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Mail moves much more quickly within Europe then from Germany to Canada these days. I received a scanned copy of a letter that my brother Alfred sent to a friend in Europe. It gave me cause for alarm. Alfred’s letter is somewhat cryptic, and he really does not dwell on the treatment he received, but rather sees this as part of the escalation of the war that we all find ourselves in. 

It sounds to me like they have withheld food from Alfred as part of a “punishment”. The “Bunker” which he refers to is a cell without anything in it, but has 24 hours/day camera surveillance. If it is anything like what the women described to me at the prison that I spent time in, they even strip you of your clothing, and give you some kind of paper outfit. There are no windows, absolutely nothing. But the prisoner in the bunker did receive food, pushed in through the hatch.

I do not believe Alfred was on a hunger-strike, and if I am right about that, it means that food was withheld. Until I receive another letter either directly from Alfred or via another correspondent, I will not know for sure.

Parts of this letter were cut off the scanned copy, so it is a bit incomplete. I will give an update as soon as I can.

Alfred Schaefer - Political Prisoner of Germany

14 December 2020

Dear ___(name withheld),

The day that I dropped my previous letter to you in the letter box (Tuesday Dec. 3) was the beginning of a little odyssey for me. I call it “feeling the system”, or “taking it to the next level” or “last second saving my honour” depending on how one wants to look at it. I ended up in the “Bunker”, in the hole. I felt very relieved that I had plunked the last letter to you in the box, it was the last letter I had gotten out before this, for me very important little story happened and I am infinitely happy that it happened even if at the time it was not easy, and its not over yet, and for me it truly was necessary.

The very notion that uniformed “civil servants” are beating down on women and children for not voluntary suffocating behind idiot masks “Maul Körbe” while I’m having a jolly good time with “vollpension” [full pension] was becoming more than I could bare. Then, the system basically communicated with me the way a rider communicates with his horse and gave me the spurs after I let them know its time. I just finished writing over 20 pages in my diary that goes over the details of this little exercise. Actually, it ran beautifully and increases the value of my time here since Dec 3 immeasurably.

For me this little exercise can also be called “engaging the system”. Risks may be high, but the rewards are even higher. 

Everyone’s area of engagement will be different depending on where they find themselves, but together we could have this resolved in no time flat.

For me it is too much work in the next while to do any extra jobs [occasionally people have asked Alfred to edit or translate something ~MS] especially after my “engaging the system” and my recovery from this. (I ate no food for 5 days – had nothing to write with, etc etc)…

When I moved from St. Adelheim [Stadelheim Prison] in München to Uncle Adolf’s old place here in Landsberg last November 2019, the prison people freaked out when they saw the mail I was getting and blocked it. They warned me I could get myself killed in here with my bad attitude. I just laughed, the mail all started coming through…

[letter was cut off]… themselves killed with their own “bad attitude”. This inversion of fate is intensifying with each and every day. Without getting into details here now, I can assure you that whatever “rules” we were “supposed” to follow yesterday, may very well be worth nothing by the time you read these lines. In other words, send whatever you feel you want to send and that puts the onus on (((them))) if they want to make a fool out of themselves and explain why bad Worst Case Alfred must not see it.

The Central London Magistrates Court Bail Conditions for Alison Chabloz is a sick joke by any thinking human being standards. I would rather be dead than put my name on anything that pathetic. How can anybody remain complacent while those producing that lowest level garbage are telling us that we need to suffocate behind idiot masks until the rat poison disguised as “vaccine” can be injected into our children and into us? After a lifetime of “Never again Auschwitz”, “Never again will we jews be led to the slaughterhouse like sheep.” bla bla bla… and now, what do we see now?!?

Let me tell you, the young people I have met in the past days so clearly understand all of this bullshit. “Corona exists only on TV.” “The Jew will be ‘brother brother’ with you until he knows where you hide your money. Then he will stab you in the back and steal”…

One question for you: Do you know anyone amongst your friends or your enemies, old or young, who likes being taken for a fool and likes being lied to all their lives? Think hard!

Sorry, got another question for you. Do we have a word in our vocabulary that would adequately describe the Rage of the entire Human Race once the last of the Zombies has this simple thing figured out?

Last but not least: Whatever each and every one of us can do to facilitate the quickest return to our natural perception of reality to enable the survival of our people and the human race, that is what we must do. This is no longer a spectator sport. Doing nothing or pretending to be too stupid to figure it out will not qualify anyone to be any part of the future. This Corona insanity is the most wonderful thing since apple pie. I really do think they should make it mandatory for all people to always have their thumb stuck up their ass when in public. But only until we all get an injection of Rat poison. Then we can wipe off our thumb on the nearest person’s sweater and be healthy, happy, and smart again.

Isn’t it nice to be alive at the Peak of human civilization?

Am I ever glad I didn’t miss the magic moment.

Your (Worst Case) 88 Alfred

Alfred to Frederick

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I received copy of very moving letters from my brother Alfred to a man in the USA named Frederick. Alfred makes reference to Frederick’s letter in which he tells of his late uncle’s wartime stories. I do not have copy of Frederick’s letter to Alfred at this time, but I am including segments from a letter which I received in 2018 from Frederick, while myself a political prisoner in Germany. Those excerpts follow Alfred’s letter below.

Here are Alfred’s two letters sent two days apart:

June 26, 2020

Dear Frederick,

Today I only want to quickly let you know I got your letter from Nov, 2019. Yesterday it arrived in my cell here in Landsberg. Obviously they held it back and now decided to let it through because they know they have been betting on the wrong horse. This matrix is so evil and so sophisticated and so deadly, and yet it is what it is and we either defeat it or it defeats us and then we have hell on earth.

I’m only writing you a short acknowledgement that I received your letter for now and will send you another shortly. I will go through your letter. I just started reading it and had to just let you know it got through. Seeing events as they are now unfolding in all of our white countries puts your letter in perspective. It allows us to understand the role this strange behaviour played in the Big Picture. Believe me Frederick, within the System people are also waking up and are terrified by what comes to their senses insofar as they have any, and the great backstabbing begins within their ranks. […]

In the big picture we can also be satisfied to have this epic challenge land on our plate. We are not here for fun and games and childish trivia. We will now learn what pain is good for. Our pain level will reach the threshold it takes to respond in whatever way is necessary to deal with this. Or we die. That is Life. Every single organic healing begins with the host, or victim, recognizing that it has a problem. We are well into / past this phase. […]

P.S. I just saw now that the post mark is June 1, 2020. I’m so so glad you sent this out. I’m just going through your letter and it makes me cry. This is so very important. Your letter is exactly the same as my own thoughts. Proves we are winning big time.

Jun 28th, 2020

Dear Frederick,

Your letter gave me great satisfaction because it so enriches the clarity and depth of the high resolution image that is now coming into focus around the globe. The image of who we are and what has been done to us over time and space.

