Letter from Gerard Menuhin

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The following letter came to me just over a month ago (15 November 2019), and when I asked permission to publish it Gerard Menuhin said yes of course,

I  just found a thread and went on writing.

It just so happens that Gerard Menuhin stars in the story that led to my last article, since it was the review about his book Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil which Sonja Dickey had found so offensive, and ultimately led to her refusal to provide copy service to me.

Dear Monika,

As I had noted Alfred’s court appearance on the 12th, but hadn’t heard anything about it, I looked him up and found your site with all your latest experiences.

It’s good to read about how active you have been. Also the regular persecution you fearlessly face, from people too dumb to think for themselves.

I’ve never been to Canada, except for a transit once at an airport many years go. Obviously, there is a connection between the two enormous captured domains of Canada and Australia in that both were parts of ‘the Commonwealth’. Assuming that all colonization and exploration, leading to domination, was a quest for local riches and cost money, it surely isn’t stretching a point to suppose that the backers of such ventures were always the same.

It’s probably not an exaggeration to assume the same of the Dutch West Indies and of the French overseas colonies. Again, who funded Spain’s excursions to South America and Portugal’s to Macao, etc.? All leading to ‘empires’, something for the ruling countries’ populations to be proud of, while their under-privileged slaved away in the factories of the industrial revolution.

Then, one by one, these ‘dominions’ were relinquished by their colonizers, leaving behind multi-nationals to continue to plunder the land, and huge numbers of natives, eager to migrate to the home countries of their former rulers, whose languages they often spoke and whose governments were incapable or unwilling to stop this migration. (Australia and Canada were exceptions, as their native populations had been largely wiped out, as was that of the U.S.)

Political control occurred simultaneously with the theft of natural resources. In much of Africa,  it sufficed to bribe a local tribe leader. In South Africa, the Boers had to be wiped out. In the more sophisticated countries of Western Europe, governments and populations had to be undermined by subtler policies, always based on the financial incentives of their respective central banks. These incentives led to immensely profitable world wars.

The largest and most important colony was not dominated by another nation, but by criminal infiltrators, under the flag of a false ideology. After about 70 years, this ideology lost its local magnetism, or was abandoned at about the same time as the rest of the captured world had submitted to financial domination. No coincidence. Its threat was no longer needed, as its driving force continues to subvert the entire world.

Now, through the degradation of all culture, traditions and education, and with the help of captive media and propaganda or lies, almost all the targets have been reached. Regional wars have provided the incentive for migrants to flood ‘democracies’ which already cannot afford to maintain their standards. So control is almost complete.

Is a Third World War really necessary? The doomsday weapons have been invented and are ready. As capability dictates policy, they may be used. Will the destruction of air and water occur within our lifetimes? Only those whose will has determined the planet’s unfortunate evolution know this. Their constitution is rooted in destruction, so they have no alternative.

Basically, the dilemma derives from the difference between natural and unnatural. Being attached to the soil (“bodenständig”) versus eternally floating above it. The enemy understands our human weaknesses, including perhaps above all, our superstition. These weaknesses are used against us. Responsible humans don’t need to worship anything or anyone. They need only to respect nature. Nature should be our only ‘God’.

Our only salvation rests in ourselves and in our respect for nature. The millions of illiterates and otherwise uneducated who have never learnt to use their minds are lost. They cannot be awakened, as you have discovered. The effort is too great.

But these thoughts are only mine, they need not distract you from your own mission.


Let’s hope for the best for Alfred.


Best wishes,






Letter from Alfred October 2019

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Please note: Much has transpired in the relatively short time since this letter from Alfred was written. 2019/11/22/alfred-moving/ and /2019/11/17/update-on-alfred, on his latest trial and on his move to a different prison.



Dear Monika,

just got your letter from Oct 12 and your new address. I love the honour that my dear Pawlow gets. He’s such a wonderful companion and quite the jumper. Am I ever glad that I sent my telepathic line check out because now it would be too late. They would say the results have been fudged. Monika, no matter what short term inconveniences they may throw at us, they are conceding defeat. They are not the monolithic entity they like us to believe they are, and more and more of “them” are helping us. Since living in this fine guest house, I have been given 4 Jack Pot Lottery wins. No shit. I may have written you this already, but I’m so happy, I’ll say it again.

