Alfred – Letter #2 to State Prosecutor re Extortion

This is the second formal letter to the state prosecutor which Alfred writes in response to their demand that he pay for the Inquisition. The criminals tell us what to believe, and if we do not believe their lies, we go to jail. They put on a show trial, in which evidence supporting our conclusions is forbidden, and then they send us the bill for the trial itself. Can they sink any lower? Can justice be more inverted?

Alfred Schaefer - Political Prisoner of Germany

English translation of Alfred’s reply to the State Prosecution München I letter of 17 April 2020.


Gs#112 VRs 162670/18-a-01-GU
Alfred Schaefer, JVA Landsberg, Hindenburgring 12
86899 Landsberg am Lech (cell B1-191)

Dear State Prosecutor München I,

On the 17th of April 2020 I received a bill for which I have now received a reminder to pay. Due to the Corona Pandemic I kindly ask you to give me a minus (negative) interest loan with a very long run-time to allow me to bring this bill in order😉. (I was only joking)

On the 25.12.2019 I summarized the criminal facts of an insurance fraud involving Munich Re, Larry Silverstein and September 11, 2001, known as Nine Eleven. (Munich II Gs#12VRs 22685/16-a-01) (Read letter here)  I will not repeat those details in this letter, since those details are all on record. Your detectives are informed. I will not make myself an accomplice criminally responsible, culpable, in an extortion/blackmail against myself, by simply paying this bill. I am to be silenced, but I refuse to remain silent. I would also refuse to remain silent if I am witness to a small girl being raped and murdered. That would be failure to give assistance and criminal negligence, and this is morally repugnant and a punishable offence.

The global paradigm shift now unfolding does not give much time to clearly position oneself on one side or the other. The side of Truth or Lie. Light or Darkness. Free Information or Censorship. Clarity or Deception. Freedom or Slavery. Life or Death. Corona has a catalyzing effect on this unstoppable irreversible paradigm shift.

Corona is our good fortune. the assumption that we human beings are becoming or can be made ever stupider, is a temporary fallacy. To recognize the difference between cause and effect is imperative.

The “security measures” we have all experienced globally since September 11, 2001 were supposed to show us how dangerous the supposed terrorists have become, without however, explaining to us Larry Silverstein’s insurance fraud following nine eleven. The amateur may ask: what has Larry Silverstein got to do with all this? I answered that question in my letter from 25.12.2019. (see link)  The measures we are now experiencing as a result of Corona have as much to do with a real threat, as looking for hidden knives in the shoes of old ladies did after the false flag event of nine eleven, before they boarded an airliner.

We can be thankful that Corona is so dead easy to see through. And together with Corona, all the previous lies come tumbling down. Corona is the straw that broke the camel’s back. It is the weak link in the chain. The crowning final link. It is the crack that broke the dam. In other words, those who cannot account plausibly for their words and deeds from before the paradigm shift after its completion, do not have very good cards in their hand.

The “corona measures” induced pain is effectively destroying peoples comfort zone thereby enhancing their motivation to investigate the actual cause and source of this pain. To make this easy to understand, let us use a practical example everyone can follow.

Take this in slow motion, frame by frame. Half asleep, in a semiconscious state you place your hand onto a hot stove plate. The pain your hand registers will change the state of your half sleep semi-conscious condition into one of higher alertness. This change happens relatively fast.

Once fully awake you begin researching the actual cause of the discomfort to enable a course of action that will reduce the discomfort. After coming to a logical conclusion, the pain reducing measures are initiated, and you proceed to remove your hand from the hot stove plate. It was, after all, the pain that saved your hand.


We now know that the Corona Pain will provide the emotional energy required to initiate and execute the lifesaving measures to restore our health and save our civilization, and a future on this planet Earth.

Stolen and printed money in a world of deceit, lies, fear, and censorship has no value and no future. Anyone, who despite all this, positions themselves on the side of the lie, as an “apparatchik” or “Systemling” cannot expect pity nor help after the turning point. Every single person is responsible for their own decisions. The corona induced fear will mutate into pure rage which will discharge its pent up energy according to the laws of nature. Lightning and earthquakes are examples of the discharging of pent up energy. These are Laws of Nature. As is the law of gravity.

I have been taken as a prisoner of war of the BRD (Germany) and now I have only paper and pencil and crayons with which I would like to share with you my latest scene. My hero is Gilad Goldstein. He had discovered and was appalled by this, that I was in business with his own brother Schlomo, manufacturing and selling Corona Masks. After Gilad straightened me out I broke off that Mask business and now Gilad and I are friends. He tirelessly reminds me 4G good – 5G bad, 4G good- etc etc. 4G is the Gilad Goldsteinische Grund Gesetz, which is the GG Constitutional Law that determines that with immunity to Corona, all Corona measures become irrelevant. Gilad wants to vaccinate the whole world. (me too)

Recently a virological expert has warned that we have totally underestimated the Corona danger and has convinced the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Truth to pass new legislation requiring proper securing of all Corona entry points. Fortunately we know that the Corona Virus belongs to the family of Retardo Viruses and can be neutralized with a tiny drop of wisdom and an equally tiny drop of courage. These are now already spreading without chemicals, needles or pain, fully automatic telepathically around the globe. Based on G4 logic, the only thing you need is your vaccination card to free yourself from:

1). Corona mask mounted
2). 1500 mm tape measure in pocket. Safe space regulation followed.
3). Thumb or finger minimum 30 mm inside rectum to secure this back door sneak path.

Carrying this card frees up both hands and allows you to go anywhere just like in the good ol’days. Plus, quick healing guaranteed if an official (one armed with mouth guard) asks why your fingers aren’t where they are supposed to be, show him your card and he too will be cured. You can hug him with both arms, but make sure he wipes his finger good if he hugs you for healing him.

My good friend Gilad says he wants to give a vaccination card to everyone on earth. Like More Kill says: “Wir schaffen das!” (We can do it!)

Worst Case Alfred





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Hier stehe ich, Henry Hafenmayer, ehemaliger deutscher Lokführer. Ich kann dem Völkermord an meinem Volk nicht mehr tatenlos zusehen. Ich tue meine Pflicht. Ich tue was ich kann.

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