Good work parasite  cancer  disease  plague  International Jew✓  Self Chosenites✓ [one more label not fit for printing]. (depending on your audience, feel free to choose as you see fit on the names above)

Got to end the letter here. But just one little test for checking my IQ. I’ll fill it in. You can see if you find any mistakes.


  • French Revolution was for Equality, Freedom, from-and-by-the-people:
    T⧠ F⊠  It was to get rid of the monarchy, blood bath followed, best of the goyim slaughtered in blood bath.
  • Communist Revolution in the USSR was good for Russia:
    T⧠ F⊠  The Revolution cost about 100 million lives, the best of the goyim were slaughtered and Russia’s IQ dropped by about 5 points.
  • Opium wars in China was great for China.
    T⧠ F⊠  The Jews used GB as the sledge hammer to open that Country for the Opium trade.
  • WW I & II were to liberate Europe from evil.
    T⧠ F⊠  These wars were the first 2 out of 3 wars that the Jew has engineered to divide and conquer the white race on his way to rule planet earth by positioning himself as the “aristocratic master over a Negroid-Eurasian People who shall look like today’s Egyptians”.
  • USS Liberty was attacked by Egypt Israel accidentally during the 6 day war in 1967.
    T⧠ F⊠  This ship was clearly marked and identified as a U.S. Ship. It was supposed to sink with no survivors to hide the land grab that Israel was doing and also to start WWIII in 1967. Long story short: Thank you sailors on the USS-Liberty for your courageous struggle to survive.
  • 9/11 was done by 19 muslims with box cutters because they hate our freedoms and democracy.
    T⧠ F⊠  Israel did 9/11, which everyone of course knows, world wide. This is completely avoided in ALL the media, as the Jews who control ALL the media are fearful of what this one attack will do to their wonderful lives when retribution comes.
  • Corona Virus is a real threat that needs a global solution. (We have all seen it on TV)
    T⧠ F⧠  I’m not sure about this, could you please let me know what you think.
    [Dear reader please note the date of this letter March 3rd, hence his statement of uncertainty on this one, as he was just catching MSM early reports by that time. It did not take him long to figure this one out, as evidenced by the picture below. This is the envelope of a subsequent letter, as you see always with humour and wit. His more current letters are replete with scam-demic awareness. ~ Monika]


Hey Möne, as two little bees we placed our stingers pretty good not bad, don’t you think? I can see little geese rising everywhere, I can hear the cocoons nibbling their way to freedom. The last of the vermin, the parasites can be smoked out of their hiding places by using their own bait. Listen to where the screeching comes from and step on it.

Pavlov together with a good Doberman pincher. Pavlov jumps, and Beasty the Doberman can go fetch the screeching vermin. Beasty is happy and Pavlov loves jumping.

Oh, one more important point then finito, promise. The blood of people like my 3N friend will be on the very hands of the politically correct worms. They never stood up for the Big H deniers, who is gonna stand up for my 3N friend if I am dead. […] My 3N friend and I are on the same team. The team against the worms which will all be stepped on in the end.

Dear earthworms. For you it is natural not to have a spine 😃. The 2 legged worms lost their spine. I love spineless earthworms. Really, I do!

All my love, and onwards

P.S. such a funny thing happened. I looked up corona in dictionary and on top of page 190 crackdown-crash.




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Hier stehe ich, Henry Hafenmayer, ehemaliger deutscher Lokführer. Ich kann dem Völkermord an meinem Volk nicht mehr tatenlos zusehen. Ich tue meine Pflicht. Ich tue was ich kann.

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