1) Thomas #1
2) Möne’s NY Speech
3) “Worst Case” 8.8.2019 Article
4) Thomas #2

All these things, they are beyond magic, they are gifts of God. I won’t delve into #1 & #4 too much right now, because “one should never touch running machine”. That’s an old Indian IBM saying.

What does all that tell us? Easy. We need to increase the pressure and step on it, full throttle. They keep helping us, but we must not slack off. The big vomit is coming. Believe me, that is why we are getting very good help, because the “insiders” want to be able to have on record: “Look, I helped you here, or here.” Of course, us being honourable people, we will not chop their head off if we are satisfied that what they present is, in fact, valid.

[…] A chosenite spokeswoman is pounding down on our Volkslehrer [his website here] She is one of these despicable sheep dogs, vile, ruthless, psychopathic.

[…] Here where I am in this lovely Hotel, I am in the “Eliten Gang” because of the special “Leonhard” Project… Of the course members, one is a Kenyan who has been in Germany since he was 5 years old, about 22 years or so. His ambition is to go back to Kenya and do politics when he is out of here, and he commented to me that big movements of people have always resulted in warfare. He understands. I told him that is absolutely right and we need people like him as our partners.

[…] The same about Naomi from Kenya. She was appalled that no European men have balls. She was totally flustered. Personally, I am 100% convinced that once enough of our people land with their face in the mud, they will remember how to fight in the mud and the blood and the beer. […] Love, or hate are sentiments with no value once these processes commence. What value did the Germans have who were butchered, by the score, only 80-85 years ago, by our racial brothers. Food for thought.


After starting this letter so much has happened and I let this letter rest while tending to other work. The most important being a long letter I just sent to JFH. [Jews for Hitler, videos here] You need to get a copy of it after he gets it. It is letter #5 to him. Remember your dream on Jan 2, 2018? Of course you remember that one. You talked about it at the breakfast table. One could say, Oh, that was just coincidence. But these coincidences are increasing. They are observable, not well understood events. We do not have to understand everything. In the letter to JFH, I wrote about one of these “telepathic” things that has to do with one of my very favourite new memes that I now use all the time. I’ll go straight to the meme here now bypassing the magic miracle way that it came about. It’s so simple that its almost stupid.

Its about butterflies. Every single butterfly that you have ever seen was once nothing but a caterpillar that was only concerned with crawling and eating. Crawling about, eating and crapping. Crawl and eat. Crawl and eat. During this phase, there is not a single one of these crawling things that can even imagine what its like to be a butterfly. Then after having crawled and eaten for long enough, an overpowering urge convinces them to find a sheltered little hideout and build a little prison cell for itself, an impenetrable secure little prison. A tiny little Gasthaus Gitterblick. Once they enter this transitional phase, there is no going back and every single cell in the old crawling eating thing follows a very strict set of rules, not democratic, not tolerant, but very disciplined and determined, and then after the “sentence” is served, out comes a butterfly. This butterfly never wastes a single thought about going back to being a crawling little eating worm type of entity. It can’t even imagine going back to that primitive state.


Monika, did you know that those people who still fall for the pathetic lies are not the stupidest people at all? They are only the second stupidest. The very stupidest are those who take the baton in this relay race, and run with it, thinking they get a prize at the finish line, when in fact the finish line is a cliff and at the bottom is hell and death. That is why, as the race comes to the end, the ones who take the baton are always stupider than the last ones who passed it on. That’s where expressions come from like “Die Letzten beissen die Hunde”. [The last ones are bit by the dogs]. How stupid do you need to be to take the baton now, and run with it, when there are huge numbers of cocoons developing into beautiful butterflies everywhere.

Knowing that in all time, traitors have always been dispatched when the tide turns. Whether their heads come off or they get stomped to death on the street, they always die.


Another simple calculation Monika. Lets get scientific now, OK. If you don’t care at all about your new shoes, or your new carpet, or not even your new best friends when they are right in front of you when you throw up, how much do you think that the earth’s human population will care about blots of toner on paper when the entire earth throws up on the eternal enemy of humanity? Because all of the laws that (((they))) make to protect themselves are, in the end, “blots of toner on paper”. After all, the child raper is not helped with “my penis hurts”.