When I started working in Germany for IBM in 1985 at age 30, intending to stay only for 2 years or so and then go back to Canada, one thing that always struck me was how the Germans’ behaviour reminded me more and more of a beautiful woman who has been raped and beaten half to death and since regaining her consciousness had her attacker hammer down on her and all she could do was offer everything she has left while crawling on her knees. At that time of course, I did not yet really understand enough of what the truth was and was very involved in my work and other activities that I loved; my IBM work had me move about a lot. I spent 3 years in Boulder Colorado in the IBM development lab there.

Getting to your point about heartache and depression that I feel – it absolutely floors me to think what is happening to the White Race. It depresses, enrages, breaks my heart, and energizes me to do everything I possibly can until my very last breath. Everything in my life (65 years) somehow has led to this. As if I have had help from my guardian angels. I was born on the 10th anniversary of the world’s worst and biggest maritime disaster of all time that is never ever mentioned and few people know of it. On 30th of January 1945 the Wilhelm Gustloff was sunk by a communist submarine killing about 10,000 mostly terrified women and children fleeing the murdering raping onslaught from the east. I never knew anything about that until recent years, and I thank people like Mike King “The Bad War” for their excellent work.


Let me be very clear about one thing: the time I’ve now spent in prison (2 years) may not have been the most pleasant time of my life, but the MOST valuable in the long run and now, since the Jew has seated himself on top of us with the pathetic self crowning “Operation Corona”, everyone on planet earth is now in prison. But not for long. I have never heard of a restaurant staying in business for very long when the chef cook shits on the plate for his customers. And forces them to pay a high price for it. Also, a child raper that wants compensation for his sore penis does not qualify for Life insurance. So you see, in practical terms, the Jew is not in an enviable situation. So you may also see and understand that the Jew now wants us to win because the Jew knows its game over. The Jew got Jewed by his own kind.

We are now witnessing the initiation of the biological response that the late great Eustace Mullins foresaw already before Jews did 9/11. Throughout history, when the Jews get rounded up they come crawling out with claims of,

I’m not one of the bad ones, I didn’t do anything, bla bla bla…

(((They))) are now already indeed laying the seeds to be able to make that claim. We all know that the cowboy with one bullet in his Colt, and one traitor and one enemy before him, will use that one bullet for the traitor.

Corona makes sitting on the fence impossible. Nobody can be that stupid, NOT to understand this nonsense. So anyone who works in the media, government, etc, etc, and claims not to know or understand, is a traitor or a Jew. In either case, they will be dealt with, sooner or a tiny bit later.

It’s interesting that both “Mein Kampf” and the “Bible” are both absolute historical bestsellers and both deal with the parasite Jew. The Bible has been filtered by the Jew and altered to remove all the facts about himself. The restaurant owner does not write on the menu “plate full of fresh shit”, he calls it “Menu of the day”. But its the taste and the smell that gives it away. Word of mouth and angry customers soon has the restaurant owner hanging from a tree. And nobody wants to help him.

One thing that my priceless sister Monika has proved to me is how functioning heart bonds and functioning brains have an exponential force multiplying effect. In other words, for this moment in human history it is the highest priority to get not only our people, but every person on earth to comprehend what our present situation is. Sentimentalities will not play a role in the cleaning out of the disease. The white race will not be bred down to extinction because the parasite wants it that way. The difference between understanding the facts and believing the lies is comparable to the difference between a small child playing in a sandbox and a grown man standing on his feet. That is why

I ♡ Corona!

Because Corona tosses the kids out of their playpen or sandbox.

They will now all have the opportunity to be slaughtered while crawling on their bellies or get on their feet and die standing on their feet with their sword in their hand. On their feet they may even survive.

Frederick, can you imagine all of our people with sword in hand standing on their feet?

It was here that I learned the true value of a white face. The best remedy for the whining lobotomized castrated politically correct 2 legged worms would be to let them spend some time in a prison full of surplus niggers.✴︎ Watch them change their tune as they yearn for nothing more than just one other white face. As they go down they weep for that which they failed to protect when they had the chance. That is why Corona is the best thing since Apple Pie.

✴︎[Before you cringe upon seeing this non-politically-correct term, consider the fact that “nigger” was once a commonly used term by black people themselves. In fact, it stems from Africans coming from the Niger region who considered themselves higher class and more intelligent than other Africans, and they wanted to distinguish themselves from other tribes. 

It is yet another example of the Orwellian inversion of our language to confuse and shut down our ability to think straight. Editor ~ MS]

What you write about your own awareness about our true history is so very important. It all fits in on the other side of:

We will go where the grapes are the biggest, we will slowly move in and take control, and when we have taken everything and they get restive we put them to sleep and we destroy them utterly, and we delete even the memory of them.

Everything changes when our comprehension goes from “Evil Nazis are bad because they gassed to death 6,000,000 poor innocent Jews for no reason and wanted to rule the world with Nazi terror,” to understanding the role of the Jew in divide and conquer the white race and subsequently breed them down to extermination now that (((we))) have stolen everything from them.

In German there is a little saying that goes like this: “If you are a bird and you don’t fly when the cat comes, then you belong to the cat.” To that I add: If you are a human being and you don’t think when the Jew comes, then you belong to the Jew.

That fits very well with the protocols instructing to

go into the people and take total ownership of these people.

Money is the base on which the parasite operates, and money is the abstraction we have become dependant on to exchange true values we create and need to survive, and the Jew claims entitlement to our true values with the money he has stolen and tricked us out of.

When I read your late uncle’s accounts it becomes clear why so many people did not want to talk about the war afterwards because of the deep shame of what they had to feel when they came to their senses. The Jews learned a great deal when they engineered the “American Civil War”, and applied what they had learned to the Germans in the “World War I and II” which is really chapter 1 & 2 of the 30 year war to lead up to the final elimination of the white race since it has now been bled dry. The descendants of those American soldiers who spat on the German corpses will now all be wringing their hands craving for proper white men and women to help us defend our lands and our future as wave after wave of dark skinned testosterone laden low IQ invaders storm our civilization.

I cried when I read your letter. At the same time these tears give me great hope because of the fact that we both are only two individuals on different continents who have recognized the very same high resolution image of who we are and where we come from and what is happening. A very good diagnosis of the cause of our problem, and this very image is now exploding like a volcano into the awareness of people Everywhere! The little children will all be lining up when they can’t play anymore and will be thirsting for proper direction. Many will stab their former playmates in the back to prove they themselves are on our side, and not one of “them”. The men will rise from the hysterical little brats. The last of the zombies will be destroyed by the next-to-last in their frantic effort to climb on board the lifeboat of truth. They very last will feel a boot in their face from their former playmates who are a tiny bit faster. What I am describing is the behaviour always seen when a ship goes down. Human behaviour. You cannot change the past. It is what it is. But you can learn the truth and influence the future. You can pay for that plate of steaming fresh shit, or you can string the cook up in the next tree. Whatever you want.

