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I received copy of very moving letters from my brother Alfred to a man in the USA named Frederick. Alfred makes reference to Frederick’s letter in which he tells of his late uncle’s wartime stories. I do not have copy of Frederick’s letter to Alfred at this time, but I am including segments from a letter which I received in 2018 from Frederick, while myself a political prisoner in Germany. Those excerpts follow Alfred’s letter below.

Here are Alfred’s two letters sent two days apart:

June 26, 2020

Dear Frederick,

Today I only want to quickly let you know I got your letter from Nov, 2019. Yesterday it arrived in my cell here in Landsberg. Obviously they held it back and now decided to let it through because they know they have been betting on the wrong horse. This matrix is so evil and so sophisticated and so deadly, and yet it is what it is and we either defeat it or it defeats us and then we have hell on earth.

I’m only writing you a short acknowledgement that I received your letter for now and will send you another shortly. I will go through your letter. I just started reading it and had to just let you know it got through. Seeing events as they are now unfolding in all of our white countries puts your letter in perspective. It allows us to understand the role this strange behaviour played in the Big Picture. Believe me Frederick, within the System people are also waking up and are terrified by what comes to their senses insofar as they have any, and the great backstabbing begins within their ranks. […]

In the big picture we can also be satisfied to have this epic challenge land on our plate. We are not here for fun and games and childish trivia. We will now learn what pain is good for. Our pain level will reach the threshold it takes to respond in whatever way is necessary to deal with this. Or we die. That is Life. Every single organic healing begins with the host, or victim, recognizing that it has a problem. We are well into / past this phase. […]

P.S. I just saw now that the post mark is June 1, 2020. I’m so so glad you sent this out. I’m just going through your letter and it makes me cry. This is so very important. Your letter is exactly the same as my own thoughts. Proves we are winning big time.

Jun 28th, 2020

Dear Frederick,

Your letter gave me great satisfaction because it so enriches the clarity and depth of the high resolution image that is now coming into focus around the globe. The image of who we are and what has been done to us over time and space.

When I started working in Germany for IBM in 1985 at age 30, intending to stay only for 2 years or so and then go back to Canada, one thing that always struck me was how the Germans’ behaviour reminded me more and more of a beautiful woman who has been raped and beaten half to death and since regaining her consciousness had her attacker hammer down on her and all she could do was offer everything she has left while crawling on her knees. At that time of course, I did not yet really understand enough of what the truth was and was very involved in my work and other activities that I loved; my IBM work had me move about a lot. I spent 3 years in Boulder Colorado in the IBM development lab there.

Getting to your point about heartache and depression that I feel – it absolutely floors me to think what is happening to the White Race. It depresses, enrages, breaks my heart, and energizes me to do everything I possibly can until my very last breath. Everything in my life (65 years) somehow has led to this. As if I have had help from my guardian angels. I was born on the 10th anniversary of the world’s worst and biggest maritime disaster of all time that is never ever mentioned and few people know of it. On 30th of January 1945 the Wilhelm Gustloff was sunk by a communist submarine killing about 10,000 mostly terrified women and children fleeing the murdering raping onslaught from the east. I never knew anything about that until recent years, and I thank people like Mike King “The Bad War” for their excellent work.


Let me be very clear about one thing: the time I’ve now spent in prison (2 years) may not have been the most pleasant time of my life, but the MOST valuable in the long run and now, since the Jew has seated himself on top of us with the pathetic self crowning “Operation Corona”, everyone on planet earth is now in prison. But not for long. I have never heard of a restaurant staying in business for very long when the chef cook shits on the plate for his customers. And forces them to pay a high price for it. Also, a child raper that wants compensation for his sore penis does not qualify for Life insurance. So you see, in practical terms, the Jew is not in an enviable situation. So you may also see and understand that the Jew now wants us to win because the Jew knows its game over. The Jew got Jewed by his own kind.

We are now witnessing the initiation of the biological response that the late great Eustace Mullins foresaw already before Jews did 9/11. Throughout history, when the Jews get rounded up they come crawling out with claims of,

I’m not one of the bad ones, I didn’t do anything, bla bla bla…

(((They))) are now already indeed laying the seeds to be able to make that claim. We all know that the cowboy with one bullet in his Colt, and one traitor and one enemy before him, will use that one bullet for the traitor.

Corona makes sitting on the fence impossible. Nobody can be that stupid, NOT to understand this nonsense. So anyone who works in the media, government, etc, etc, and claims not to know or understand, is a traitor or a Jew. In either case, they will be dealt with, sooner or a tiny bit later.

It’s interesting that both “Mein Kampf” and the “Bible” are both absolute historical bestsellers and both deal with the parasite Jew. The Bible has been filtered by the Jew and altered to remove all the facts about himself. The restaurant owner does not write on the menu “plate full of fresh shit”, he calls it “Menu of the day”. But its the taste and the smell that gives it away. Word of mouth and angry customers soon has the restaurant owner hanging from a tree. And nobody wants to help him.