[The “my penis hurts” meme is a reference to an earlier metaphorical story which Alfred had written in previous letters, and goes like this:

The Jewish Propaganda is comparable to a child molester who has been exposed, after he has raped every little girl in the neighbourhood, lying and lying about it, and then demanding compensation and pity because his penis is so sore from all the “work”.]

Do you think blots of toner will matter more than your new shoes?

Hey, I just thought of something I want to share with you, but first I want to draw you part of my shrine, my temple. The new addition is very pretty.


Uncle Adolf was a far far far better artist.

Do you recognize yourself in any of the above drawings? Its called modern art. You just don’t understand it. I’ll get my friends at the museum to pay 6,000,000 Shekels for it, out of your taxes. Then my friends at the newspaper will write about what a good deal it was for the museum. That the artist deserved a lot more. Then my friends at the other museum will pay 60,000,000 Shekels for it, and then my friends will write about how fair that was. I get 66% from every sale. I just realized, in my haste to make all those shekels, that I forgot 2 cards and had to add them in hindsight. With plenty of imagination, you may be able to visualize this 60,000,000 Shekel drawing. Don’t you think its worth at least the modest price paid by that museum?

[Note: Alfred might be making an indirect reference to one of my previous articles on this website called “The Degeneration of our Music and our Art: Who is Doing this to us, and Why?“, click on the link if you wish to view entire article, but below is a relevant excerpt.

[…] There was a great uproar in 1990 when the National Gallery of Canada purchased a piece called Voice of Fire by Jewish American Barnett Newman for $1.76 million (right-hand image above). It consisted of a huge canvas 18 feet tall and had a vertical red stripe in between two stripes of blue. That’s it. What kind of insanity was this, Canadians asked? Of course the “critics” made all their highfaluting statements about abstract expressionism, and if people didn’t like it well they just didn’t understand art.

So we are not allowed to trust our senses and our own ability to think. The pundits tell us this is “good” art, brilliant actually. But we are just too stupid to see it.


The insanity continues. Peter Simpson wrote in the Ottawa Citizen on July 31, 2014:

Recently, a senior member of today’s National Gallery personnel mentioned to me, off the record, that Newman’s Voice of Fire “is worth well over $40 million today.”(2).

Who says? And who would pay that? Some public gallery, in other words the taxpayer! Guided by the thought-leaders! And who are those thought-leaders?


back to Alfred’s letter:

Sorry, I got sidetracked here. More focus please. O.K., O.K. What I wanted to talk about was the relay race. When the race started, a long long time ago, the contenders would run as far as they could, making tons and tons of shekels as they ran, and would always pass the baton on to the next runner to continue. Slowly but surely, the projected finish line of World Domination and total eradication of all nay sayers, came into focus, and was something very different. In fact, even the baton changed its composition. It morphed from a magic wand that could put a spell on people and paralyze them with magic words such as “anti-semite”, “hollow cost denier”, “racist”, “hater”, into a stinking fish bone that could do nothing. And to make matters worse, the finish line was a cliff, and at the bottom, a pit of fire. If you did not get killed from the fall off the cliff, you would be stuck in a hell fire with no escape. With a stinking fish bone in your hand. A tunefish Grete.

The self proclaimed chosenites figure that if a shrunken head worked so well, why not a fish bone. The shrunken head made trillions of shekels, a fish bone is good for gazillions of shekels. They call it Greta Tunefish so we won’t notice, and lets see how the show goes. With the shrunken head the white people all hated the Krauts, aka Nazis, and with the fish bone, all the very young white people hate all the old white people, and will maybe kill them all. Then all the brown people can move in and have lots of fun.

Hey, too bad you can’t pop in to cheer and laugh at the next show. Starting soon! Yippeee, I got a leading role. I’m so happy.

dein kleiner Bruder [your little brother], Alfred.

P.S. I just reread your letter and wanted to say a few things. First of all I assume you got the telepathic line check letter. If not, I realized that you have the anti-devil in your corner, its hidden in plain sight [….]