When I read your letter it simply makes me infinitely happy that I did what I did to get myself right here in Landsberg into this cell writing you this letter. I don’t know what else to say. It would have been a disgrace for me not to have done what I have done.

When I was young, 15, 16 years old I was at war with my dad because I fell hook, line, and sinker for the demoralization of the times. Thank God I recovered from that and have been able to do a minimum to restore our honour and some truth. At that age, the early 1970’s, it was the lovey-dovey peace hippy “movement” with the inverted Rune symbol Rune symbol of Life on the right, inverted to signify death on the left.

 and we thought we are entering the age of enlightenment, and war is a thing of the past and thank God the Nazi’s were defeated. 

Clever clever those Jews. Monika and I have a relative who asks us “what reality do you live in?” and he parrots the Jew lies. How is it possible that he has forgotten our mothers voice asking: “Why Dresden? It was the Venice of Germany, crammed full of women and children, why Dresden?” Our relative prefers to believe the Jew lies, and the ice he is standing on is melting fast now. These are the lobotomized eunuchs that can only restore a modicum of honour by hanging themselves in the end. Nobody will want them sitting at the same table, when they grasp that their entire life has been a lie and they are the last fools to see it, the rope is an attractive end to their pathetic existence, and nobody sheds a tear.

Your accounts do need to be documented, they are so moving. They are so very important. They are priceless. This entire episode will teach us our true worth. If we fail then the only distant memory that the Jews will inject into their new dark skinned slaves is that the nazi racists are finally gone. But it won’t come to that, because Corona is like a catalyzer waking people up, and every single fiat money in all of history has its EOL (end of life) and this one now is way overdue.

Adolf Hitler and Jesus Christ and Henry Ford and Dr. William Luther Pierce and Eustace Mullins and so many more knew what they were talking about.

The Parasite Jew thought that by reminding us of how bad any opposition and resistance to their madness is, we ought to believe it eventually. That is what they inject into our awareness through the control of the media and all organs of the state they have infiltrated and subverted, and puff up all the traitors who did their bidding, until the rot collapses the system. That is where we are today. The “Jewish Faith” instructs the Jewish leaders to rape and kill non-jewish girls of 3 years and one day. The “Jewish Faith” is the Operating System of a race of Psychopaths. Including the trauma at 8 days of ripping off the foreskin to destroy any modicum of trust and empathy. OK, reaching end of paper, I could write a book but got to stop now. I want to say again how very much I love your letter and it gives me strength and great satisfaction. We are not doing this to lose. We are on track and we grow in numbers, quality, and strength every day minute(✓) now. I would not want to be our enemy.

All my best regards,

Alfred Schaefer


Here now is an excerpt from Frederick’s letter to me in March 2018:

[…] As an individual whom has long been an avid student of history ever since I was in high school back in the sixties I have been questioning the official narrative about World War 2, including just about everything from the Spanish-American War forward. I have had more reason than most since my one late uncle was stationed in Europe both during and after the war and he often shared with me vivid, intimate accounts of his experiences while in Europe. In my early twenties he sat me down and finally shared with me what he had witnessed in vastly more detail, feeling I was mature enough at that point to handle what he had to say.

He was so shocked from what he had seen what both Britain and the United States had done to Germany, particularly with regards to the horrific bombing of its great cities and the torture, execution and mistreatment of both civilians and soldiers that upon his return to this country he never again throughout the rest of his life ever once honoured our flag or would have anything to do with any veterans or political organizations. It tore him up something fierce and his talks to me about the destruction of so many magnificent buildings and priceless cultural treasures lost to humanity forever, including countless millions of German civilians now lost to all memory, often left both of us in tears. As he saw it there was no justification whatsoever for what we had done. His stories remain burned within my mind to this very day.

Most especially the one story when he came upon the badly charred bodies of a mother clutching her infant child to her chest, with two other small children clinging to her side amidst the burned rubble of their small cottage home, the look of shear agony still visible upon each of their faces. American soldiers would walk by and spit on the carcasses, stomp on and kick them and shoot random bullets into them, laughing and joking about it. What kind of deranged, indoctrinated mind could ever do such a thing? Personally I feel this country, alone, owes Germany so very, very much. May God forgive us for what we have done.

Some day in the near future I hope to be able to share with you in detail yet another story about an individual who lived through the hell of the allied bombings of Berlin. It is a rather lengthy story I recorded from a blind and partly disfigured man I met nearly thirty years ago. As a young lad he alone in his immediate family survived the horrific bombing and war and was forced to live in filth and squalor on the streets after the war for several years before distant relatives in America tracked him down and brought him to this country. His story remains so profoundly moving that I hope to someday see it developed into book form or perhaps even a movie. I would be very hard-pressed to find a person more worthy of heroic honours than he for what he had to live through and endure. Were it ever published I can nearly swear to you the impact it would have would be a game changer.

Years later […] I happened to come across an old book featuring many black and white photographs of street scenes in late nineteenth century Berlin. Later I took the time to study the photos and compare those old street scenes of splendid buildings and other beautiful structures with more present day Google street view. Of course, comparing before and after views of street scenes in Berlin was no easy emotional effort on my part. Looking at bland, contemporary streetscapes of today when compared to the photo images of magnificent buildings crafted from before the war left me feeling very sick to the stomach, somber and disillusioned. So much beauty, hand-workmanship and design brilliance lost forever and essentially lost to all memory as well. Today it seems almost impossible or surreal to think such magnificence ever existed on those busy, modern city streets now filled with cars and so much plastic, cheap-looking, machine-age buildings. More so, what possible mindset could ever justify such wanton, indiscriminate wholesale destruction and slaughter in order to “win” a war? What mindset was behind this concept of total war and unconditional surrender? What were the allies so very very afraid of that they required such complete and total destruction, cruelty and annihilation towards the civilian German population and its exquisitely built environment crafted over a thousand years?

[…] Having to imagine nearly all of it destroyed and gone forever, including so many, many lives of those within who could not get out or would not leave behind what they so dearly loved and cherished. Why should they have left? Could it have ever crossed their minds such barbarity would befall them from the sky? What historical context in western civilization could ever have prepared them for such a hellish nightmare? Do supposed civilized countries ever act this way?

On still another later occasion while visiting that archive imagine what a moving experience it was for me to confirm my acquaintance’s story when coming upon one specific photograph of one exquisite fountain and sculpture ensemble within the Tiergarten Park. In his story as told to me he explained how he had hid under the raised lip of a very large and elaborate circular fountain basin during an air raid in 1944. Today no such structure exists there[…] Intently studying that photo in the library I could then so clearly visualize and feel the reality of that frightened lad hunkering down in shear terror in that horrible time afraid for both himself and his family and wondering what would be his and their fate, never imagining in his worst nightmares such wickedness could ever descend from the sky against unarmed men, women and little children.