One thing that my priceless sister Monika has proved to me is how functioning heart bonds and functioning brains have an exponential force multiplying effect. In other words, for this moment in human history it is the highest priority to get not only our people, but every person on earth to comprehend what our present situation is. Sentimentalities will not play a role in the cleaning out of the disease. The white race will not be bred down to extinction because the parasite wants it that way. The difference between understanding the facts and believing the lies is comparable to the difference between a small child playing in a sandbox and a grown man standing on his feet. That is why

I ♡ Corona!

Because Corona tosses the kids out of their playpen or sandbox.

They will now all have the opportunity to be slaughtered while crawling on their bellies or get on their feet and die standing on their feet with their sword in their hand. On their feet they may even survive.

Frederick, can you imagine all of our people with sword in hand standing on their feet?

It was here that I learned the true value of a white face. The best remedy for the whining lobotomized castrated politically correct 2 legged worms would be to let them spend some time in a prison full of surplus niggers.✴︎ Watch them change their tune as they yearn for nothing more than just one other white face. As they go down they weep for that which they failed to protect when they had the chance. That is why Corona is the best thing since Apple Pie.

✴︎[Before you cringe upon seeing this non-politically-correct term, consider the fact that “nigger” was once a commonly used term by black people themselves. In fact, it stems from Africans coming from the Niger region who considered themselves higher class and more intelligent than other Africans, and they wanted to distinguish themselves from other tribes. 

It is yet another example of the Orwellian inversion of our language to confuse and shut down our ability to think straight. Editor ~ MS]

What you write about your own awareness about our true history is so very important. It all fits in on the other side of:

We will go where the grapes are the biggest, we will slowly move in and take control, and when we have taken everything and they get restive we put them to sleep and we destroy them utterly, and we delete even the memory of them.

Everything changes when our comprehension goes from “Evil Nazis are bad because they gassed to death 6,000,000 poor innocent Jews for no reason and wanted to rule the world with Nazi terror,” to understanding the role of the Jew in divide and conquer the white race and subsequently breed them down to extermination now that (((we))) have stolen everything from them.

In German there is a little saying that goes like this: “If you are a bird and you don’t fly when the cat comes, then you belong to the cat.” To that I add: If you are a human being and you don’t think when the Jew comes, then you belong to the Jew.

That fits very well with the protocols instructing to

go into the people and take total ownership of these people.

Money is the base on which the parasite operates, and money is the abstraction we have become dependant on to exchange true values we create and need to survive, and the Jew claims entitlement to our true values with the money he has stolen and tricked us out of.

When I read your late uncle’s accounts it becomes clear why so many people did not want to talk about the war afterwards because of the deep shame of what they had to feel when they came to their senses. The Jews learned a great deal when they engineered the “American Civil War”, and applied what they had learned to the Germans in the “World War I and II” which is really chapter 1 & 2 of the 30 year war to lead up to the final elimination of the white race since it has now been bled dry. The descendants of those American soldiers who spat on the German corpses will now all be wringing their hands craving for proper white men and women to help us defend our lands and our future as wave after wave of dark skinned testosterone laden low IQ invaders storm our civilization.

I cried when I read your letter. At the same time these tears give me great hope because of the fact that we both are only two individuals on different continents who have recognized the very same high resolution image of who we are and where we come from and what is happening. A very good diagnosis of the cause of our problem, and this very image is now exploding like a volcano into the awareness of people Everywhere! The little children will all be lining up when they can’t play anymore and will be thirsting for proper direction. Many will stab their former playmates in the back to prove they themselves are on our side, and not one of “them”. The men will rise from the hysterical little brats. The last of the zombies will be destroyed by the next-to-last in their frantic effort to climb on board the lifeboat of truth. They very last will feel a boot in their face from their former playmates who are a tiny bit faster. What I am describing is the behaviour always seen when a ship goes down. Human behaviour. You cannot change the past. It is what it is. But you can learn the truth and influence the future. You can pay for that plate of steaming fresh shit, or you can string the cook up in the next tree. Whatever you want.

When I read your letter it simply makes me infinitely happy that I did what I did to get myself right here in Landsberg into this cell writing you this letter. I don’t know what else to say. It would have been a disgrace for me not to have done what I have done.

When I was young, 15, 16 years old I was at war with my dad because I fell hook, line, and sinker for the demoralization of the times. Thank God I recovered from that and have been able to do a minimum to restore our honour and some truth. At that age, the early 1970’s, it was the lovey-dovey peace hippy “movement” with the inverted Rune symbol Rune symbol of Life on the right, inverted to signify death on the left.

 and we thought we are entering the age of enlightenment, and war is a thing of the past and thank God the Nazi’s were defeated. 