A very good thing to remember in all of our dialogs with people is this: They have mixed huge amounts of poison lies in with the truth, making any truth seem silly mixed with all the lies. And also, we do not have to understand everything, and if there is a point of contention that has us locking our horns, we say: Lets agree to disagree on that and we will come back to this point when we have resolved the very obvious problems we all recognize, and when we have resources available and science with integrity, we will resolve that.

We cannot afford to repulse our people who are still very contaminated and struggling. They need to feel comfortable with our “radical” “views” and “opinions”. This “re-education” we have been subjected to is very deep and very lethal.

Think of truth as a single thread through time and space. As they took us away from this truth, they put lots of garbage on the other side of this thread in order to make it more difficult to ever land on this thread.

We are now getting closer and closer to what can be proven as being the truth. We do know that all the vaccine stuff they push now is to exterminate us slowly, and ever faster. That does not mean that there exists or has been a vaccine that actually didn’t do some good. I do not know, I’d like to see the science.

One thing I will say very clearly and I do not believe I will hear a single peep of resistance from you or Frank: I feel an ever growing revulsion for anyone who at all pretends that our world is OK and “they” will manage it all. A person who is over the age of about 12 years old is by nature responsible for what is happening around us, and someone not stepping up the plate and take responsibility is for me an asshole. Like […] their hearts have turned to stone. They are the walking dead. How do they look into the mirror and not vomit. When I see them, I see pathetic little dogs, licking, barking, and biting as programmed. They have learned what to hate, when to bark, and when to crawl and lick. Like little teachers pets. Everyone used to HATE teachers pets. Nobody ever respected teachers pets.

I’m so happy that you have landed where you are and am so looking forward to sitting around the campfire with y’all at your place. Hey Monika, isn’t it amazing what your little apology [Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the holocaust video transcript here] has accomplished in such a short time. How can anyone opt to play in the sandbox when life can be so exciting and meaningful? And its not over yet. All that so far was only the opening drumroll. Now come the bagpipes and so much more.

What do the zombies even talk about? Did ___ ever even read your NY speech Monika? [transcript here] Or did they not have time. Or was it “too heavy”. Did they ever comment on it? It was a historic speech Monika. It moved people. My Thomas #2 said: “Sensational!” You will eventually find out about this.

Alles Gute, Gott mit uns
1488 Alfred




Alfred Moving…

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….  out of jail?

Unfortunately no, not out of jail. But he is being moved to a different jail – Landsberg am Lech. I will confirm this in a few days (with address), but this is the word from yesterday, his third and last court date for the latest trial – the trial for speaking forbidden words in his defence in the courtroom, and for making forbidden gestures in the courtroom.

Related articles – the August sentencing, and the update last week.

The 18 month additional sentence for speaking in court turned into an 8 month sentencenot what the prosecutor asked for (24 months!!)! Are the winds changing?

Here is a link to a 10 minute video by Spiegel TV in Germany entitled “The bizarre World of Holocaust Deniers”. It is from 20 November 2019, one day before Alfred’s verdict, and makes no mention of his current trial. That would have raised too many questions for ordinary thinking people – the fact that someone can be jailed simply for speaking in court, let alone for speaking at all.

They try to tell us how “freedom of speech” is supposedly being “used / abused” by “Nazis” to “falsify history”. Everything on its head! There is some nice footage from the 2018 Schaefer Sibling trial. Ursula Haverbeck also stars in this video, before she went to jail in 2018. Sylvia Stolz and the Volkslehrer (people’s-teacher) and many other Patriots appear. There is of course a “holocaust survivor” in there too.

If someone would like to give us some translation (or a summary) of the above video, feel free to put it into the comments under this article.

For now I just wanted to get the word out there about the latest development: Alfred has received an 8 month sentence to be added to the 38 month sentence given in October 2018. That is just short of 4 years jail time for speaking truth.

Truth is Hate for those who Hate the Truth.

4 Jahre für Alfred Schaefer

Bericht übernommen von: heurein.wordpress.com

Verteidigung im BRD-System streng verboten!