And it was after hiding under that very fountain for nearly an hour rushing home in a break in the bombing that upon reaching home he witnessed his family’s home blown apart in a gigantic, fiery explosion killing everyone and everything he loved within – his mother, grandmother and younger sister – including his two pet dogs, the family cat and his grandmother’s beloved caged song birds, including all of his mother’s hand paintings, his younger sister’s porcelain doll collection, his older brother’s written manuscripts and poems and other beautiful family heirlooms passed down from generation to generation. In an instant a family and their whole world was mostly lost for all time. And it was that very moment after entering the building the explosion that blinded and disfigured him for life, leaving that moment of destruction and horrific death of loved ones, as the last image he would ever see again for the rest of his life.

Later while in hospital care outside the city he would learn his father died while in the service. When we spoke he told me he has never been able to get the cries and screams from his family members out of his head after all those many years. Can you imagine living with that? His one older brother whom he was so close to, a proud member of the SS, was never heard from again. (It was his belief his brother either perished in a Soviet gulag or executed and buried in a common grave by the allies.)

The people most beloved and cherished in his life all gone. Again, can you imagine? Then multiply that one tragedy many millions of times over. The lives lost – so much of German culture – all lost to our common civilizational memory. There were times in the past I thought my brain would explode just trying to wrap my mind around such unrelenting horror. 

The one benediction he stated to me – if you can call it that – was that after losing his sight the vivid, pleasant memories from before managed to remain so vivid and real to him, becoming more front and centre as time went by. These included the images of his family members still alive within his mind, their lovely home with its fine wall paneling, the garden room with its many lush potted plants and large caged song birds located in the centre of the space, their library of countless books, the distant view of the great park from their upper balcony where he said “he would often read and contemplate existence”. He said even the sound of the grandfather clock and the feel of the furniture remained with him, including the smell of the paint from his mother’s art studio. Even the toys in his room, and the smell of the sheets upon his bed. At times he said he would still wake up many decades later and just lay back in his bed and fondly immerse himself into that other world as if living there for real once again talking to his mother or spending time in the kitchen with his grandmother – all to help maintain his present-day sanity and “the loneliness that was with him constantly”. He further stated he “longed for his heart to just stop so he could die and once again be with his family” as he missed them so. 

I could sense his life had stopped those many years before and would never move forward outside of that other world lost to him. 

Since told to me I have occasionally wondered what the pilot and crew that dropped that one bomb on his beloved world must have felt knowing that they were destroying so many innocent lives and priceless history far below. Did they ever imagine in at least some small way that their actions would have consequences?

I pray that someday soon Germany will wake up from its long and imposed, forced coma and begin to realize it is a great country with a glorious past. It has nothing to be ashamed of. For one brief and inspiring twelve-year period (1933-1945) it shone forth a new beginning for this world that despite what happened it nonetheless remains a shining example for future generations to endeavour to emulate. History will ultimately prove Germany and Adolf Hitler right in so many, many ways. You cannot convince me the truth will remain buried forever. Perhaps I remain naive about many things but I just cannot convince myself mankind can allow itself to remain blind to truth indefinitely. […]

respectfully yours,

Ernst Cran – „Alfred“

Ernst Cran – „Alfred“

Hat es das jemals gegeben – ein komplettes Orchester in Sträflingskleidung? Ich bin mir gerade nicht sicher. Sicher aber bin ich mir, daß das folgende literarische Bild eines Orchesters von einem Sträfling stammt – aus der Justizvollzugsanstalt Landsberg am Lech und aus einem Brief vom 29. Juli 2020, verfasst von einem dort einsitzenden Gesinnungshäftling. Ich zitiere frei aus dem sprachlich etwas geglätteten Text:

Stell dir vor: Ein großes Feld voller wilder Barbaren. Du gibst jedem ein Instrument: Eine Geige, ein Cello, ein Klavier, eine Trommel, eine Flöte – was auch immer. Am Anfang ist das nur ein furchtbarer Lärm und jeder streitet mit jedem, weil keiner zusammenspielt – und der Lärm tut weh. Plötzlich beginnen diese Leute zu begreifen, wie aus den Instrumenten echte Töne rauskommen – und sogar, zusammen zu spielen. Plötzlich wollen alle mitmachen, weil es schöne Musik ist – und jeder will dabeisein. Nun tönt eine harmonische, melodische Symphonie aus dem, was vorher nur Krach war.

So ist es jetzt im Jahr 2020 mit der Wahrheit. Plötzlich singt und spielt jeder aus demselben Notenbuch und alle harmonieren. Das Streiten ist Vergangenheit. So ist es jetzt mit dem Thema Israel, Juden, Lügen, Geschichte usw.; es gibt niemanden, der den alten Krach noch ertragen kann. Jeder will die neue schöne Musik mitspielen. Die letzten Krachmacher werden verjagt. Sie sind auch nicht schwer zu finden, weil sie … nur schiefe Töne von sich geben. … Nichts kann das mehr aufhalten, was jetzt kommt. Keiner will zu blöd gewesen sein, das sinkende Schiff nicht als solches erkannt zu haben. Jeder will auf der rechten und nicht auf der falschen Seite sein, wenn der Vorhang aufgeht. Die falsche … Seite besteht aus Lüge, Verrat, Strafvereitelung, Feigheit, Gier, Diebstahl, Mord usw.

Diese Musik gleicht einer jeden biologischen Heilung in der Natur. Wenn du eine Wunde hast oder eine Infektion, dauert es ein bißchen, bis deine Zellen das richtige Notenblatt gefunden haben, und dann spielen sie alle ihre Instrumente zusammen, um dich wieder gesund zu machen. Die Fremdkörper werden mit voller Kraft entschlossen bekämpft … .

Da fragt keiner nach den Gefühlen des Anderen. Ein Löwe fragt ja auch nicht nach den Gefühlen der Gazelle, sondern tötet sie einfach. Der Löwe überlegt nicht, ob er nicht doch lieber ein Transvestit wäre und der Gazelle etwas Gras zum Fressen bringen sollte. So ein Löwe wäre schnell ein Aussätziger und aus dem Rudel raus.

Wir weißen arischen Menschen sind nun auf dem Prüfstand, ob wir ein Transvestiten-Löwe sind oder ein echter Löwe. Ich tippe auf den echten Löwen. Die anderen Rassen werden es verfluchen, daß sie das Festmahl in Anspruch genommen haben, ohne den Wirt zu fragen. Sie müssen – wenn sie überleben wollen – so schnell laufen wie die Gazelle, wenn der Löwe wach ist und Hunger hat. Sonst überlebt die Gazelle nicht.