Clever clever those Jews. Monika and I have a relative who asks us “what reality do you live in?” and he parrots the Jew lies. How is it possible that he has forgotten our mothers voice asking: “Why Dresden? It was the Venice of Germany, crammed full of women and children, why Dresden?” Our relative prefers to believe the Jew lies, and the ice he is standing on is melting fast now. These are the lobotomized eunuchs that can only restore a modicum of honour by hanging themselves in the end. Nobody will want them sitting at the same table, when they grasp that their entire life has been a lie and they are the last fools to see it, the rope is an attractive end to their pathetic existence, and nobody sheds a tear.

Your accounts do need to be documented, they are so moving. They are so very important. They are priceless. This entire episode will teach us our true worth. If we fail then the only distant memory that the Jews will inject into their new dark skinned slaves is that the nazi racists are finally gone. But it won’t come to that, because Corona is like a catalyzer waking people up, and every single fiat money in all of history has its EOL (end of life) and this one now is way overdue.

Adolf Hitler and Jesus Christ and Henry Ford and Dr. William Luther Pierce and Eustace Mullins and so many more knew what they were talking about.

The Parasite Jew thought that by reminding us of how bad any opposition and resistance to their madness is, we ought to believe it eventually. That is what they inject into our awareness through the control of the media and all organs of the state they have infiltrated and subverted, and puff up all the traitors who did their bidding, until the rot collapses the system. That is where we are today. The “Jewish Faith” instructs the Jewish leaders to rape and kill non-jewish girls of 3 years and one day. The “Jewish Faith” is the Operating System of a race of Psychopaths. Including the trauma at 8 days of ripping off the foreskin to destroy any modicum of trust and empathy. OK, reaching end of paper, I could write a book but got to stop now. I want to say again how very much I love your letter and it gives me strength and great satisfaction. We are not doing this to lose. We are on track and we grow in numbers, quality, and strength every day minute(✓) now. I would not want to be our enemy.

All my best regards,

Alfred Schaefer


Here now is an excerpt from Frederick’s letter to me in March 2018:

[…] As an individual whom has long been an avid student of history ever since I was in high school back in the sixties I have been questioning the official narrative about World War 2, including just about everything from the Spanish-American War forward. I have had more reason than most since my one late uncle was stationed in Europe both during and after the war and he often shared with me vivid, intimate accounts of his experiences while in Europe. In my early twenties he sat me down and finally shared with me what he had witnessed in vastly more detail, feeling I was mature enough at that point to handle what he had to say.

He was so shocked from what he had seen what both Britain and the United States had done to Germany, particularly with regards to the horrific bombing of its great cities and the torture, execution and mistreatment of both civilians and soldiers that upon his return to this country he never again throughout the rest of his life ever once honoured our flag or would have anything to do with any veterans or political organizations. It tore him up something fierce and his talks to me about the destruction of so many magnificent buildings and priceless cultural treasures lost to humanity forever, including countless millions of German civilians now lost to all memory, often left both of us in tears. As he saw it there was no justification whatsoever for what we had done. His stories remain burned within my mind to this very day.

Most especially the one story when he came upon the badly charred bodies of a mother clutching her infant child to her chest, with two other small children clinging to her side amidst the burned rubble of their small cottage home, the look of shear agony still visible upon each of their faces. American soldiers would walk by and spit on the carcasses, stomp on and kick them and shoot random bullets into them, laughing and joking about it. What kind of deranged, indoctrinated mind could ever do such a thing? Personally I feel this country, alone, owes Germany so very, very much. May God forgive us for what we have done.

Some day in the near future I hope to be able to share with you in detail yet another story about an individual who lived through the hell of the allied bombings of Berlin. It is a rather lengthy story I recorded from a blind and partly disfigured man I met nearly thirty years ago. As a young lad he alone in his immediate family survived the horrific bombing and war and was forced to live in filth and squalor on the streets after the war for several years before distant relatives in America tracked him down and brought him to this country. His story remains so profoundly moving that I hope to someday see it developed into book form or perhaps even a movie. I would be very hard-pressed to find a person more worthy of heroic honours than he for what he had to live through and endure. Were it ever published I can nearly swear to you the impact it would have would be a game changer.

Years later […] I happened to come across an old book featuring many black and white photographs of street scenes in late nineteenth century Berlin. Later I took the time to study the photos and compare those old street scenes of splendid buildings and other beautiful structures with more present day Google street view. Of course, comparing before and after views of street scenes in Berlin was no easy emotional effort on my part. Looking at bland, contemporary streetscapes of today when compared to the photo images of magnificent buildings crafted from before the war left me feeling very sick to the stomach, somber and disillusioned. So much beauty, hand-workmanship and design brilliance lost forever and essentially lost to all memory as well. Today it seems almost impossible or surreal to think such magnificence ever existed on those busy, modern city streets now filled with cars and so much plastic, cheap-looking, machine-age buildings. More so, what possible mindset could ever justify such wanton, indiscriminate wholesale destruction and slaughter in order to “win” a war? What mindset was behind this concept of total war and unconditional surrender? What were the allies so very very afraid of that they required such complete and total destruction, cruelty and annihilation towards the civilian German population and its exquisitely built environment crafted over a thousand years?