Mit dem letzten Prozeßtag gegen Alfred Schaefer am 21. 11. 2019 am LG München II wurde den Prozeßbeobachtern wieder eindringlich vor Augen geführt, daß es den nach § 130 StGB Angeklagten nicht erlaubt ist, sich zu verteidigen, sofern sie sich nicht erneut strafbar machen wollen.

An diesem Tag ging es nur noch um das Schlußwort und das anschließende Urteil. Nachdem Alfred einige Zeit lang die Beweggründe seiner politischen Tätigkeit dargelegt hatte, drohte die Vorsitzende Richterin, ihm das Wort zu entziehen, weil Alfred dabei sei, sich erneut strafbar zu machen. Alfred hatte also drei Möglichkeiten: entweder auf das jedem/jeder Angeklagten zustehende Schlußwort zu verzichten, oder aber weiterzufahren und seine Meinung zu leugnen, und schließlich die dritte Möglichkeit, nämlich weiterzufahren und seine Meinung nach bestem Wissen und Gewissen zu vertreten – auch auf die Drohung hin, sich wieder „strafbar“ zu machen. Das ist die Quasi- Erpressung des Systems nach dem Motto: Halte den Mund oder wir sperren dich noch länger ein. Alfred ließ sich nicht erpressen und sprach weiter. Er handelte nach Artikel 5 GG, der die Meinungsfreiheit (angeblich) schütze und folgte seinem Gewissen. Hut ab vor seiner Standhaftigkeit!

Es kam so, wie es von diesem Unrechtssystem zu erwarten war; die Vorsitzende Richterin entzog dem mannhaften Deutschen das Schlußwort. Das Gericht zog sich zu kurzer Beratung zurück und fällte dann das Urteil: 4 Jahre Gefängnis. Soll man erleichtert sein, daß es nicht, wie befürchtet, fünf Jahre, sondern „nur“ vier Jahre sind? Nein! Denn schon eine Minute Repression oder gar Gefangenschaft als Strafe für eine Meinungsäußerung wäre zuviel!

Wie an den letzten beiden Prozeßtagen durften auch diesmal, nach Ende der Prozeßfarce, Alfred mit seiner tapferen Frau Elfriede nicht einmal für kurze Augenblicke sich die Hände reichen und verabschieden. Wie erbärmlich kleingeistig und gehässig! Alfred soll noch am gleichen Tag von Stadelheim ins Gefängnis Landsberg gebracht worden sein.

Der bekannte Schreiberling namens Martin Bernstein von der Süddeutschen Zeitung, des Lizenzblattes Nr. 1, war beim Prozeß zugegen. Er enttäuschte nicht, weder seine Auftraggeber noch uns. Schon am Abend des Prozeßtages veröffentlichte er sein Geschmier; u. a. schrieb er, Alfred habe in seinem Schlußwort „gegen die Juden gehetzt“. In Wahrheit hatte Alfred breiten Bezug auf einen Briefwechsel genommen, den er mit einem Juden hatte, und der seine Glaubensgenossen für deren Haß heftig kritisierte und in vielen Ansichten mit Alfred übereinstimmte. Mehrfach hob Alfred die fast freundschaftliche Beziehung und gegenseitige Hochachtung hervor, die beide verband. Da Bernstein dies völlig unterschlug und statt dessen behauptete, Alfred habe „gegen die Juden gehetzt“, lügt der Kerl im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes wie gedruckt!

In diesem Zusammenhang sei gesagt, daß sich der Würgegriff des Systems immer enger um die freie Meinungsäußerung zieht. Vor gut einem Jahr vermeldete die Jüdische Allgemeine vom 26. 09. 2018 stolz, daß innerhalb der bayerischen Justiz sogenannte Antisemitismusbeauftragte eingesetzt würden, „um Zweifelsfragen im Zusammenhang mit antisemitischen Straftaten zu klären und eine einheitliche Rechtsanwendung zu sichern.“ Als Antisemitismusbeauftragter der Generalstaatsanwaltschaft München wurde der 46-jährige Oberstaatsanwalt Andreas Franck eingesetzt. Geht ’s noch ungenierter? Noch befangener? Jeder Richterspruch, vor allem jener gegen Alfred Schaefer, hat gezeigt, daß vor allem an bayerischen Gerichten alle „Zweifelsfragen im Zusammenhang mit antisemitischen Straftaten“ längst geklärt und eine „einheitliche Rechtsanwendung“ gesichert ist.