Wir wachen auf, und das ist gut so.“ Es besteht „die Notwendigkeit, das Krankheitsbild selber zu erleben, bevor die die erforderlichen Maßnahmen ergreifenden Gefühle zustande kommen. Ein gutes Zeichen. Das passiert jetzt überall in der weißen Welt. Viele herzliche Grüße, Euer Alfred.“

Dies also war ein kleiner Ausschnitt aus einem „literarischen Orchesterkonzert“. Und das hier ist „Alfred“. Er sieht aus wie ein Kleiderbügel – aus Eiche, gefertigt in der Schreinerei der JVA Landsberg am Lech und zu beziehen über „“. In Wahrheit aber ist „Alfred“ ein Instrument – ein Teilklang jenes großen, vorhin beschriebenen Orchesters. Geben wir „Alfred“ nun das letzte Wort bzw. den letzten Ton. Aber vorher sage ich noch: „Danke, Alfred!“

Und hier geht es direkt zu „Alfred“:



Alfred – Letter #2 to State Prosecutor re Extortion

This is the second formal letter to the state prosecutor which Alfred writes in response to their demand that he pay for the Inquisition. The criminals tell us what to believe, and if we do not believe their lies, we go to jail. They put on a show trial, in which evidence supporting our conclusions is forbidden, and then they send us the bill for the trial itself. Can they sink any lower? Can justice be more inverted?

Alfred Schaefer - Political Prisoner of Germany

English translation of Alfred’s reply to the State Prosecution München I letter of 17 April 2020.


Gs#112 VRs 162670/18-a-01-GU
Alfred Schaefer, JVA Landsberg, Hindenburgring 12
86899 Landsberg am Lech (cell B1-191)

Dear State Prosecutor München I,

On the 17th of April 2020 I received a bill for which I have now received a reminder to pay. Due to the Corona Pandemic I kindly ask you to give me a minus (negative) interest loan with a very long run-time to allow me to bring this bill in order😉. (I was only joking)

On the 25.12.2019 I summarized the criminal facts of an insurance fraud involving Munich Re, Larry Silverstein and September 11, 2001, known as Nine Eleven. (Munich II Gs#12VRs 22685/16-a-01) (Read letter here)  I will not repeat those details in this letter, since those details are all on record. Your detectives are informed. I will not make myself an accomplice criminally responsible, culpable, in an extortion/blackmail against myself, by simply paying this bill. I am to be silenced, but I refuse to remain silent. I would also refuse to remain silent if I am witness to a small girl being raped and murdered. That would be failure to give assistance and criminal negligence, and this is morally repugnant and a punishable offence.

The global paradigm shift now unfolding does not give much time to clearly position oneself on one side or the other. The side of Truth or Lie. Light or Darkness. Free Information or Censorship. Clarity or Deception. Freedom or Slavery. Life or Death. Corona has a catalyzing effect on this unstoppable irreversible paradigm shift.

Corona is our good fortune. the assumption that we human beings are becoming or can be made ever stupider, is a temporary fallacy. To recognize the difference between cause and effect is imperative.

The “security measures” we have all experienced globally since September 11, 2001 were supposed to show us how dangerous the supposed terrorists have become, without however, explaining to us Larry Silverstein’s insurance fraud following nine eleven. The amateur may ask: what has Larry Silverstein got to do with all this? I answered that question in my letter from 25.12.2019. (see link)  The measures we are now experiencing as a result of Corona have as much to do with a real threat, as looking for hidden knives in the shoes of old ladies did after the false flag event of nine eleven, before they boarded an airliner.

We can be thankful that Corona is so dead easy to see through. And together with Corona, all the previous lies come tumbling down. Corona is the straw that broke the camel’s back. It is the weak link in the chain. The crowning final link. It is the crack that broke the dam. In other words, those who cannot account plausibly for their words and deeds from before the paradigm shift after its completion, do not have very good cards in their hand.

The “corona measures” induced pain is effectively destroying peoples comfort zone thereby enhancing their motivation to investigate the actual cause and source of this pain. To make this easy to understand, let us use a practical example everyone can follow.

Take this in slow motion, frame by frame. Half asleep, in a semiconscious state you place your hand onto a hot stove plate. The pain your hand registers will change the state of your half sleep semi-conscious condition into one of higher alertness. This change happens relatively fast.

Once fully awake you begin researching the actual cause of the discomfort to enable a course of action that will reduce the discomfort. After coming to a logical conclusion, the pain reducing measures are initiated, and you proceed to remove your hand from the hot stove plate. It was, after all, the pain that saved your hand.


We now know that the Corona Pain will provide the emotional energy required to initiate and execute the lifesaving measures to restore our health and save our civilization, and a future on this planet Earth.

Stolen and printed money in a world of deceit, lies, fear, and censorship has no value and no future. Anyone, who despite all this, positions themselves on the side of the lie, as an “apparatchik” or “Systemling” cannot expect pity nor help after the turning point. Every single person is responsible for their own decisions. The corona induced fear will mutate into pure rage which will discharge its pent up energy according to the laws of nature. Lightning and earthquakes are examples of the discharging of pent up energy. These are Laws of Nature. As is the law of gravity.

I have been taken as a prisoner of war of the BRD (Germany) and now I have only paper and pencil and crayons with which I would like to share with you my latest scene. My hero is Gilad Goldstein. He had discovered and was appalled by this, that I was in business with his own brother Schlomo, manufacturing and selling Corona Masks. After Gilad straightened me out I broke off that Mask business and now Gilad and I are friends. He tirelessly reminds me 4G good – 5G bad, 4G good- etc etc. 4G is the Gilad Goldsteinische Grund Gesetz, which is the GG Constitutional Law that determines that with immunity to Corona, all Corona measures become irrelevant. Gilad wants to vaccinate the whole world. (me too)

Recently a virological expert has warned that we have totally underestimated the Corona danger and has convinced the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Truth to pass new legislation requiring proper securing of all Corona entry points. Fortunately we know that the Corona Virus belongs to the family of Retardo Viruses and can be neutralized with a tiny drop of wisdom and an equally tiny drop of courage. These are now already spreading without chemicals, needles or pain, fully automatic telepathically around the globe. Based on G4 logic, the only thing you need is your vaccination card to free yourself from:

1). Corona mask mounted
2). 1500 mm tape measure in pocket. Safe space regulation followed.
3). Thumb or finger minimum 30 mm inside rectum to secure this back door sneak path.

Carrying this card frees up both hands and allows you to go anywhere just like in the good ol’days. Plus, quick healing guaranteed if an official (one armed with mouth guard) asks why your fingers aren’t where they are supposed to be, show him your card and he too will be cured. You can hug him with both arms, but make sure he wipes his finger good if he hugs you for healing him.

My good friend Gilad says he wants to give a vaccination card to everyone on earth. Like More Kill says: “Wir schaffen das!” (We can do it!)