[…] Having to imagine nearly all of it destroyed and gone forever, including so many, many lives of those within who could not get out or would not leave behind what they so dearly loved and cherished. Why should they have left? Could it have ever crossed their minds such barbarity would befall them from the sky? What historical context in western civilization could ever have prepared them for such a hellish nightmare? Do supposed civilized countries ever act this way?

On still another later occasion while visiting that archive imagine what a moving experience it was for me to confirm my acquaintance’s story when coming upon one specific photograph of one exquisite fountain and sculpture ensemble within the Tiergarten Park. In his story as told to me he explained how he had hid under the raised lip of a very large and elaborate circular fountain basin during an air raid in 1944. Today no such structure exists there[…] Intently studying that photo in the library I could then so clearly visualize and feel the reality of that frightened lad hunkering down in shear terror in that horrible time afraid for both himself and his family and wondering what would be his and their fate, never imagining in his worst nightmares such wickedness could ever descend from the sky against unarmed men, women and little children.

And it was after hiding under that very fountain for nearly an hour rushing home in a break in the bombing that upon reaching home he witnessed his family’s home blown apart in a gigantic, fiery explosion killing everyone and everything he loved within – his mother, grandmother and younger sister – including his two pet dogs, the family cat and his grandmother’s beloved caged song birds, including all of his mother’s hand paintings, his younger sister’s porcelain doll collection, his older brother’s written manuscripts and poems and other beautiful family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation. In an instant a family and their whole world was mostly lost for all time. And it was that very moment after entering the building the explosion that blinded and disfigured him for life, leaving that moment of destruction and horrific death of loved ones, as the last image he would ever see again for the rest of his life.

Later while in hospital care outside the city he would learn his father died while in the service. When we spoke he told me he has never been able to get the cries and screams from his family members out of his head after all those many years. Can you imagine living with that? His one older brother whom he was so close to, a proud member of the SS, was never heard from again. (It was his belief his brother either perished in a Soviet gulag or executed and buried in a common grave by the allies.)

The people most beloved and cherished in his life all gone. Again, can you imagine? Then multiply that one tragedy many millions of times over. The lives lost – so much of German culture – all lost to our common civilizational memory. There were times in the past I thought my brain would explode just trying to wrap my mind around such unrelenting horror. 

The one benediction he stated to me – if you can call it that – was that after losing his sight the vivid, pleasant memories from before managed to remain so vivid and real to him, becoming more front and centre as time went by. These included the images of his family members still alive within his mind, their lovely home with its fine wall paneling, the garden room with its many lush potted plants and large caged song birds located in the centre of the space, their library of countless books, the distant view of the great park from their upper balcony where he said “he would often read and contemplate existence”. He said even the sound of the grandfather clock and the feel of the furniture remained with him, including the smell of the paint from his mother’s art studio. Even the toys in his room, and the smell of the sheets upon his bed. At times he said he would still wake up many decades later and just lay back in his bed and fondly immerse himself into that other world as if living there for real once again talking to his mother or spending time in the kitchen with his grandmother – all to help maintain his present-day sanity and “the loneliness that was with him constantly”. He further stated he “longed for his heart to just stop so he could die and once again be with his family” as he missed them so. 

I could sense his life had stopped those many years before and would never move forward outside of that other world lost to him. 

Since told to me I have occasionally wondered what the pilot and crew that dropped that one bomb on his beloved world must have felt knowing that they were destroying so many innocent lives and priceless history far below. Did they ever imagine in at least some small way that their actions would have consequences?

I pray that someday soon Germany will wake up from its long and imposed, forced coma and begin to realize it is a great country with a glorious past. It has nothing to be ashamed of. For one brief and inspiring twelve-year period (1933-1945) it shone forth a new beginning for this world that despite what happened it nonetheless remains a shining example for future generations to endeavour to emulate. History will ultimately prove Germany and Adolf Hitler right in so many, many ways. You cannot convince me the truth will remain buried forever. Perhaps I remain naive about many things but I just cannot convince myself mankind can allow itself to remain blind to truth indefinitely. […]

respectfully yours,

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Hier stehe ich, Henry Hafenmayer, ehemaliger deutscher Lokführer. Ich kann dem Völkermord an meinem Volk nicht mehr tatenlos zusehen. Ich tue meine Pflicht. Ich tue was ich kann.

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