Doch noch ist unser Deutschland nicht verloren, denn es gibt noch Männer und Frauen, die, wie es für unsere Väter und Mütter sowie unsere Altvorderen selbstverständlich war, an vorderster Front für unser Vaterland kämpfen. Und diese werden immer zahlreicher, obwohl sie wissen, wie gnadenlos sie unseren Feinden ausgesetzt sind. Alfred Schaefer ist einer von ihnen.


Update on Alfred

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The Prosecutor’s appeal for MORE jail time for Alfred speaking in court and showing how high his dog Pavlov can jump has not yet reached its conclusion. There were two days of court this past week, 2019 November 12 and 14. Alfred had begun his Last Word, but was not finished speaking. The Last Word is the one remaining “right” that the accused has in the German court. The accused may speak as long as he likes, unless it is deemed irrelevant.

Highlights (or Lowlights):

(Very brief notes, taken by memory at the end of the day by a member of the public and passed on to Henry Hafenmayer, posted in German here.)

  • Alfred’sappeal – of the guilty verdict (38 month jail sentence plus court costs) for “speech crimes”, handed down 26 October 2018 culminating the Schaefer Sibling trial –  has been dismissed.
  • All paper and pens / pencils were confiscated from the public before entering the courtroom. This happened during our trial of 2018, but after a day or so this had been overruled. Not so this time. The prohibition on writing materials lasted both days. The public was NOT permitted to take any notes.
  • Alfred started out facetiously stating that he would not open his mouth in court, because every word he spoke was turned upside down on him.
  • Alfred asked questions of the witnesses: a bureaucrat, one of the judges, and the prosecutor from the 2018 trial. The bureaucrat was asked if she had an indoctrinated fear causing shock with regards to the “Hitler salute”. Alfred asked the prosecutor if she was familiar with the game Musical Chairs. She has been in the prosecutor’s chair, now she is in the witness chair. Could she imagine one day being in the accused chair?
  • Addressing the court: Alfred asked what or whom specifically did he incite.

I am an engineer, and engineers need to name, define, work things very concretely otherwise you are thrown out onto the street.

  • The prosecutor asked Alfred if murderers called him when they want to do a murder. A gasp went through the gallery. Prosecutor continued, are your followers leftists or rightwing?
  • Prosecutor’s Plaedoyer: Alfred is a very dangerous anti-semite and jew-hater, and he should receive 5 years jail time (put together for the various “crimes”).

Alfred’s Last Word

  • The presiding judge interrupted and warned that Alfred was doing new “speech crime” by denying the holocaust, and that new charges could be laid. This could be the perpetual “merry-go-round” – do a speech crime, go to jail, go to court, new speech crime in court, more jail, appeal, new speech crime in court, more jail, appeal again and on and on and on.
  • Within the first two hours of Day 2, three different people took the prosecutor’s chair. Musical chairs. Ho hum just another day on the job.
  • After the judge warned Alfred he was getting off topic (bringing up other lies such as moon landing and the global warming scam) and that his Last Word could be withdrawn, Alfred spoke about a burning house. If you see that a house is on fire and you are aware of the presence of children inside, you have two choices. You could walk away and pretend not to notice, or you could rescue the children, with the full knowledge that your life could be at risk in so doing. His job is to rescue the children, just as it is his job to rescue the people from the dangers of the Lies.
  • In jail, many prisoners are having fun raising their right arm. Some boast how high their dogs can jump, others indicate how high the snow drifts are in front of their doors.
  • Alfred read some letters, including one from this author, and another from a jewish man who thanked Alfred for having protected him from being mobbed. This negates the prosecutor’s allegation that Alfred is a dangerous jew-hater.

Court will resume 2019 November 21.

A reminder to the reader: Letters or cards are always appreciated. Alfred’s address is Stadelheimer Str 12, 81549 Munich, Germany. More information on writing to political prisoners in Germany in this article.