Worst Case Alfred





Corona – Alfred analysiert!

Alfred Schaefer
JVA Landsberg
Hindenburgring 12
86899 Landsberg am Lech
(Zelle B1-191)

Brief 1


112 VRs 162670/18-a-01-GU

Liebe Staatsanwaltschaft München I

Mir wurde am 17. April 2020 eine Rechnung geschickt und jetzt habe ich eine Mahnung für diese Rechnung bekommen.

Aufgrund der Corona PANDEMIE BITTE ICH UM EIN Minus-Zins Darlehn mit sehr langer Laufzeit um dies in Ordnung zu bringen. (war nur ein Scherz)

Am 25.12.2019 habe ich der Staatsanwaltschaft München II (Gs 12VRs 22685/16-a-01) den kriminellen Tatbestand eines Versicherungsbetruges zusammen gefasst, bezüglich der Münchner Rückversicherung und Larry Silverstein und dem Elften September 2001 (Nine Eleven).  Diese Details werde ich hier nicht wiederholen da Sie schon Aktenkundig sind. Ihre Kriminalisten sind auch informiert.

Ich werde mich nicht als Komplize schuldig machen an einer Erpressung / Nötigung gegen mich, in dem ich diese Rechnung einfach bezahle. Ich soll schweigen, was ich aber nicht tue.
Ich würde auch dann nicht schweigen wenn ich sehe, daß ein kleines Kind vergewaltigt und ermordet wird. Das wäre unterlassene Hilfeleistung und ist moralisch abstoßend und juristisch Strafbar.

Der Paradigmenwechsel globalen Ausmaßes lässt wenig Zeit für eine klare Positionierung auf der einen oder anderen Seite. Licht oder Schatten, Wahrheit oder Lüge, Offen oder Zensur, Klarheit oder Täuschung, Freiheit oder Versklavung, Leben oder Tod.

Corona wirkt auf diesen unaufhalt- und unumkehrbaren Paradigmenwechsel wie ein Katalysator. Corona ist unser Glück!

Die Annahme das wir Menschen immer blöder werden ist ein vorübergehender Trugschluß. Zu erkennen, zu unterscheiden und zu trennen von Ursache und Wirkung ist Imperativ.

Die „Sicherheitsmaßnahmen“ die wir weltweit nach dem 11 September 2001 erlebt haben, sollten uns vor Augen führen wie gefährlich die vermeintlichen Terroristen geworden sind. Sie erklären aber nicht den Versicherungsbetrug den Larry Silverstein begangen hat, unmittelbar nach Nine Eleven.

Der Laie mag fragen: was hat Larry Silverstein damit zu tun?
Das habe ich im Brief vom 25.12.2019 beschrieben.

Die Maßnahmen die wir heute gegen Corona erleben haben genauso viel mit einer echten Bedrohung zu tun, wie die nach dem False Flag Event „Nine Eleven“ (11. Sept. 2001), als in den Schuhen alte Frauen nach Teppichmessern gesucht wurde bevor sie in einen Flieger steigen durften.

Wir können dankbar sein, daß Corona so kinderleicht zu durchschauen ist. Und mit Corona fallen alle vorangegangenen Lügen auch. Im Englischen sagen wir: it‘s the straw that broke the camels back. Es brachte das Faß zum überlaufen. Da reißt der Faden.

Mit anderen Worten – wer nach dem vollendeten Paradigmenwechsel sein Handeln und Tun aus der Zeit vor der Wende (dem Paradigmenwechsel) nicht revisionssicher und plausibel erklären kann, hat schlechte Karten.

Die durch Corona bedingten Maßnahmen verursachten Schmerzen zerstören die Komfortzone der Menschen und regen damit die Motivation, Ursachenforschung zu betreiben, an. Diese Motivation ist in Zeitlupe anschaulich zu machen, wie wenn Sie im Halbschlaf ihre Hand auf eine heiße Herdplatte legen. Der Schmerz verursacht als erstes eine Änderung in dem Zustand ihres Schlafens. Sie werden relativ schnell wach. Nachdem sie wach geworden sind ergründen Sie unverzüglich die Ursache dieses neu empfundenen Schmerzes. Sobald die Ursache klar ist, leiten Sie schmerzlindernde Maßnahmen ein und entfernen ihre Hand von der heißen Herdplatte. Die Schmerzen haben letztendlich dafür gesorgt, daß Sie ihre Hand noch rechtzeitig retten konnten.

Corona = heiße Herdplatte
I ♥ Corona

Nun können wir uns darauf verlassen, daß Corona für uns die erforderliche emotionale Energie erzeugt um die lebensrettenden Maßnahmen einzuleiten und durchzuführen, daß wir als Menschen überhaupt auf Planet Erde eine Zukunft haben.

Gestohlenes und gedrucktes Geld in einer Welt von Täuschung, Zensur, Angst und Lüge, hat keinen Wert und keine Zukunft. Wer sich trotz allem auf die Seite der Lüge stellt, als Apparatchik oder Systemling, kann nach der Wende weder Mitleid noch Hilfe erwarten.

Jeder Mensch ist verantwortlich für seine eigenen Entscheidungen!

Die durch Corona erzeugte Angst wird sich in Wut verwandeln und ein Ziel zur Entladung suchen. Wie ein Blitz oder ein Erdbeben Energie entlädt, ist das ein Naturgesetz. Wie auch die Schwerkraft.

Da ich nur wegen meiner Video- und Talkshows Beiträge in die Kriegsgefangenschaft der BRD gekommen bin und hier nur Papier und Malstifte habe, möchte ich die jüngste Szene meiner Produktion mit Ihnen teilen.


Mein Held ist Gilad Goldstein. Mit Entsetzen stellte er fest, daß ich mit seinem Bruder Schlomo im großen Stil Corona Masken verkaufen wollte. Nachdem er mir die Leviten gelesen hatte, beendete ich das Vorhaben mit Schlomo und arbeite seit dem mit Gilad zusammen.

Unermüdlich wiederholt Gilad:
4 G gut – 5 G schlecht,
4 G gut – 5 G schlecht,
4 G gut – u.s.w….u.s.w.

4G… ist das Gilad Goldsteinische Grund Gesetz das feststellt, daß bei einer Corona Immunität sämtliche Corona Maßnahmen entfallen. Guter Impfstoff garantiert Immunität. Gilad will die ganze Welt impfen (Ich auch).

Vor kurzem warnte ein virologischer Experte vor einer Unterschätzung der Corona Gefahr:

Da die Corona zur Viren Familie „Blödheit“ gehört, genügt ein winziger Tropfen Weisheit für die Impfung. Da diese eh schon vollautomatisch telepathisch sich um die Welt verbreitet fehlt nur noch der Impfpass der eine Immunität bestätigt.

Der Impfpass lässt sich schmerzfrei – ohne Nadel oder Chemie – verbreiten, hat keine negativen Nebenwirkungen und befreit beide Hände und die Atemwege! Die Vorlage des Impfpasses befreit von:

  1.  Corona Maske aufsetzen
  2. 1500 mm Maßband mitführen, Abstand einhalten
  3. Zeige und / oder Mittelfinger 30 mm im Po drin, um diesen Schleichweg durch die Hintertür Coronafest abzusichern.

mein Freund Gilad will jedem Menschen auf der Erde scheckelfrei einen Impfpass geben.


Er sagt: Wir schaffen das!


Ihr Worst Case (Schlimmster Fall)
Alfred Schaefer







Alfred’s Nature Allegories, Memes and More

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One of Alfred’s specialties has always been his ability to recognize and describe our situation portrayed in nature. Here are excerpts from one of his letters, in which he makes comparisons between the human processes playing out with nature.

Out of Alfred’s Letter:


It’s me, worst case […]

So many of the process playing out all this time on both sides, can be observed in nature all the time. In the animal world. Here just a short list: Boa constrictor, bees, geese, ants, and worms. And the deep sea fish that lure their prey with a little lantern. No, I have not gone nuts! Oh, and squirrels. And Oak trees. And the weasel’s death dance.

  1. I’ll start with the geese.

Especially in Canada, all the white settler builder people know by observation when the geese fly north or south they do so in V formations. Why not L or O formations? Because the lead goose does the most work. He is breaking trail. What we do not see is that the lead goose is not always the same one. For us, all geese look alike. For them we all look alike, except some of us are white, some are brown, some are black. The geese don’t care, that’s our problem.

All the geese flying behind the lead goose expend less energy than the lead goose because of the aerodynamic advantages of using the vortex created by the #1. Before the big V’s appear in the sky the geese are more randomly mixed and in small groups. Once the strongest one takes the lead in any group he continues in this position until he tires, and then he slips back to let someone else take the lead. This is not done with the political party system and a vote, the strongest one simply flies ahead, leads by example. The others are content to follow as they may have led before and may lead again themselves. They do not spend time calling each other names or squawking hysterically, they simply focus on their work and do the very best they can.

As our criminal system of lies and rot implodes, those able to fly will rise up and lead. Once air born, they will follow the example of the geese and focus on the work at hand and allow others to use their slipstream until others may be stronger and strong enough to do the trail blazing for a while. Those birds who do not belong will fall to the ground and be eaten by the foxes.

2. Boa Constrictor

The disease, the rot, the parasite, the cancer, the self-chosenites behave like the Boa Constrictor as the Boa suffocates its hapless victim. The Boa sneaks up to its dinner and wraps itself around it and locks its grip tight. It cannot squeeze it any tighter than the victim allows, but after a while the victim, to get a breath of fresh air, must exhale a bit to get new air. ✷ As the victim exhales the Boa ratchets its grip tighter. There is no new air to be had, and bit by bit the prey is suffocated to death. The self chosenites, as they suffocate us, they use this Boa constrictor method. They bla bla bla something to make us think that (((they))) are fixing the problem that (((they))) created, and we sigh with relief, “oh, how nice” and then (((they))) pull their grip tighter and there is no fresh air to be had.

✷ Protocols: Every time we have created slack we gather in all loose ends and pull them tight. Again and again. They won’t notice. Goyim are too stupid.

(((Their))) sledge hammer to exterminate us, the muslims, are already practicing how to do this with cable ties. These are cheap and readily available. These tools of the self chosenites will sneak up and plop a long cable tie over someone’s head and simply pull it tight real fast. Try breathing now. Now it is too late. Shit, should have helped those Nazis, yeah, those holocaust denying ones. Our people, the Gut-Menschen tolerant ones ought to know that the muslims will kill all transvestites immediately. No more transvestites teaching our kids. We can credit them for this, but we still don’t need them. On the day we die the trannies get stomped!

3. Bees

These are so clever. Those bees without too many greedy enemies are more tolerant and have only a small private space around their home. If you enter this zone, a bee that perceives a threat to their folk, their colony, will place his stinger in this threat even though the individual bee will die after losing his weapon. But this is a meaningful death and the bee is very happy right up to his last breath. Those bees living in more hostile environments have a larger private space and also a more intense organic alarm system as a characteristic of their stinger. Once they place their stinger in the perceived threat, the stinger itself emanates a signal that instructs the other bees to attack in the area of this signal source. That is why the African Killer Bees are so feared, because this defence mechanism makes them appear to be very aggressive when they are under threat. In our case, our defences have been neutralized by the disease  cancer  plague  selfchosenites Jews✓. Like removing the stinger from the bees. Or the claws from the lion. When our warriors think that anal sex is more important than defending our women, the Jew has done a good job. Since the Jew is a parasite he deserves credit for “job well done”. That is why Mehr-kill (More-kill) got all those awards on October 3, 2018, “Tag der Deutschen Einheit” – Day of German Unity.

[We were at trial that day. I (Monika) said to Alfred that it was exactly 9 months since my arrest, same length of time as a pregnancy but I was giving birth to “a truth bomb”! ~ MS]

4. Ants

Now this is a story we need to take very very seriously. This is what may be in store for us and we need to get our claws and our stingers in proper working order – fast.

There is an ant species that is able to catch animals far far bigger than itself, such as mice, or birds. How does an ant do that? An ant does not do that, but many ants working together do that. They sneak up on a sleeping animal and go all over it, many many ants, they are like sleeper ants, very softly and politely and humbly, and then, as if a shot was fired, they ALL bite at the same time. The mosques are capable of firing this shot and unifying most of the invaders in our lands to try their cable ties on our necks, to see if they work. While our warriors are thinking about some stinking rectum. Or which defenceless child may be fair game.

5. Worms

This is self explanatory. Spineless and normally hiding under the ground. Not that terribly smart. At least earthworms enrich the soil, my apologies to these for using you to compare to the two legged worms. Don’t take it personally dear earthworms.✵

[✵in the margin of page 1 Alfred writes:] My last minute apology to the earthworms on page 6 makes me feel so good (at 3:00 am on next day) → ‘Sorry Mom’ made you feel good. ‘Sorry earthworms’ made me feel good. Hope I don’t get 10 months.

6. Squirrels

Have you ever wondered why squirrels sometimes do these bizarre jumping and flipping for no apparent reason? They do this on the ground, like a strange dance of panic. It is because their little parasites are driving them nuts and they don’t know how to get rid of them. It is a reaction of frustration and desperation. Our civilization may be doing something similar now. Just starting.

7. Weasels

Dance of Death. A couple of years ago there was an excellent article in the Israeli Press where a rabbi was commenting on how the Europeans remind him of the rabbit that is fascinated by the dancing, flipping and spastic creature that is performing a strange dance of death. The rabbit expects danger to sneak up, so it does not suspect that this performance could be bad news. It escapes his instinctive reasoning. The weasel slowly moves his performance closer and closer to the entertained and fascinated rabbit until one lunge at his throat makes the rabbit realize that “Now it is too late”.