Kurze Zusammenfassung eines Prozessbeobachters der ersten beiden Tage in München

Dankenswerter Weise wurde mir die kurzen Berichte eines Prozessbeobachters zugeschickt – damit sie der Öffentlichkeit übergeben werden können.
Vielleicht finden sich für den kommenden Prozesstag noch weitere Aktivisten.

1. Prozesstag München am 12.11.2019

Prozess 18NS112 JS 162670/18 wg. Verwend. Kennz. Verf.wid. Org.
am 12.11.19    9:00 Uhr Raum A229 verlegt auf Raum B275 Nymphenburgerstraße 16, 80355 München.

Prozessteilnehmer 7 von der anständigen Seite mit Frau Schäfer.
3 von der falschen Seite mit Laptop u. Telefonen (Frau Wild mit Anhang)

An beiden Prozesstagen durfte nichts in den Saal mit hinein genommen werden, weder Bleistift noch Papier. Sylvia hatte ja mal dagegen mit Erfolg interveniert aber Sylvia………… (Den besten der Gojim sollst du töten [Talmud] –  mal schauen, wie lange noch straffrei aus dem Talmud zitiert werden darf)

Habe mal ein Blick auf´s schwarze Brett geworfen. Von 8 Prozessanschlägen am Schwarzen Brett war der einzige dt. Name Alfred Schaefer. Der Rest lauter ausländische Namen. Angeklagt wg. Zwangsprostitution, Diebstahl, schwerer Körperverletzung, Mordversuch, Drogenhandel u.s.w.
Angaben zur Person
Alfred sagte ganz am Anfang, daß er nichts sagt, weil Ihm jedes Wort im Mund rumgedreht wird.
Am 26.10.18 zu 3 Jahren u. 2 Monaten verurteilt. Revision vom BGH abgelehnt.
Am 8.8.19 nochmal zu 1,5 Jahren verurteilt wg. Äußerungen beim letzten Prozess
Am 12.11.19 Revisionsverhandlung wg. Verurteilung am 8.8.19.

Alfred über sein Leben: 5 Jahre Ausstieg, da ist er um die ganze USA geradelt u.m., dann hat er gemerkt, wenn er so weitermacht, liegt er in der Gosse, jetzt sitze er in Stadelheim.
2006 in Vorruhestand zuvor bei IBM gearbeitet.

Spruch von Alfred sinngemäß (doch Gelächter im Saal)
In jungen Jahren sind die mit Herz eher links,
in älteren Jahren sind die mit Verstand eher rechts.

  1. Zeugin Justizbeamtin wurde wg. Hitlergruß befragt. Alfred fragte diese Zeugin, ob sie indoktrinierte Angst habe, daß sie sich beim Hitlergruß erschrocken (od. entsetzt) habe.
  2. Zeugin Staatsanwältin vom letzten Prozess wg. Äußerungen im Gerichtssaal. Alfred fragte, ob sie das Spiel Music on the Chair (Reise nach Jerusalem) kennt. Ob Sie sich vorstellen kann mal auf dem Anklagestuhl zu sitzen. Sie kennt ja den Platz auf dem Staatsanwaltschaftsstuhl, jetzt kennt Sie den Platz auf dem Zeugenstuhl.
  3. Zeuge Richter vom letzten Prozess wg. Äußerungen im Gerichtsaal. Konnte nur schwer seine handschriftlichen Notizen entziffern. Hat alles mitgeschrieben, wo er etwas strafwürdiges vom Angeklagten gehört habe.

Fragen von Alfred. Was konkret habe ich verhetzt. Ich bin Ing., da muß man alles konkret benennen sonst ist man auf der Straße.
Anwalt fragte noch, ob er die Worte Revisionismus, Germar Rudolf im Schlußwort gehört hat.

Staatsanwalt bei der Beweisaufnahme: Ob sich Mörder auf Alfred berufen, wenn sie einen Mord begehen. (ein Raunen ging durch den Saal, und ob seine Anhängerschaft eher linke oder rechte sind.