8. Oak Trees

As you know, in its infancy an Oak Tree is so tiny and delicate that a single bug can eat it and end its short life right there and then. However, given time, light and nourishment, this Oak Tree, at maturity, will utterly destroy even a large truck that tries to run it down. Our People’s spirit is like this infant Oak Tree. Every day now we grow in quantity and quality, bigger and harder. Soon those who tried to run us down will wish they never followed the path of those who made that decision. Those who continue down that path will be utterly destroyed. By the way, the old scriptures are full of that recurring theme.

Their hearts had turned to stone and they were wicked. They, and their seed were utterly destroyed.

9. Deep Sea Fish with the little bait lantern

These are those strange looking fish with a curved fishing rod type of appendage in front of their pretty face with a little glowing light on it. This attracts other organisms and the fishing fish opens its mouth and eats the unsuspecting curious victim that got lured into the trap.

How does that help us? Hey, I have a very good Nigger Nazi Friend. She is NNN. Nigger Naomi the Nazi, or Nazi Nigger Naomi. Or Naomi the Nazi Nigger.

Ha — gotcha! Did you feel any emotions reading those last lines? Like Yuk – how bad!?

Well well well. That is the litmus test to determine if any traces remain of the toxins from the lifelong indoctrination. Like the glow of the deep sea fish attracts, and the bee sting repels, these words either attract or repel, but they are only words, abstractions with nothing but emotional energy that has been programmed into the subject. Like your pet dog that can kill or be nice at the click of your tongue. Money is also only an abstraction that lures animals people✓ to behave in a way so they can get it. Like candy for kids. With money you don’t have to do anything to survive, you can be a total jerk, a sloth, anything, and all you need to do to get whatever you want is put a little bit of this bait somewhere and the other animals come, like moths into the fire light.✓ Like your trained dog kills the neighbour’s kids because that is the path to his doggie dish. You trained him well.

Back to NNNaomi! She came to me, God sent her to me, just when I was doing that article for Veterans Today in I believe about Nov/Dec 2016. (That was one of the 2 pieces that the Thought Police wanted from me in December 2018. It made me happy that they would study this.) She delivered several gold nuggets and left. (I describe them in that piece.)

If people like our worm zombie (certain relative) had bothered to read that they would be cured, but they had learnt to avoid bad things like that. Like your dog gets taught good/bad, he learnt what is good/bad and that article was bad. […]

OK, that was the chapter “Animal Kingdom”.


[…] I read Charles Darwin’s book, and it may have been in that book where it was written that domesticated wild animals become very stupid. They only obey and do as trained. “Bite the Nazi.” “Bark at the Nigger.” “Piss on the Hollowcost™ Denier”. So the “Gut-Menschen” and the “Politically Correct” “Humans” are very stupid well trained animals that are no longer able to survive without their master who puts out their doggie dish. In our case the master, what Henry Ford called “the International Jew”, has reached the point where he has all the doggie biscuits because he stole them all, but when they get used up he can’t steal any more because the obedient dogs don’t produce any new value doggie biscuits✓ to feed his huge army of Nazi biting or big H-denier biting attack dogs. Then the dogs may turn on their master. Corona Clampdown may not really help. If we do not find our natural wild state, we Europeans, then the world will miss us for all time. We only invented everything. We only built Civilization.

So when we are gone and everything is used up, earth will have lost Civilization and will not be able to recover this. It will be extinct. Good work parasite  cancer  disease  plague  International Jew✓  Self Chosenites✓ [one more label not fit for printing]. (depending on your audience, feel free to choose as you see fit on the names above)

Got to end the letter here. But just one little test for checking my IQ. I’ll fill it in. You can see if you find any mistakes.


  • French Revolution was for Equality, Freedom, from-and-by-the-people:
    T⧠ F⊠  It was to get rid of the monarchy, blood bath followed, best of the goyim slaughtered in blood bath.
  • Communist Revolution in the USSR was good for Russia:
    T⧠ F⊠  The Revolution cost about 100 million lives, the best of the goyim were slaughtered and Russia’s IQ dropped by about 5 points.
  • Opium wars in China was great for China.
    T⧠ F⊠  The Jews used GB as the sledge hammer to open that Country for the Opium trade.
  • WW I & II were to liberate Europe from evil.
    T⧠ F⊠  These wars were the first 2 out of 3 wars that the Jew has engineered to divide and conquer the white race on his way to rule planet earth by positioning himself as the “aristocratic master over a Negroid-Eurasian People who shall look like today’s Egyptians”.
  • USS Liberty was attacked by Egypt Israel accidentally during the 6 day war in 1967.
    T⧠ F⊠  This ship was clearly marked and identified as a U.S. Ship. It was supposed to sink with no survivors to hide the land grab that Israel was doing and also to start WWIII in 1967. Long story short: Thank you sailors on the USS-Liberty for your courageous struggle to survive.
  • 9/11 was done by 19 muslims with box cutters because they hate our freedoms and democracy.
    T⧠ F⊠  Israel did 9/11, which everyone of course knows, world wide. This is completely avoided in ALL the media, as the Jews who control ALL the media are fearful of what this one attack will do to their wonderful lives when retribution comes.
  • Corona Virus is a real threat that needs a global solution. (We have all seen it on TV)
    T⧠ F⧠  I’m not sure about this, could you please let me know what you think.
    [Dear reader please note the date of this letter March 3rd, hence his statement of uncertainty on this one, as he was just catching MSM early reports by that time. It did not take him long to figure this one out, as evidenced by the picture below. This is the envelope of a subsequent letter, as you see always with humour and wit. His more current letters are replete with scam-demic awareness. ~ Monika]


Hey Möne, as two little bees we placed our stingers pretty good not bad, don’t you think? I can see little geese rising everywhere, I can hear the cocoons nibbling their way to freedom. The last of the vermin, the parasites can be smoked out of their hiding places by using their own bait. Listen to where the screeching comes from and step on it.

Pavlov together with a good Doberman pincher. Pavlov jumps, and Beasty the Doberman can go fetch the screeching vermin. Beasty is happy and Pavlov loves jumping.

Oh, one more important point then finito, promise. The blood of people like my 3N friend will be on the very hands of the politically correct worms. They never stood up for the Big H deniers, who is gonna stand up for my 3N friend if I am dead. […] My 3N friend and I are on the same team. The team against the worms which will all be stepped on in the end.

Dear earthworms. For you it is natural not to have a spine 😃. The 2 legged worms lost their spine. I love spineless earthworms. Really, I do!

All my love, and onwards

P.S. such a funny thing happened. I looked up corona in dictionary and on top of page 190 crackdown-crash.