Staatsanwalt im Plädoyer: Alfred sei ein ganz gefährlicher Antisemit u. Judenhasser. Und wegen dem rechten Arm hochheben meinte der Staatsanwalt, daß er sich nicht rausreden soll wie hoch sein Hund gesprungen sei, das sei doch unter Herrn Schäfers Niveau. Er forderte ca. 5 Jahre Haft. Irgendwie aus mehreren Straftaten zusammengeschustert

Rechtsanwalt im Plädoyer, daß Hr. Schaefer eine funktionierende Ehe führt, u. nicht den Rest seines Lebens hinter Gittern verbringen möchte.

Alfred´s Schlußwort von ca. 15:00 – 16:45 Uhr.
Alfred hat Schlußwort auf 5 Jackpot´s aufgegliedert.
Jackpot 1: Audichef (Thomas D. ?) im Knast gute Gespräche geführt. Das ist draußen nicht möglich
Jackpot 2: Briefe von Monika vorgelesen.

Alfred hat Holo im Schlußwort wieder geleugnet, so daß die Richterin eingeschritten ist und vor neuen Straftaten gewarnt hat, die zu weiteren Anklage führen.


  1. Prozesstag München am 14.11.2019 12:00

Beginn 12:15 Uhr

Prozessteilnehmer 3 von der anständigen Seite mit Frau Schäfer.
2 von der falschen Seite mit Laptop u. Telefonen  (Frau Wild mit Anhang)

Beim Blick auf´s schwarze Brett sah es nicht viel besser aus als am ersten Prozesstag, nur weniger Prozess.

Hr. Schaefer setzt sein  Schlußwort fort.

Prozess ging mit neuem Staatsanwalt los, nach ca. einer Stunde kam der Staatsanwalt vom letzten Prozess, der andere ging. Eine halbe Std. später kam noch eine Staatsanwältin u. der andere ging. Also 3 verschiedene Staatsanwälte in ca. 2 Stunden

Hr. Schaefer hat vom Brief von Monika vorgelesen, die Briefe sind in Englisch. Da Hr. Schaefer kein Internetanschluß im Bunker besitzt kann er die Briefe vorher nicht übersetzen. Daher übersetzt er die Briefe während des Vorlesens vor Gericht. (etwas mehr Zeitaufwand). Aussage von Hr. Schaefer

Dann von Süddeutscher Zeitung einen Artikel vorgelesen vom Prozess letzten Jahres. Dann über Mondlandung u. Klimabetrug gesprochen. Richterin mahnte Ihn daraufhin, (fürs Protokoll) daß er das letzte Wort nicht mißbrauchen darf, sonst wird es Ihm entzogen.  Anwalt Hr. Miksch sagte daraufhin, daß das schon was mit der Anklage zu hat. Auch für das Protokoll.

Hr. Schaefer sagte, daß wenn ein Haus brennt u. in diesem Haus sind Kinder, dann hat er 2 Möglichkeiten. Entweder läuft er vorbei u. tut so, als ob er das gar nicht sieht. Oder er schreitet ein u. versucht die Kinder zu retten, auch auf die Gefahr hin, daß das ganze Haus einstürzen kann u. er mit den Kindern in den Flammen umkommt. Seine Aufgabe ist es die Kinder zu retten, wie es seine Aufgabe ist, die Menschen vor den Gefahren der Lügen zu retten.

Im Gefängnis machen sich alle einen Spaß daraus, den rechten Arm zu heben. Der eine sagt, so hoch kann sein Hund springen, der andere sagt, so hoch liegt der Schnee vor der Haustüre u.s.w.

Dann hat Hr. Schaefer noch von einem Brief vorgelesen, den er von einem Juden bekommen hat, der dankbar war, daß sich Alfred für Ihn eingesetzt hatte u. Ihn vor einem Mob geschützt hat. (Um den Staatsanwalt zu entkräften, der Ihn als gefährlichen Antisemiten u. Judenhasser tituliert hat.)

Strafrechtlich relevante Äußerungen sind an diesem Tag nicht gefallen.

Um 14:45 Uhr machte die Richterin Schluß und vertagte den Prozess auf den 21.11.2019  um  9:00 Uhr.

Soweit meine Aufzeichnung aus dem Gedächtnis. Die Falschen haben sicher eine Tonbandaufnahme, aber Ihre Artikel über den Prozess entsprechen sicher der Wahrheit, wenn man sie um 180 Grad dreht.

Mit wahrhaften Grüßen